Sippican School’s Budget

To the Editor: We are writing in response to statements quoted in a recent edition of The Wanderer regarding the Sippican School’s budget. We, as parents, are proud of Sippican School and the accomplishments of its students, staff and administration. Misinformed statements, such as those made by Karen Kevelson at the January 28 finance committee […] Read more »

Southeast Tobacco-Free Community Partnership

To the Editor: I am writing to commend the Marion Board of Health for recently updating their Enhanced Youth Access Tobacco Regulations. By raising the age of sale of all tobacco products to 21, prohibiting the sale of blunt wraps, and prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes wherever the Smokefree Workplace Law is in effect, the […] Read more »

Thoughts on Fame and Time

To the Editor: Thoughts on Fame and Time. Do you know who Bob Dee is? Not likely. What about Harry Oliver or Charlie Hoefer? Don’t think so? I’m not surprised. Dee, Oliver and Hoefer were star athletes on the original Boston Patriots, Bruins and Celtics. You might call them foundation blocks in the building of […] Read more »

Our Broken Government

To the Editor: Our Broken Government. The President’s “State of the Union” speech was NOT a truthful evaluation of the state of our Union. An honest assessment of the status of trade, crime, immigration, spending and debt would show that the Union is far worse off than when he took office. The President’s leadership and […] Read more »

Rochester Personnel Board

To Rochester Residents: I wanted to clear the air and clarify recent statements in the press as to why I resigned from the Rochester Personnel Board this past year. First and foremost, it was not in any way associated with an article not being passed at last year’s town meeting as stated. I have served […] Read more »

Substitute Teacher Pay

To the Editor: Thoughts on Substitute Teacher Pay…. Having just graduated from college, unemployed and with no money to stay in Boston, I returned home to Mattapoisett. Needing some income, I signed on as a substitute teacher at Old Rochester where, only four years before, I had graduated. Over a year and one half, I […] Read more »

Single Seniors

To the Editor: Living as a single senior woman in Mattapoisett is not easy. Trying to meet quality single senior men is a challenge. Forget the bar and dating site “nonsense.” Face it, there is nowhere to go. I would like to propose to the folks who sponsor the teen wharf dances to try to […] Read more »

Public Resources

To the Editor: I do think any individual or business should be allowed to use town/public resources for personal gain. For example, the arguments that Mr. King made about using the water could be said about the new tennis courts by Center School. I had to wait for a court because a tennis pro was […] Read more »

Holiday Thank You

To the Editor: The Sinnott family would like to sincerely thank the members of the Mattapoisett Police Department, Mattapoisett Fire Department, and Mattapoisett Water Department for their professionalism and dedication. After our neighbor noticed an alarm going off in our home at 2:00 am on Christmas morning and was unable to reach anyone in our […] Read more »

Marion’s Master Plan

To the Editor: It’s going to be the Final Countdown. On Monday, January 4 at 7:00 pm in the Marion Music Hall, Marion tax payers will have the opportunity to hear a draft summary of the first six chapters of Marion’s Master Plan, provide their invaluable feedback and ask questions. The presentation will address the […] Read more »