Brad Barrows Memorial Bike Run

The 2018 Bike Run had a very good turnout and a broad donor support base. We were able to donate $1,000.00 to each of the Marion Recreational Department and Mattapoisett Recreational Department. We also donated $500.00 to the ORR Youth Football. The funds were used for participation fees, equipment, and other ways for the departments to provide activities to many children. 

            The next Brad Barrows Memorial Bike Run will be the 10th annual run. It is the 10th Anniversary of the passing of a friend very near and dear to our hearts. It will be held on September 21. Rain date is September 22. More information is on Brad Barrows Memorial facebook page.

            We anticipate an even better turnout, which will enable us to provide more funding for next year. Thank you for your support.

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