January’s Women’s Marches

To the Editor: Many Americans are worried about the direction our country is taking under the new administration. January’s Women’s Marches in Washington, Boston and around the country vividly demonstrated these worries and concerns, ranging from the potential loss of people’s health insurance coverage to threats to the environment. The energy flowing from these marches […] Read more »

New Town House Planning

To the Editor: Much discussion and letters from John Waterman and Joe McDonough continually push for a new building so that the Town House can be privately developed. The current Town House Building Committee has reduced the renovation project and costs by eliminating the large meeting room, to bring the square footage down to 11,225 […] Read more »

The Francis Family

Dear Community: We, the family of Tucker Francis, thank you deeply for the astounding outpouring of your love and support during these difficult days since his tragic death. We have received a steady torrent of hugs, notes, calls, chocolate, dinners, flowers, fruit, tears, stories, images, videos, and memories of our wonderful Tucker. You have made […] Read more »

Marion Oyster Farms

To the Editor: There are various efforts underway to enable development of oyster farms in Sippican Harbor. There are, of course, differing points of view, and the Board of Selectmen is tasked with determining the most appropriate course forward. Homeowners don’t want their property affected, sailors don’t want their waterways impinged upon, and fisherman want […] Read more »

Marion Town House

Letter to the Editor: I read with interest Mr. Saltonstall’s letter to the press arguing that enough homework has been done and it is time to get on with plans to renovate the Town House. We have no doubt that the Town House Building Committee has done a great deal of homework. Our impression, however, […] Read more »

Tri-Town Unified Recreational Facilities, Inc.

To the Editor: The Old Rochester Regional (ORR) School Committee supports the Tri-Town Unified Recreational Facilities, Inc. (T.U.R.F.) nonprofit group’s efforts to rehabilitate the high school’s outdoor athletic facilities for the benefit of the entire community. At its October 2016 meeting, the School Committee toured the athletic facilities, saw first-hand the ravages of continual use […] Read more »

Town House Building Committee

To the Editor: I am in full agreement with the arguments laid out by John Waterman in his published letter and to the Marion Selectmen. The Town House Building Committee has put in a lot of work, imagination, and expertise in finding a way to make the Town House safe (after demolishing the 1890 addition) […] Read more »

Thank You Marion

To the Editor: My husband and I just built our first home, acting as General Contractors, on Dexter Road in Marion. We had such a wonderful experience working with the following departments and staff: Building Department, Fire Department, Water & Sewer Department, Assessors Office, etc. We wanted to send a huge thank you to all […] Read more »

Thank You

To the Editor: I want to take this opportunity as we start the New Year to thank all the generous folks of Mattapoisett who have donated incredible amounts of clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, winter coats, gloves, mittens, and numerous other outerwear items for the Mobile Ministries/Loaves and Fishes Program run out of St. Paul’s Church […] Read more »

Marion Town House Thoughts

The Town House Acquisition Committee members are professional experts in architecture and the construction of specialized and repurposed facilities. They hired an architectural firm with expertise in historical preservation. Together they identified 12 potential solutions and used a professional process over four years to refine concepts and costs estimates. Get the facts; do not rely […] Read more »