Marion Annual Town Meeting and Town Election Update

We are asking anyone who is interested in attending the Annual Town Meeting on Monday, May 10, at 6:45 pm at Sippican School to contact Lissa Magauran in the Town Clerk’s office to make a reservation. Due to COVID-19 Safety Protocols, there is limited seating and we want to make sure we have the capacity to ensure everyone is comfortable with the seating arrangements. There will be 3-foot social distancing in the main auditorium and 6-foot social distancing in the Library, Cafeteria, and Band Room. Each room outside of the auditorium will have audio/visual capabilities as well as moderators to assist residents if they would like to ask questions at Town Meeting. You may make a reservation by emailing ( or calling 508-748-3502 and indicating in which room you would like to sit.

            Early Voting by Mail is now available to anyone who wishes to cast their ballot ahead of the Election. You may request a ballot by using the application on the Town Website (, select Town Clerk) or by a written request signed by you; either must be returned to the Town Clerk’s office prior to Monday, May 10, and the voted ballots returned to the Town Clerk by 7:00 pm on Friday, May 14.

            There is the possibility of In-Person Early Voting beginning on May 10 and ending on May 14; however, it must be voted upon the Board of Selectmen at their May 4 meeting, so stay tuned!

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