Mattapoisett Zoning Board

To the Editor: On Thursday, September 29, the Mattapoisett zoning board will hear our appeal for enforcement of the town’s zoning bylaw with respect to the Inn at Shipyard Park. As the date for that hearing approaches, we have become aware that the Inn is once again disseminating false information, claiming that we are trying […] Read more »


To the Editor: I must preface this letter by saying I am not writing as a representative of any church or organized group. I am writing as a grandmother who is saddened by a recognition that over the years, sports and other activities are carving into our Sunday morning church services. I am willing to […] Read more »

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

To the Editor: Last Friday night, a small group of us attended the MAC production of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. Funny and affective, it was a rousing triumph. The acting by David Horne, Cynthia Latham, Susan Sullivan, Suzie Kokkins, Adam and Sam Roderick was terrific, as was the direction of Kate Fishman. […] Read more »

Elizabeth Taber Library Board of Trustees

To the Editor: The Elizabeth Taber Library Board of Trustees and all those involved in Marion’s Elizabeth Taber Library would like to thank Nita Howland and her crew who unselfishly and tirelessly took on the work of administrating the 2016 Annual Elizabeth Taber Library Book Sale late last month. There are many shades of volunteers […] Read more »

Friends of the Mattapoisett Bike Path

To the Editor: The Friends of the Mattapoisett Bike Path thank everyone who stopped by the Friends’ booth at Harbor Days and everyone who has contributed to our fundraising program recently and over the years. We are pleased to announce that the Howard Stillman Bates Foundation has awarded us funding to help create safer conditions […] Read more »

Hot town, summer in the sixties

Thoughts on: “Hot town, summer in the sixties.” The days were hotter and the summers were longer. For most kids in Mattapoisett, summer days were spent at the beach or on the ballfield. Shoes came off the day school ended in late June and didn’t go back on until after Labor Day … unless someone […] Read more »

Taste of the Town

Dear Editor, The Mattapoisett Women’s Club expresses their heartfelt appreciation to all Mattapoisett restaurants and vendors who were instrumental in making the 14th annual “Taste of the Town” a resounding success. A special thank you is extended to Kelly Zucco and the venerable Showstoppers Musical Entertainment for their truly radiant and lively performance. A warm […] Read more »

Marion Cemetery Commission

To All Marion Residents: The Marion Cemetery Commission recently met to review our policies and procedures, as well as review each cemetery for any issues that may have arisen. Maintenance has definitely become an issue and many shrubs are now overgrown and obscure the headstones. When this happens, the Commission reserves the right to prune […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Bike Path

To the Editor: Mattapoisett Selectmen made a big splash when they expressed their frustration about bicyclists who don’t stop at stop signs. Some of the conversation was about whose responsibility it is to slow down or stop, though the consensus is that everyone wants to avert a tragic collision. The intersections of Mattapoisett Neck Road […] Read more »

Inn on Shipyard Park

To the Editor: We are Kathryn and Leo LaMontagne who have lived on the north side of 11 Water Street for some twenty-three years. Now senior citizens, we remain excited about living next to The Inn on Shipyard Park and communicating with so many different people who frequent the Inn for food, camaraderie and entertainment. […] Read more »