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Mattapoisett Annual Election

Mattapoisett Annual Election May 20, 2008
Selectman (3 years, 1 seat)
Raymond H. Andrews 615
George Randall 665
Town Clerk
Barbara A. Sullivan 1146
Rebecca H. McCullough 1002
Mattapoisett School Committee
Amy Hartley-Mattson 502
Joyce Lavoie 630
Old Rochester Regional District School Committee
Nicholas C. Decas 994
Trustee of Public Library
Martin Hudis 737
Ruth Oliver Jolliffe 798
Town Moderator
John A. Eklund 1027
Water/Sewer Commissioner
Daniel W. Chase 1013
Board of Health
Carmelo Nicolosi 1021
Planning Board
Robert B McNamara 952
Mattapoisett Housing Authority
Margaret M. DeMello 1006
Mattapoisett Housing Authority - To Fill Vacancy
Deborah M. Bailey 501
Carroll M. Chase 558
Community Preservation Committee
John N. DeCosta Jr. 1004

Total number of voters: 1294, about 28 percent