Christopher Brown Memorial Tree Dedication

Chris Brown was an artist – a talented musician, piano restorer and technician, and gentle soul. He impacted the lives of many pianists and piano owners here in the Tri-Town area, with his concertizing and the extraordinary attention he gave any piano. He made every piano in his purview sing.

            The Christopher Brown Memorial Tree has recently been planted on the lawn of the Marion Music Hall and will be dedicated on October 11 at 1:00 pm. A plaque dedicating the tree will be unveiled as part of the dedication. There will be no rain date for the dedication, so please come prepared, if need be, for inclement weather, and bring a spare umbrella.

            A GoFundMe page was established to collect funds from those who initially expressed interest in planting this tree. It became apparent that support for the tree would exceed the costs for planting/dedicating a tree, and it was quickly decided that any extra funds would be donated to a future provisory memorial concert for Chris at the Marion Music Hall.

            Chris traveled all over the southeastern Massachusetts area. Support for this tree has been far-reaching. All are welcome to attend this tribute. Any financial contributions to support a future memorial concert may be made at the GoFundMe site for the Chris Brown Memorial Tree:

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