Community Electricity Aggregation Program

To the Editor: The Town of Marion voted at last spring’s Town Meeting to join 23 other towns in the Community Electricity Aggregation Program coordinated by Good Energy. As a result, all private Eversource electric customers in Marion have the opportunity to participate in this program offering savings on their electrical bills and protection from […] Read more »

Physician-assisted Suicide

To the Editor: This letter is in response to Doreen Adams’ letter urging support for physician-assisted suicide. I am writing in opposition to this proposal and why physician-assisted suicide should not be legalized. In 2012, voters rejected this proposal because it was and is a faulty law. It did not require a psychological test, and […] Read more »

Electric Cars in Marion

To the Editor: Will Marion Selectmen and Town Employee’s Be Driving BMW’s? If the Marion Energy Management Committee (EMC) gets its way, Marion Town employees and Selectmen may well be driving BMW i3’s with an MSRP of $43,895. This is based on handout materials distributed to Selectmen at the December 1, 2015 meeting. The three […] Read more »

Marion’s Energy Management Committee

To the Editor: Marion’s Energy Management Committee (EMC) is pleased to announce that the Selectmen have approved our proposal to lease three electric cars for use by Marion’s employees. Following in the successful path taken by Dartmouth, who now have six electric vehicles (EVs), we will apply for federal, state, and dealership incentives that will […] Read more »

Thank You

To the Editor: Our special thanks to everyone who supported our family during this difficult time. All of your prayers, love, prepared meals and acts of kindness were greatly appreciated. Thank you to all area fire departments, police departments, D.C.R. and firefighters who participated in Steven’s services. Cindy, Laura & the Faustian family Rochester   […] Read more »

End-of-life Choice

To the Editor: Written the day after Thanksgiving 2015: Yesterday, Thanksgiving, many people celebrated the holiday grateful for life’s blessings, surrounded by family and friends. Then, there are others – maybe fewer, maybe more – who are grateful for life, but are unable and refuse to appreciate or understand the seclusiveness of that testimonial. Millions […] Read more »

Candy Drive

To the Editor: Recently, my family collected Halloween candy from local residents to be sent to our soldiers who are overseas. On Veteran’s Day, I helped to sort and package the candy along with my brother and sister and my cousin. I want to thank Ms. Mirabito and my 6th grade homeroom class at Old […] Read more »

Marion Special Town Meeting

To The Editor: The Marion Special Town Meeting was held on October 26 to vote on Article S4 to transfer $50,000 toward a $200,000 grant from the Buzzards Bay and Narragansett Estuary Program concerning a proposed sewer project to “possibly” eliminate nitrogen discharge from 31 homes in Aucoot Cove and 151 homes in Mattapoisett (Mattapoisett?). […] Read more »

Marion Capital Spending

To the Editor: Marion voters face a conundrum on allocating scarce capital resources. The Town House Committee has proposed two options regarding the Town House restoration. This discretionary spending proposal competes with a mandatory capital spending compliance requirement for the renewal of the sewer plant’s EPA discharge permit. The Town House also competes with payment […] Read more »

Town House Forum

To the Editor: At the Town House Forum last Thursday evening, there was much discussion about square footage of buildings, cost per square foot, old vs. new construction, but little inquiry about the comparative merits of the two options presented by the Town House Committee. While renovating the Town House is important, focus on cost […] Read more »