Brad Barrows Youth Athletic Fund

To the Editor: The Brad Barrows Youth Athletic Fund Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Sponsors, volunteers and riders who participated in the 3rd annual 2013 motorcycle run. This years run was able to raise $3,000.00 with the proceeds going to the following local organizations: The Old Rochester Little League; […] Read more »

911 Thank You

Dear Editor, I want to publicly thank Sergeant Richard B. Nighelli of the Marion Police Department for his help in resolving an address issue regarding calling 911. When you call 911, both the police and fire department see an address, to which they immediately respond. My home had an address that was very similar to […] Read more »

Enough of this Cynicism

Dear Sir, I feel compelled to take umbrage with the article in the February 20, 2014 Wanderer article “Getting a Taste of World Hunger.” The general theme of the article is that world hunger is caused by “Companies and governments”and that “exacerbating the problem is climate change which has dramatically increased throughout the planet.” Governments, […] Read more »

ORRJHS Oxfam Hunger Banquet

To the Editor: On behalf of the ORRJHS seventh grade teachers and students, I would like to express our appreciation to our parents: Kelly Horton, Rania Lavranos-Judd, Diane St. Pierre and Christine Winters. With their support and hard work, a vision of the ORRJHS Oxfam Hunger Banquet came to be. This group of parents made […] Read more »

Isn’t Mattapoisett Special?

To the Editor; Isn’t Mattapoisett Special? Our landmarks are remarkable – Salty the Seahorse at 38-feet tall stands watch at the corner of North Street and Route 6. The majestic flag pole in Shipyard Park at almost 90 feet in height is a dramatic sight. We are fortunate to have a wonderful shoreline and quiet […] Read more »

Coyote Concerns

To the Editor; What a web of contradiction we weave in last week’s article “Coyote Concerns”. First, we have Ms. Massey, the Animal “Control” Officer whose only interest is controlling YOUR animal on YOUR property (it needs to stay indoors), and oh yes, the birds (“get rid of your bird feeders”). Further, we are instructed […] Read more »

Marion Board of Health

To the Editor; I am writing this letter to congratulate the Marion Board of Health for recently passing a comprehensive Enhanced Tobacco Youth Access Regulation. In light of the Surgeon General’s Report on Tobacco released in January on the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s Report, the new regulation is more critical than ever. […] Read more »

Random Act of Kindness

To the Editor; I had to write to tell you about a wonderful Random Act of Kindness that occurred at Rochester Memorial School Monday. The staff was pleasantly surprised to leave school on that snowy afternoon to find that their cars had been cleared of the white stuff. Erin Bednarczyk, an R.M.S. parent, along with […] Read more »

Honoring Milton Silveira

To the editor: At a recent Mattapoisett selectmen’s meeting, a young man from my neighborhood –11-year-old Alex Craig – made a suggestion that the town honor a native son, the late Milton Silveira, with a memorial at Ned’s Point. Mr. Silveira played a leadership role in NASA, highlighted by important work on the Apollo and […] Read more »


To the Editor; At the end of 2013, the Town of Marion, the Baywatch Developer, the Sippican Lands Trust and a Group of Concerned Citizens and Abutters all came together and finalized the restructured 40B development off Front Street behind the Wave. A significant reduction in size and numerous other benefits to Marion occurred as […] Read more »