Funding Education

Dear Tri-Town Residents: Did you contact your elected state officials regarding the importance of funding education and, in particular, of funding regional school district transportation? You must have, because better proposals have been made recently. So, thank you. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ House Ways and Means Committee recently released their proposed 2018 budget. In it, […] Read more »

Marion’s Town Meeting

To the Editor: A View of Marion’s Town Meeting Warrant and Future Financial Situation. Marion voters head to the May 8, 2017 Town Meeting to act on $30.8 million in warrant articles. That’s a lot of money for our small Town – $12,314 for each of our 2,500 taxpayers. The operating budget is $22 million; […] Read more »


To the Editor: On April 27 at the Tri-Town Selectmen’s Meeting, we may finally get to the bottom of the ongoing saga regarding the ORCTV takeover of the education function of the media program at ORR, vs. the Superintendent of ORR School District. The Superintendent was notified late last year that the ORCTV would no […] Read more »

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

To the Editor: I had the opportunity to attend two performances of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I had attended the dress rehearsal and enjoyed it so much that I purchased a ticket for the final performance on Sunday afternoon. The production was beyond amazing. Not only was the young man, John Roussell, […] Read more »

Marion Con Com

Dear Editor: I just want to set the story straight on my lot. The main intent of having a driveway added to my buildable lot on Indian Cove Road is to prepare it for future development and construction of a house. The other issues you so nicely highlighted are important as well. Also, bear in […] Read more »

Transportation Reimbursement

Dear Editor: As an ORR School Committee member this year, I have learned first-hand how passionate our townspeople are about the quality education at our junior and senior high schools. At the recent FY2018 Budget Public Hearing, many people spoke out about the positive impact teachers and programs are having, or have had, on their […] Read more »

Thoughts on the Arts

To the Editor: No doubt you’ve heard this before. New Bedford is a hotbed of the arts. Not long ago, the Massachusetts Cultural Council declared the city the “most creative community” in the state. Previously, The Atlantic Monthly magazine named New Bedford the “Most Artistic City in America.” It abounds with a plethora of artists, […] Read more »

Frustrated? You could be part of the solution.

To the Editor: There is a week left for you to seek public office in Marion and do your part to make the town a truly participatory government. Nomination papers are due in the Town Clerk’s office on Monday, March 20. Openings are still available for Selectman, Town Clerk, Marion and ORR School Committees, Assessor, […] Read more »

Marion Town House

Dear Editor: We are writing to express our belief that keeping the historic Town Hall as the center of community activities is the optimum choice for preserving our way of life in beautiful Marion. First of all, we should realize that the Building Committee is the one with the most concrete suggestions, not only for […] Read more »

“Student Strong” Thank You

The school staff members and their students in our town are truly committed to our community. They have continued for the year to collect cans of food for the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. The students play a large and very important part of our community in action. There have been several different events […] Read more »