The Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Sometimes known as the ‘Tom Thumb of the owl realm’ because it is tame enough to be picked up in one hand and is not much bigger than your thumb, the saw-whet owl, in size, is the smallest of so-called nocturnal raptors in New England. Way down south, the owlet is barely bigger than the […] Read more »

Plight of the Pollinators

Pollinators play a vital role in a productive ecosystem. About 75 percent of the fruits and vegetables we eat depend on pollinators for their survival, including apples, almonds, blueberries, citrus, pears, plums, pumpkins, and squash. Currently, the United States and the rest of the world are facing massive declines in pollinator populations, which could have […] Read more »

Seniors Return For One Last Sentimental Walk

It’s a long walk through the hallways of time for a person on their way to Point B from Point A, but in retrospect that walk can seem like an awfully short one, which is what some graduating seniors of the Old Rochester Regional Class of 2017 experienced on Friday, June 2, the day before […] Read more »

Rochester Boat Race an Enduring Tradition

Just about the only thing in the Tri-Town on Memorial Day that is almost as equally exciting as paddling a handmade canoe down the Mattapoisett River in the Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race is watching it – even when it’s raining. Either way, what would a boat race be without water? Like in past years […] Read more »

To Serve The Children

There is a lighthearted warm energy that one feels when first meeting Linda Burke. It’s an energy that is full of potential, possibility, and promise. It is this energy that she has passed onto hundreds of children in her many years of service as a children’s librarian. Now, however, it is time for Burke to […] Read more »

Remembering Chief Kinney

As Marilyn Kinney Lee looks out her dining room window and begins to talk about her father, the years fall away. Her face brightens at the memories that swirl in her mind and become the story she wants to share about her father, Alden S. Kinney, the first official police chief for the Town of […] Read more »

‘What Does It Mean to Be Free?’

Memorial Day is a somber occasion when Americans thank, honor, and remember those who have served this country in the Armed Forces. But, as keynote speaker Lieutenant Colonel Heather Bienz pointed out, some towns like Marion have a special way of gathering the community together, bringing out the emotion, and filling a space with care […] Read more »

At ORRJHS, ‘It’s All About the Animals’

Wednesday was wet. It was chilly. It was far from an ideal day to hold a walkathon at Old Rochester Regional, but the ‘Orange Team’ at the junior high school persisted nonetheless. As part of a junior high student-based project, students on the Orange Team chose to hold a walkathon, challenging themselves to walk for […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Honors Sacrifice of Fallen Service Members

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address figured prominently in Monday’s Memorial Day ceremony in Mattapoisett. The afternoon observance was filled with speakers who underscored the devotion and sacrifice of the nation’s fallen service members. After the traditional posting of the colors by the New Bedford High School Junior ROTC, Master of Ceremonies Commander Michael Lamoureux welcomed the […] Read more »


“Dad, you’re not sick, you’re hurt. You’re going to get better…” I repeated those words to my father over and over in the days after his accident as he lay in the hospital bed, heavily medicated and so very far away. Dad, a man who had never, ever slept in the upstairs bedrooms of his […] Read more »