Take a Hike: Osprey Marsh


There is a new Sippican Lands Trust property acquisition in Marion that just opened up to the public on Saturday, July 26 at 11:00 am. Naturally, I was there at 10:55 am so I could be one of the first to stamp the muddy trail with the imprints from the treads of my boots and […] Read more »

Marion Cares in the Form of Care Packages


When Natalya Ravera and Caroline Milam send off care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan, they are sending more than just toothbrushes, lip balm, and dental floss – they are sending their love along with the generosity shown by some of their neighbors in Marion. For weeks now, Natalya and Caroline, both ten years old, have […] Read more »

Stranded Sightseers Greeted with Kindness


If their bus had not broken down, then 34 sightseers from Delaware and Maryland would never have known that the quaint, charming center of Mattapoisett even existed. But there they were, seated at picnic tables and benches, smiling their way into the afternoon and appreciating the hospitality shown to them by the locals who came […] Read more »

Tri-Town Libraries Receive State Grant


The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) recently awarded a $10,000 grant to the public libraries in Rochester, Marion, and Mattapoisett to serve students in grades 3 through 8 and their families. The grant is one of 46 awarded across the state funded by the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA). Only one other […] Read more »

Hamlin: Eyewitness to History


I recently attended Seth Mendell’s lecture on the building of the Cape Cod Canal in honor of its centennial anniversary. Surprisingly, Mendell began the history of the canal with the Pilgrims settling in the area. From then until now, the Cape Cod Canal has been a figment of imagination and a massive flowing reality. With […] Read more »

Where Houses Speak


He warned us that he’d jump from current day to many centuries prior, so we strapped on our virtual seat belts and began our journey. Speaking almost without pause except when passersby cheerily greeted him with a “Good to see you,” Seth Mendell transported us during his walking tour of Mattapoisett. This special event was […] Read more »

Hayden Bergeron: An Inspiring Youth


During the long summer months, students who have moved home from school often have trouble filling their free time. The phrase, “Mom, I’m bored” is the most frequent one to land upon parents’ ears around this time of year. But there is one local youth local who decided to take matters into his own hands […] Read more »

Marion’s Oldest Resident Honored


One Marion woman has just been recognized as the Town of Marion’s oldest resident – and she has the Boston Post Cane to prove it. Margaret Nye, born on March 1, 1916, sat like a celebrity in her recliner in the living room of her Converse Road home on July 19, surrounded by family, members […] Read more »

The Mystery of the Mattapoisett Ring


Have you heard the one about the woman who found the gold wedding band on the beach in Mattapoisett? We have, too – over and over. Back in April, a woman’s post about a gold wedding band with an inscription bearing the initials of the couple and the date 7-5-52 started popping up in people’s […] Read more »

The Summer Job


As an enterprising kid, I was always looking for and finding ways to make a little money. Whether it was doing errands for a neighbor, collecting bottles (before the advent of aluminum cans), or simply searching for forgotten change in phone booths (for those of you who remember such a thing), the urge to get […] Read more »