Lighting It Up Blue for Autism


April 2 is the beginning of World Autism Awareness Month all across the globe. On every continent and in most major cities worldwide, recognizable monuments, public buildings, businesses, and households will be lit up with blue lights to recognize those who have been touched by autism, and to honor those living with autism. Many will […] Read more »

Dear Punxsatawney Phil…


…I feel I owe you a great deal of apology. Approximately eight weeks ago, I fear I was quite severe with my words toward you, and I do believe that I was wrong for having accused you of deceiving us with what can only be declared now as your rightful prediction of the subsequent weeks […] Read more »

Young Artist Wins National Award


When Kyra Lorden was younger and drawing pictures as a child in Marion, she did not give much thought to growing up to become a ‘real artist’ and making art her career path. But she enjoyed drawing and, encouraged by her artistic dad, she continued to create and eventually took art lessons. Now a senior […] Read more »

Chapter Land Program Saves Landowners Money


“Money is fast, wisdom is slow,” USDA Certified Farm Planner Linda Rinta said on the pressures of selling land to new developments. Rinta has over 40 years of farming experience, from cranberry bogs to beach grass, blueberries, Christmas trees, and more. Although cranberry bog land isn’t suitable for building, “seductive offers” are always asking farmers […] Read more »

Old H Students Triumph over Teachers


They are the future Bulldogs of ORR, and they showed a remarkable display of teamwork and enthusiasm Friday night, March 20, when they beat the teachers during the Old Hammondtown School students versus teachers basketball game, 41-40. Up and down the ORR High School basketball court they dribbled, fellow sixth-graders on the edge of their […] Read more »

Toe Jam Puppet Band


The Toe Jam Puppet Band was back in Tri-Town on March 21 for a performance at the Marion Music Hall, sponsored by the Elizabeth Taber Library. The performance was free and the fun was evident in the faces of the band’s biggest fans. Photos by Colin Veitch Read more »

California Pizza Parlor

Marilou photo

Once again, I enter the way back machine of my mind. I’m heading to the 1950s – a time when fast food was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread whipped up in 30 seconds by your mother. In those days, 90 percent of all food was eaten at home, period. Except in […] Read more »

Candid Discussions with State Representatives


Approximately 30 municipal officials, employees, and state representatives met for their annual Massachusetts Municipal Association breakfast hosted on March 13 at Mattapoisett’s Center School with opening remarks by Town Administrator Mike Gagne. This regional meeting brought together attendees from the south shore and Cape Cod, as well as the Tri-Town area, to meet with state […] Read more »

In The Breakdown Lane


Remember when you were a little kid and falling down was just part of being young? In fact, you would fall down on purpose. It was fun, like when you’d crash into leaf piles, jump off high places onto snow banks, or flop on the ground grabbing a pal’s legs and down he/she would go […] Read more »

Little Mermaid, Big Fun at ORRJHS


The Old Rochester Regional Junior High School has resurrected its Drama Club and is ready to show the public how hard work, dedication, and the desire to have fun simply cannot be stopped by marathon snowstorms. The Drama Club has been learning its lines, rehearsing its moves, and finding its singing voice since January 21, […] Read more »