Marion Town House

To The Editor: The question of whether to renovate the Marion Town House at great expense (north of $12 million is great expense, in my opinion) or to build a much less expensive modern facility to house some municipal services is in the hands of the Marion selectmen and the Town House Building Committee. I […] Read more »

Meadow Island

To all the citizens of Marion and others who worked to save the waters around Meadow Island: On Tuesday night, October 18, the Marion Selectmen voted 2-1 to keep the waters around Meadow Island free and clear. The application to start a ½-acre oyster farm in the area was denied and the applicant was encouraged […] Read more »

Rochester Historical Society

Thank You from the Rochester Historical Society: We would like to thank all the individuals who attended our fundraising dance on October 21 at the Reservation Golf Club. Also a big thank you to the local businesses (Matt’s Blackboard, Rose & Vickie’s, Ying Dynasty, Nick’s Pizza and The Brew Fish) for donating to our Silent […] Read more »

Fact-Checking Marion’s Windfall

Fact-Checking Marion’s Windfall: The business of fact-checking has certainly been booming in recent months, not only in our national election but also here in our own local community. Unfounded misinformation is easy to generate and proliferate, so it is increasingly important for each of us to question conflicting statements and make informed decisions based on […] Read more »

Waterfront Memory Café

To the Editor: I want to take this opportunity to say how wonderful the new Waterfront Memory Café is. The Café is the result of hard work by Heather Sylvia (COA Director) and Karen Gregory (COA Program Coordinator). The Café is held every Wednesday at the Music Hall on Front Street. It is an opportunity […] Read more »

Warrant Article S5

To the Editor: Marion residents have received the Fall Town Meeting Warrant. The Marion Energy Management Committee (EMC) is promoting and recommending that Town Meeting approve Warrant Article S5 requesting state legislation requiring the establishing of an energy fund. The EMC believes the money for the fund would come from phantom income generated by the […] Read more »

Tabor Academy Day of Service

To the Editor: Last Wednesday, Tabor Academy took the day off from academics to help with community projects in the Tri-Town area as well as New Bedford. In Marion, there were crews working on clearing Land Trust Lands, trails in Homes Woods, the garden and greenhouse at Sippican School, flower beds at the Congregational Church […] Read more »

Marion VFW

To the Editor: We are writing in support of the Town of Marion’s acceptance of the VFW property. This article will be voted on at Town Meeting on October 24. We extend our gratitude to the Benjamin D. Cushing Post for all their service to our country and to the Town of Marion in the […] Read more »

Big Tobacco

Dear Editor: As the school year begins, our thoughts turn to what we hope young people will learn this year. As parents, teachers and others concerned with health, let’s be aware that youth are being targeted by the tobacco industry. Big Tobacco is sweet talking our kids with products that are sweet, cheap, and easy […] Read more »

Marion’s Energy Management Committee

To the Editor: Beginning in mid-August, all of Marion’s municipal electricity has come from wind. If you’ve driven to the Cape lately, you’ll have seen the four new turbines spinning along Rte. 25 that are generating clean power from wind energy. Marion’s Energy Management Committee (EMC) sparked the agreement that brings this renewable electricity to […] Read more »