Talking To Young Children About Opiate Addiction

It seems simple enough, having a conversation with your children. As parents, you are talking to your kids all the time telling them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why to do it while providing a solid role model – right? But the truth is that having difficult conversations with […] Read more »

Marion Honors VFW Post 2425 on Veterans Day

The tone was a solemn one, as most Veterans Day observances are when giving thanks for those who have given part of their life or perhaps all of their life serving in the military or fighting in a foreign war. Yet this year’s observance in Marion was especially bittersweet, given that the Benjamin D. Cushing […] Read more »

“…Thank my brothers who never came back…”

With a standing room only crowd packed into Old Hammondtown School to celebrate, remember, and commemorate veterans and their families, George Randall’s custom-designed T-shirt said it all, “Don’t thank me, thank my brothers who never came back.”             Randall, whose ability to inject emotion and meaning into words written and spoken decades ago, was once […] Read more »

Marion Veterans Day Observance

During the Marion Veterans Day observance Friday morning, the townspeople of Marion expressed a heartfelt thank-you to the Benjamin D. Cushing VFW Post 2425 which in return gave a moving farewell as it disbanded this year and donated the VFW building to the town. Emotions were evident on the faces of the VFW Post 2425 […] Read more »

Tri-Town to Honor Vets November 11

Every year, Tri-Town keeps alive the tradition of honoring its veterans and, with each passing year, it seems the events grow larger – more people turn out to pay their respects for the sacrifices their neighbors and ancestors alike have made or are making now, and the appreciation only waxes over time. This year in […] Read more »

Drama Season Hits Tabor

At Tabor, it is rare when preparations are not taking place for some type of theatrical production. Throughout the next two weeks, Tabor Academy students will be presenting two separate drama performances on campus. The first performance is The Nine Worst Breakups of All Time, a comedy that takes the audience from the times of […] Read more »

‘Oliver’ Tickets Sell Out

If the Marion Art Center had sold tickets for its annual Halloween Parade, it would have sold out of those immediately, judging by the what seemed to be over a thousand people out on the sunny afternoon of Halloween. It seems the MAC can’t avoid it these days, with its community-based events and performances that […] Read more »

Deer Strikes By Vehicles Increasing in Rochester

Rochester is abundant in wildlife, and it seems as though wild animal sightings are just about as commonplace as Rochester resident sightings. One can usually spot either a deer or two grazing across some field or a family of wild turkeys passing through a neighbor’s yard or perhaps crossing the road in front of your […] Read more »

Toadstools or Mushrooms?

On October 23 at their White Eagle property, the Sippican Lands Trust hosted a Mushroom Tour led by Wesley Price, a trained mycologist whose love for all things fungi quickly became apparent. “The largest living organism on the surface of the planet is the mushroom,” Price told the group. He also explained how mushrooms, or […] Read more »


On October 23, Mattapoisett held its fall rabies clinic at the fire station. Maybe you were there. I sure hope so. Or maybe you are keeping up with rabies inoculations through your preferred veterinarian. Either way, you’ve done your due diligence. But what you might not know is there is another layer of safety that […] Read more »