Cat Shelter Addition Gets Approval


The cats that call It’s All About the Animals home will soon be purring in their new ‘cat room’ and porch addition now that Pam and Oren Robinson, owners of the cat shelter at 103 Marion Road, finally received the approval they’d been seeking from the Rochester Planning Board. On September 14, Planning Board Chairman […] Read more »

Conservation Commission Reviews Drought Status


The continued drought in Massachusetts was the main talking point at the Rochester Conservation Commission meeting on Tuesday, September 20. “The Mattapoisett River did run dry at one point,” said Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon. “It has before in times of severe drought, but we’re monitoring the situation.” Rochester is currently experiencing ‘Extreme Drought’ status, the […] Read more »

Selectmen Preview Special Town Meeting Articles


Special Town Meeting voters on October 17 will see eight articles featured on the warrant, which the Rochester Board of Selectmen approved on September 19. Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar gave an informal rundown of all eight of them, starting with Article 1 that appropriates $10,000 from free cash to a bylaw codification project. Article 2 […] Read more »

Denham Updates Planning Board


Mattapoisett Highway Superintendent Barry Denham attended the September 19 meeting of the Planning Board to bring the board members up to date on three construction projects that have been the subject of great interest and, at times, have created consternation in abutters. Appaloosa Way off River Road has seen over a decade of on-and-off again […] Read more »

Selectmen Appoint New Board Members


For over an hour and a half on September 20, the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen met with candidates vying to be of service to the town by appointment to either the one Conservation Commission seat or one of two seats on the Planning Board. Those boards had interviewed the candidates in open meetings held over […] Read more »

Conservation Commission Vents Frustration


Engineer Rich Charon, representing his client Gale Runnells, 17 Reservation Way, came before the Marion Conservation Commission on September 12 seeking a Certificate of Compliance. What he received was frustration from several commission members for what they deemed were unacceptable inconsistencies between the plan of record and the as-built plans. Chairman Cynthia Callow said the […] Read more »

Selectmen Approve Several Water Ban Exemptions


With the region now under a drought warning, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has issued a mandatory water ban on non-essential outdoor water use, and Marion is included in the region affected. But, as discussed during the Marion Board of Selectmen meeting on September 20, there are always exceptions. A letter from the DEP […] Read more »

New Chairman and New Meeting Schedule


During the September 7 meeting of the Rochester Conservation Commission and at the end of a pretty tame agenda, Chairman Rosemary Smith asked the board members for nominations for a new chairman. “I’ve been the chairman for seven years,” Smith said with a smile. As she looked to her left where Kevin Cassidy was seated, […] Read more »

Abutters Angry Over Wellspring Permit


Wellspring Farm, located on Hiller and Walnut Plain Roads, has been working through a number of local regulatory issues for many months. Jim and Holly Vogel, owners and operators of the experiential therapeutic riding center, have had to reconfigure the use of the property as abutters have fumed over what they perceive to be the […] Read more »

Anonymous Complaints Debunked


David McIntire, 18 Main Street, came before the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission on September 12 to secure extensions for orders of conditions on 11 lots in the Bay Club sub-division. Four of those were granted after Conservation Agent Elizabeth Leidhold confirmed wetland delineation flagging that had recently been re-established. The remaining lots are pending wetland flagging […] Read more »