Lt. Gov, BOS Sign Community Compact

Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito joined the Marion Board of Selectmen on Friday afternoon, October 13, in Marion to sign the 307th Community Compact in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Community Compact, an initiative by the Governor Charlie Baker-Polito Administration in 2015, is a voluntary agreement between a municipality and the state, and the city or […] Read more »

The Hawk and Osprey Migration

The thrill of bird watching in autumn might suddenly arrive from over the horizon when any number of a wide variety of raptors appears in flights of migration, taking wing a day or two after the arrival of a high pressure system and cold front and driven by a northwesterly wind. The sight of their […] Read more »

Rochester Man Shoots for the Moon with New Book

If the world can only handle 8 billion people, as most experts believe, what would happen if we had 10 billion? This question started circulating through the creative spaces of Richard Cutler’s brain during his long career as facilities director at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. Sounds like a great book, he thought. […] Read more »

Secrets of Seed Saving

One can marvel at the simplicity of the humble act of planting a seed. You cover it with soil, water it, give it sun, and a few months later you have delicious juicy tomatoes. Same, really, when you buy baby tomato plants, sticking with the tomato example, and simply place them in the ground and […] Read more »

Making Your Final Wishes Come True

If you are of a certain age, you may have already worked with an attorney doing estate planning and will writing to ensure that your stuff — tangible assets, stocks, bonds, cash, and collectibles — are distributed or utilized in the manner you desire after you are gone. Perhaps you’ve completed a health care proxy […] Read more »

Study Proves All of Rochester is Haunted

A months-long comprehensive study has concluded that every square foot of the Town of Rochester is haunted, according to data released to The Wanderer on October 9 by an anonymous group of residents that say the Town has taken too long to publically disclose the truth. One source who would only speak to The Wanderer […] Read more »

The Boykeeper

Sunday morning was the kind of morning that makes you feel better about summer’s end and reminds you of just how beautiful autumn is. The air is so fresh and every conscious inhale is a delight; your lungs snap into each breath like teeth biting into a cool, crisp apple. The light is changing, the […] Read more »

Taber Library Celebrates Repass Entrance Project

The rainy weather on Saturday did not deter folks from celebrating a project three years in the making. After remarks from key project participants, the gathered attendants watched the ceremonial groundbreaking for the Marguerite K. Repass Garden and Library Entrance Improvement Project at the Elizabeth Taber Library. Inside the library, President of the Library Trustees […] Read more »

A True Tale of Survival and Love in the Amazon

We live in an era where reality TV takes us naked and alone into jungles or pits humans against one another in faux settings of castaway islands eating roasted rats and raw fish. With cameras recording ‘adventures’ for mass consumption, we the consumers watch with wide-eyed fascination while everyday people seemingly test their skills, wills, […] Read more »

The Bees’ Knees

The warnings that bee populations are dropping, hive collapses catastrophic, and our crops at risk for lack of pollination have been widely written about and discussed over the past few years. And while much has been said, there’s very little follow-up on how things are going. Well, things are still very tenuous – not only […] Read more »