Bring Your Own Book to the Silent Book Club

The Mattapoisett Free Public Library is kicking off the first meeting of its Silent Book Club on Thursday, February 29 at 3 pm in the upstairs Reading Rooms. This new book club, not just for introverts because it’s actually also social, joins the “more than 500 chapters in 50 countries around the world led by local volunteers. Of SBC members who gather in public at bars, cafes, bookstores, libraries and online to read together in quiet camaraderie,” according to its founders in San Francisco, Guinevere de la Mare and Laura Gluhanich. Their aim was just to get together and get some reading done that they couldn’t do at home. Everyone brings their own book.

            At the Mattapoisett Library, the first meeting will be celebrated with a traditional afternoon tea. Participants will enjoy delicious sweet and savory treats and tea. It will be limited to just 20 readers due to space limitations, so please call the circulation desk to sign up at 508-758-4171 or visit the library. The event is for members of the public ages 16 and up.

            At Silent Book Club, there’s no assigned reading. Everyone brings a book to read, and at the outset, chats about their choice and helps themselves to refreshments. Then the facilitator will announce that it’s time to read for 30 minutes. After that time, readers may resume talking (or not) and then break until the next meeting. There is no obligation to attend every meeting.

            Join in the pleasure of reading with friends, acquaintances and strangers and hear about your next interesting book to read. More information about Silent Book Groups is available online on Instagram and Facebook. The official group sends out a newsletter that interested readers may sign up to receive.

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