First Congregational Church Raking Party

Tinker Saltonstall coordinated the fall raking party at church on Wednesday. The day before, George Linzee brought his leaf blower and created huge piles of beautiful, golden leaves in an effort to make bagging easier. It paid off—big time!

            Tinker and Bill, along with Ben Dunham and Christy Dube and her son, Oliver, were hard at work before 9:00 am. Meredith Ryder arrived in full work mode, followed by Fred Danhauser. With this great crew, the job was done before we knew it. Luckily, it didn’t rain. Neighbors who were out for their morning stroll gave happy greetings and sometimes stopped to chat.

            Marion is such a joy, and it was a joyful morning. Ben had the church bells ringing, reminding us that it was Veteran’s Day.

            All 46 bags of leaves were taken to the County Road Recycle, where the kind owner chose to forgive the fee since it was for a church!

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