Guild of Imagination

The Marion Art Center is hosting the Guild of Imagination for a weeklong session of Dungeons & Dragons this August 5-9. The program is led by Patrick Stephens, who has been captivated by tabletop and storytelling games like Dungeons & Dragons since he was a child.

            Today, he says, “We’re at a pivotal moment where the traditional game table is evolving. With advancements in virtual reality (VR), digital tabletop platforms, and augmented reality (AR) enhancements for our Dungeons & Dragons sessions, storytelling is becoming more immersive than ever. Our Guild is thrilled to explore these emerging technologies, pushing the boundaries of where our shared stories can take us next.”

            The Guild of Imagination’s mission is to empower learners in exploring creativity, embracing diverse perspectives and encourage lifelong curiosity.

            Sample Schedule

            Day 1: Create your character. Players will bring their imaginary heroes to life and design custom miniatures using HeroForge software. They’ll be able to download a digital version of this hero for use in the game.

            Days 2-4: Embark on an epic quest. Journey to an ancient island touched by dragons, traverse treacherous terrain, negotiate with allies, battle some baddies, and unravel a thrilling mystery alongside fellow adventurers.

            Day 5: Experience a climactic finale. Decide the outcome of your heroic journey using a stunning 3-D map and sound effects specially crafted to enhance the storytelling experience. Celebrate the triumphs, setbacks, and memories created throughout the week.

            The session runs from Monday, August 5 through Friday August 9 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm daily. The program is suitable for ages 10-15, and costs $240 for MAC members, or $275 for nonmembers. Learn more and register online at

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