The Long and Winding Roads of Mattapoisett


“The big thing is the voters in this community have understood we’ve got to do our share,” stated Mattapoisett Town Administrator Michael Gagne as Highway Surveyor Barry Denham and Jon Connel of Field Engineering reported on the condition of roads in town. Gagne’s comment came on July 19 as Denham explained his report on the […] Read more »

$1.5 Million Surety Proposed


The long awaited report from Field Engineering on the condition of the Brandt Point Village subdivision is in, and it isn’t good. Bob Field, principal and founder of Field Engineering, Mattapoisett, the Town’s peer review partner, submitted his report to the Planning Board on July 18. Field’s report listed a number of deficiencies, a familiar […] Read more »

Board Bends to Help Couple’s Conundrum


It isn’t often that an applicant breaks out in tears during a meeting of the Rochester Planning Board, but after the conflicting information that Kristina and Ryan Bacchiocchi say they got from town counsel, the Planning Board, and Building Commissioner Ray Pickles, Ms. Bacchiocchi couldn’t hide her frustration on July 12. The couple applied for […] Read more »

Passion Erupts Over New Home


The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission agenda for July 12 was chock full of hearings that had been continued from previous dates. But of those heard and finalized, only one inflamed emotion. William and Jane Farran want to build an elevated single-family home on Angelica Avenue. During a previous hearing on the matter, Chairman Bob Rogers posed […] Read more »

Raccoon Tests Positive for Rabies


A raccoon that attacked a resident in Mattapoisett on Friday, July 8, subsequently tested positive for rabies on Monday. Animal Control Officer Kathy Massey, assisted by Kelly Massey, Fairhaven ACO, captured the raccoon after a long chase that started at the Mattapoisett Library where a large group of children was ushered inside for safety, and […] Read more »

Board Approves One of Two Tree City Signs


“We have enough signs already,” commented Conservation Commission Chairman Rosemary Smith from the back of the room when it came time for the Board of Selectmen on July 11 to approve the hanging of two Tree City USA signs given by the Arbor Day Foundation. Selectmen must have heard her because, when Smith suggested only […] Read more »

Hollywood Resident Opposes Aquaculture Site


“I beg to differ,” stated James Spader, Marion resident and well-known Hollywood actor when the public comment phase of the hearing of Shea Doonan’s application for an aquaculture license off Meadow Island was opened. Doonan said that he had searched throughout the coastline of Marion for the right location to place an aquaculture operation and […] Read more »

Town to Tighten Management of Facilities


Three years ago, the Marion Board of Selectmen appointed Shaun Cormier as the town’s director of facilities with the intention of eventually consolidating the management of the various town-owned buildings and structures. On June 29 during a special morning meeting of the selectmen, they decided it was time to do just that. “At that time, […] Read more »

Master Plan Progress Update


The Marion Planning Board has elected to dedicate one meeting per month to the ongoing Master Plan development, and on July 5 the board discussed comments and a draft document laying out the goals for land use and economic development. The key concept identified during several public workshops was “Village Style” mixed-use housing and commercial […] Read more »

Quarterly Meeting of ‘Team Marion’


Nearly 30 members of what Marion Selectmen Chairman Jody Dickerson called “Team Marion” met with the Marion Board of Selectmen on June 30 for a quarterly review of departmental budgets with department heads on the eve of the new fiscal year. Everyone from the tree warden to the Capital Planning Committee, the town administrator to […] Read more »