Focus on Photos: History of Photography

There will be a lecture by Liz Waring entitled, Focus on Photos: History of Photography on Sunday, October 28at 2:00 pm at Mattapoisett Free Public Library, 7 Barstow Street. The event is co-sponsored by the Mattapoisett Historical Society & the Mattapoisett Free Public Library.

Have you ever seen the first photograph made in 1826? Do you know when the first person was in photograph and why? How many iconic photographs through the years can you recall?

Learn more! Starting with the beginning of photography, many important moments in history are revealed, recorded by well-known photographers in a fast-moving program, ending at the pre-digital era.

Researched and compiled by Waring, compelling images are shown, from bold and graphic, to ethereal and translucent, which speak to and about emotions from heartache to ecstasy.

Waring’s passion for photography began at childhood, a college fine arts degree, and studies with the most highly respected photographic portrait artists through the country. Having been a certified professional photographer for twenty-five years creating children, family, mayors, and clergy portraits, her three grandchildren through the years are well documented. Currently Waring creates mixed media portraits of “best friends” – pets!

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