Fall Learn to Skate

Gateway Youth Hockey will be conducting its Fall Learn to Skate/Learn to

Play Session 2 starting on Sunday, November 5. Cost is $99 and will be located at Tabor Academy in Marion. The Session will run Sundays 10:00 -11:00 am from 11/5 to 11/19, 12/3 to 12/17, and 1/7 to 1/14). Participants will learn the fundamentals of skating while having fun at the same time. Participants in the Learn to Play Hockey group will learn the basics of hockey while skating with one of our teams. Equipment needed includes helmet (face cage recommended), gloves or mittens, knee & elbow pads (bicycle pads are fine), and single blade skates are needed for Learn to Skate. Helmet with face cage, hockey gloves, chest protector, hockey elbow pads, hockey shorts, hockey shin guards, hockey skates, and hockey stick are needed for Learn to Play. For more information, go to www.warehamyouthhockey.com.

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