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Mattapoisett Annual Election

Mattapoisett Annual Election May 2, 2012
10am-8pm - Old Hammondtown School
Question 1 - Prop. 2 1/2 exemption for Road Repair
YES 172
NO 115

Selectman (three years, vote for one)
Paul A. Silva 281

Assessor (three years, vote for one)
Leonard J. Copploa 263

Mattapoisett School Committee
(three years, vote for two)
Gracinda M. Knox 242
James A. Muse 228

Trustee of the Public Library (three years, vote for two)
Rachel W. Derry 274
William F. Asci 232

Moderator (one year, vote for one)
John A. Eklund 294

Water/Sewer Commissioner
(three years, vote for one)
Christopher Jaskolka 164
Albert Meninno Jr. 172

Highway Surveyor (three years, vote for one)
Barry J. Denham 300

Board of Health (three years, vote for one)
Russell L. Bailey 299

Planning Board (five years, vote for one)
John P. Mathieu 280

Mattapoisett Housing Authority
(five years, vote for one)
Alicia M. Sullivan 280

Community Preservation Committee
(two years, vote for two)
John N. DeCosta Jr. 295
Jodi L. Bauer 294