Alewives Anonymous Meeting and Chowder Supper

Alewives Anonymous, Inc. (AA) will host its annual meeting and quahog chowder supper for members, guests and others interested in the world of alewives (herring) on Sunday,April 29at 5:00 pm at the Rochester Grange Hall, 205 Hartley Road, Rochester. After the annual meeting, a number of short videos of our local river’s Herring Runs will be presented. Please make your reservations with Arthur F. Benner, telephone 508-763-2024, email

There is no charge for the supper for members whose dues are paid up, members who re-new their annual dues ($10) or new members joining ($10); otherwise, the charge is $5 per person. New members are always welcomed.

AA, The Herring Helpers, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and increase of the alewife fishery resources in the Mattapoisett River and the Sippican River in the towns of Rochester, Marion and Mattapoisett. Alewives Anonymous, Inc. is also involved with monitoring the alewives population using electronic fish counting equipment and other efforts and projects to enhance their numbers and to improve their environment.

We invite you to please join and help support our efforts.

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