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Marion Annual Election

Marion Annual Election May 18, 2018
Selectman (three years, vote for one)
Randy L. Parker 807

Selectman (one year, vote for one)
William Dale Jones 106
Michelle Ouellette Smith 221
John P. Waterman 551
Joseph P. Zora Jr. 113

Assessor (three years, vote for one)
Ray E. Pickles 268
George T.J. Walker 658

Moderator (one year, vote for one)
Brad A. Gordon 814

Board of Health (three years, vote for one)
John B. Howard 784

Planning Board (three years, vote for two)
Andrew Daniel 597
Kristen St. Don-Campbell 550

Marion School Committee
(three years, vote for two)
Michelle L. Ouellette Smith 585
April Rios 549

Open Space Acquisition Commission
(three years, vote for one)
Alan Harris 774

Question 1. Shall the Town of Marion be allowed to be exempt from the provision of Proposition two and one-half, so called, the amount required to pay for the bonds to be issued in order to renovate the 1876 historic Marion Town House located at 2 Spring Street, Marion, MA, including final design, constuction and equipping thereof, and also including costs incidental or related thereto?