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Mattapoisett Annual Election

Mattapoisett Annual Election May 19, 2015
10am-8pm - Old Hammondtown School
QUESTION 1 Shall the Town of Mattapoisett be allowed to be exempt from the provision of proposition two and on-half, so called, the amount required to pay for the bond issued in order to pay costs of making general repairs and improvements to the roads within the Town as shown on Phase V of the Town's Five Year Road Infrastructure Improvement Plan?
YES 126
NO 50

Selectman (three years, vote for one)
Paul A Silva 156

Assessor (three years, vote for one)
Leonard T. Coppola 161

Mattapoisett School Committee
(three years, vote for one)
James A. Muse 158

Trustee of the Public Library (three years, vote for two)
William F Asci 156
Amy E. Ligmitz-Harken 142

Moderator (one year, vote for one)
John A. Eklund 166

Water/Sewer Commissioner
(three years, vote for one)
Albert Menninno, Jr. 155

Highway Surveyor (three years, vote for one)
Barry J. Denham 173

Board of Health (three years, vote for one)
Russell L. Bailey 155

Board of Health (one year, vote for one)
Kenneth S. Dawicki 163

Planning Board (five years, vote for one)
Nathan C. Ketchel 150

Mattapoisett Housing Authority
(five years, vote for one)

Mattapoisett Housing Authority
(two years, vote for one)
Suzanne S. Kennedy 154

Community Preservation Committee
(two years, vote for two)
William O. Hall 158
Michelle Hughes 162