Six Special Permits Requested, Six Approved

The October 19 meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals was about as tame as a cat that has just eaten its fill and is sleeping in a sunny window – very tame indeed. Coming before the ZBA – populated by Chairman Susan Akin and board members Ken Pacheco, Mary Anne Brogan, Norman Lyonnais, […] Read more »

More Opposition to Menthol Cig Ban

Chairman of the Marion Board of Health John Howard had to note the “record turnout” of those in attendance on October 26 to join in the conversation about the board’s pursuit to ban flavored nicotine products – both flavored tobacco and flavored electronic nicotine – as well as menthol cigarettes. Listed on the agenda was […] Read more »

Selectmen Brake Before Approving Stop Signs

During a quick meeting just before the October 23 Fall Special Town Meeting, the Rochester Board of Selectmen decided to put the brakes on voting to approve ten new stop signs and two yield signs that were recommended after a study that was part of a state-funded safety improvement project for High Street. State grant […] Read more »

Solar Bylaw Article Fails

The citizen’s petition to place restrictions on solar farms along Route 105 and any future scenic highways failed to garner the two-thirds votes a bylaw change requires during the October 23 Rochester Fall Special Town Meeting. The article was vetted two weeks prior during a Planning Board public hearing on October 10, at which time […] Read more »

Still No Specifics On Bus Driver Firing

Dozens of parents and supporters rallied behind the former bus driver of 27 years of the Rochester bus route 5 during the October 12 meeting of the Rochester School Committee, vowing to return again after most of their questions remained unanswered. Superintendent Doug White was tightlipped about the details behind the switching of routes of […] Read more »

Contentious Projects Near the Finish Line

It has been a long process for Wellspring Farm in Rochester with months of public hearings — oftentimes punctuated with frustrations that have escalated into angry exchanges –where large turn-outs have required the use of the Rochester Council on Aging meeting space. But not on October 12. Coming before the Rochester Planning Board on October […] Read more »

Rochester Readies for 911 Regionalization

Rochester is celebrating the $1,693,485 grant the State 911 Department awarded the town to upgrade its emergency response infrastructure and cover the costs of integrating into the Regional Old Colony Communications Center (aka the ROCCC), a regional 911 service in Duxbury covering the towns of Duxbury, Halifax, Plympton, and soon, Rochester. Duxbury Fire Captain Rob […] Read more »

Spring Street Zoning Change Revisited

The Marion Planning Board listened on October 16 to a number of Marion residents who support the resurrection of the proposed zoning bylaw change for land located north of Route 6 that was defeated at Town Meeting this past May. The board was asked to spearhead the new effort to persuade residents to approve the […] Read more »

Swamp Subdivision Preliminary Talks Close

On October 16, the Mattapoisett Planning Board re-opened preliminary discussions with David Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates representing Dennis Arsenault. Arsenault is proposing a two-lot subdivision situated deep inside a recognized wetlands system at the end of Snow Field Road. Chairman Tom Tucker asked Davignon if the plan before the board had any […] Read more »

Postcards From Grassi Bog

The Marion Conservation Commission on October 11 held a brief discussion on the town-owned Grassi Bog property, which is under the management of the Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission. According to some photos submitted by Selectman Norm Hills taken at Grassi Bog, there appears to be some persisting water problems at the site despite extensive […] Read more »