Good Friday

To the Editor: Several individuals have taken to the local media to voice their personal displeasure with the March 27th vote by the Old Rochester Regional Joint School Committee to adopt a school district calendar next year in which school will be in session on Good Friday and there will be no school the half […] Read more »

Brandt Point Development

Dear Editor: At the Planning Board Meeting last night in regard to the Brandt Point Development’s request to amend its original agreement with the Town of Mattapoisett, numerous neighbors of the development have expressed the problems that they have had to deal with just since Phase I has gone forward. Other concerns have been put […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Land Trust

To the Editor: As the President of the Mattapoisett Land Trust and a citizen of the town, I would like to thank the participants at Town Meeting on Monday evening for approving Article 17 committing an additional $96,000 from Community Preservation Act funds toward the Nasketucket Bay Land Conservation Project. The Nasketucket Bay Land Conservation […] Read more »

Turtle Crossing

To the Editor: As you drive around Rochester, you’ve probably noticed ‘Turtle Crossing’ signs. But this time of year, many drivers are encountering turtles crossing the road in unmarked places. Obviously, like many residents of Massachusetts, Rochester turtles flaunt the law and just jaywalk at will. What is a driver (or walker, or biker) to […] Read more »

Marion Article 10

To the Editor: Once upon a time there was a pretty little town with a pretty small beach that everyone loved to visit. It had a pretty name: Silvershell. The only thing that was not pretty was the dirty water that ran down from the roads into the swimming hole at Silvershell. The people thought […] Read more »

Marion Town Meeting

To the Editor: Marion is a magnificent community with a nationally recognized sailing harbor. That’s why we all live here. It also has a fragile municipal structure managed mainly by volunteers, elected and appointed, working with limited resources struggling with increasing complexities. There are a number of structural and economic issues that impact our community; […] Read more »

Good Friday

To the Editor: This letter is written for all those who have inquired as to when the next joint school committee will be held. At the Regional school committee meeting which took place on April 9, 2014, it was announced there was a conflict with the original date of May 8th. To clarify for all […] Read more »

Marion Solar

To the Editor: Marion’s Annual Town Meeting of 2012 approved a Municipal Solar Overlay District on town-owned land which includes the capped Sanitary Landfill on Benson Brook Road. It was explained at the time that the zoning change would permit construction of a solar garden on the 2.4 acre plateau at the top of the […] Read more »

Candidates’ Night

To the Editor: The MMR League of Women Voters wishes to thank all the Marion residents who made Candidates’ Night a huge success. Staged in the Music Hall last Wednesday evening, 130 Marion voters turned out to learn about the views of the candidates for three contested positions. There were two contestants for Selectman, four […] Read more »

A Friendly Reminder to Marion Drivers

A Friendly Reminder to Marion Drivers We live in the center of Marion and I spend hours in my little garden right near Front Street. Most people driving through town are going too fast. Did you know that the speed limit in Marion  village is 25 MPH ? As summer approaches and pedestrians and kids […] Read more »