The Controversial Cormorant


The cormorant is classified as a sea bird along with the albatross, penguin, and tern. Each one today is a specialized living proof of Darwin’s theory of adaption of species to environment in waters all around the world. The cormorant, for example, is able to drink salt water and fly under water with elliptical wings […] Read more »

Marion Celebrates New Fleet of Electric Cars


Monday, July 11 was a big day for Marion – and the environment one could add – when three brand new all-electric cars were delivered to the Marion Town House with a number of town officials eagerly awaiting their arrival. Thanks to a number of state and federal grants that the Marion Energy Management Committee […] Read more »

Tri-Town Responds to Dallas Tragedy


Tri-Town police departments have received an outpouring of emotional support from the residents of their towns in light of the Dallas tragedy that happened on Thursday, July 7, when a lone sniper assassinated five officers during a protest of the police-involved shootings of two African American citizens in Minnesota and Louisiana over the past week. […] Read more »

The Mattapoisett Purse


What makes a small woven basket worth thousands of dollars? Anyone who has ever watched Antiques Roadshow might quickly answer “the age of the piece.” But in the case of a small handcrafted basket from Mattapoisett, the answer would be “time, intricacy, uniqueness, and beauty.” Gladys Ellis was a well-known Mattapoisett artisan who worked in […] Read more »

The Plimpton Effect


As I mounted my bike to head out on the Triathlon course for the second leg of the race, it occurred to me that I was like George Plimpton. Plimpton, highly respected writer and world-class amateur athlete, attempted very difficult sports activities. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t do very well whatever the challenge was, […] Read more »

‘Seahorsing’Around Before Harbor Days


There’s a sense of excitement in Mattapoisett during the week of Harbor Days each year. On Saturday, the tent was up at Shipyard Park, and tables and chairs were still stacked, waiting for someone to set them up for their first use. The Aardvark was out and about town this weekend waving at passersby, strolling […] Read more »

Opening Our Living Treasure Chest


Taryn MacGregor – 18, athletic, and on her Christmas break from college – never thought anything could derail her happy-go-lucky life. That notion was all but snuffed out the moment her car collided with a concrete flower pot along Route 18 in downtown New Bedford. In an instant, she learned a profound lesson: life comes […] Read more »

Summer Fun in Mattapoisett


The 2016 summer season is upon us and with that comes the opening of the Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum. This year’s opening theme features all manner of warm weather sports-related memorabilia from their extensive collection. In this tiny town, one would not imagine such a variety of activities, yet inside the historic museum’s walls you’ll […] Read more »

Outrunning, Out-climbing Alzheimer’s


When you lose your grandmother to Alzheimer’s disease, your mother to it, and now your aunt is stricken with the devastating illness as well, you get to thinking, is Alzheimer’s destined to be my inevitable demise, too? This is the reality facing 53-year-old Marion resident Terrance Lee who, at the time of turning 50, took […] Read more »

So Much More Than Eyeglasses


The first thing that generally comes to mind when you think of the Lions Club is eyeglasses. In 1925, Helen Keller addressed a Lions Club convention being held in Ohio with the stirring call to be “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.” That stuck and for decades the Lions Club both nationally […] Read more »