How Do You Do It? (I Have No Idea)


After a one-hour visit to my house, by the time you leave, you’ll have lost your mind. I’m talking insane. Bananas. Cray cray. That said, this year Autism Awareness Month caught me off guard a little. I knew it was coming, but I had been so preoccupied these past months, up to my ears in […] Read more »

Marion’s Electric Car is Up and Quietly Running


Marion Recreation Department Director Jody Dickerson is liking the department’s new ride that just arrived last week – a 2015 all-electric Nissan Leaf the town acquired through a state grant that funds a three-year lease and powering stations to charge the vehicle. Dickerson said the car arrived the night of March 29, and two charging […] Read more »

Alumni Hoops Classic


The Old Rochester Regional High School alumni and the ORR boys’ and girls’ basketball teams shared a couple of friendly games of basketball on March 29 during the 2nd annual Old Rochester Regional Hall of Fame Alumni Hoops Classic. The women’s alumni team lost to the girls’ team 45-29, while the men’s alumni team beat […] Read more »

Engineering at ORR Really Builds Excitement


The students of Tom Norris’ Principles of Engineering class pushed the limits of their student-designed and student-made mechanical cranes against the force of gravity on Tuesday, March 29. Six groups of two to three students had to each design a balsa wood crane out of a set limit of supplies that included lightweight wooden sticks, […] Read more »

Prepare to be Autism-Aware


Is it Autism Awareness Month again already? Hurry! Grab the blue light bulbs! Find a clean blue shirt! Where is that damned puzzle piece ribbon lapel pin? Who took my vehicle magnet? It’s that time of year again when The Wanderer cover page displays that little puzzle piece ribbon you sometimes see around on minivan […] Read more »

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


Everyone picks the road they must travel upon, and the Old Rochester Regional High School Drama Club chose one paved with yellow brick. The club will perform The Wizard of Oz this Thursday through Saturday, March 31 to April 2, starting at 7:30 pm. There will also be a Sunday matinee on April 3, scheduled […] Read more »

Easter Egg Fun


Saturday was a picture perfect day at Veteran’s Park in Mattapoisett for the Lions Club’s annual Easter egg hunt. Dozens of children made the dash to collect their fair share of Easter candy and enjoyed an afternoon of popping bubbles by the lighthouse with entertainer Vinny Lovegrove. Photos by Colin Veitch   Read more »

Two Running for Selectman in Rochester


Rochester voters will have a choice in at least one of the races in the April 13 election, with two names on the ballot seeking one seat on the Board of Selectmen. Incumbent Bradford Morse, a cranberry farmer, will seek his fourth elected term on the Board of Selectmen while former selectman and current Planning […] Read more »

Like The Tiny Mustard Seed


Little Sophia Crippin of Marion has big ideas. She may not recognize or understand just how big her ideas are, but like the parable of the tiny mustard seed, her idea is growing into something quite big. Sophia’s aunt Jess Solimini of Marion has been on two mission trips to Haiti with Love in Motion, […] Read more »

Night Train From Wickford


You took the night train from Wickford. I knew you would. We had discussed it without saying anything out loud. I knew you were going when your eyes moved under closed lids as I told you I was there and everything was okay, you could go if you wanted to. We had done everything you […] Read more »