First Annual Color Run Fundraiser

The ORR class of 2023 announced that it will hold its first annual color run fundraiser on Sunday, June 27, at 10:00 am at Washburn Park in Marion. Entry to the race, which is 3k in length, is free for those under 5, $10 for those ages 5-10, and $15 for anyone over age 10.

            Entrants may walk or run the path through the Washburn woods while having eco-friendly, non-toxic colored powder gently tossed at them by student volunteers. By the time the participants cross the finish line, they will be covered head-to-toe in a multitude of colors. For this reason, organizers recommend wearing white clothing so the powder (which may leave permanent stains on clothing) is more visible.

            To receive an online entry form, email either Gabby Berg at or Madeline Dugas at no later than Saturday, June 26, at 6:00 pm. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, though a limited number of walk-ins will be admitted on race day. Payment (exact cash or check made out to “ORR Class of 2023”) will be collected at check-in on the morning of the race, so arriving no later than 9:30 am is recommended.

            Class president Gabby Berg commented, “I believe this is the first color run ever held in Marion. The student government had been talking about this for months and finally got the go-ahead just a couple of weeks ago, so planning went into high gear then.” She continued, “I’m excited to see people bursting with color at the finish line.”

            All proceeds from entrance fees and refreshments sales will benefit the ORRHS Class of 2023.

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