Straus Responds to Marion’s Route 6 Concerns

For some time now, the Town of Marion has actively sought the State’s attention regarding ongoing Route 6 traffic and pedestrian safety concerns, which this month resulted in State Representative Bill Straus calling on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation administrator to personally meet him on Marion’s roadways. “As a result of safety and maintenance issues […] Read more »

Confirmed: Marion Violated Open Meeting Law

The Attorney General’s Office has found the Town of Marion in violation of the Open Meeting Law. In a letter dated December 19 and forwarded to The Wanderer by the complainant, the AG’s Office stated that the Marion Board of Selectmen was found to be in violation of one of the two Open Meeting Law […] Read more »

Verizon Strikes A Conciliatory Tone

As hot as it was last July 20 when Verizon’s construction manager, John Dement, and architect, Dan Ollila of Jones Architecture, came seeking a Special Permit for equipment upgrades to property located at 32 Mechanic Street, on December 21 it was equally as cool. As winter’s grip began to take hold on the area, members […] Read more »

Selectmen Scurry to Replace DPW Superintendent

Just one day before Department of Public Works Superintendent Rob Zora will retire, the Board of Selectmen during a special meeting on Thursday, December 14, considered its options for finding an interim superintendent during this critical time – winter and budget season. The first significant snowfall of the season was accumulating on the roads outside […] Read more »

Custodial Services To Be Outsourced

Outsourcing is coming to Mattapoisett. Well, at least to the local schools. On December 11, the Mattapoisett School Committee voted to outsource custodial services as a cost cutting measure in FY19. But at least one school committee member had questions around cutting jobs that might put local people out of work and outsourcing that may […] Read more »

Out Like a Lamb

In a year that found the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission tasked with a variety of extremely complex jurisdictional cases – at times pitting neighbor against neighbor, and applicant against commissioner, or vice versa – the last meeting for 2017 started and ended as gently as a softly bleating lamb. On December 11, the cases heard and […] Read more »

What About the Box Turtles?

Hundreds of baby diamondback terrapins have been saved by residents of The Cove just along Jenney Lane, but the Marion Conservation Commission wanted to know on December 13, what about the Eastern box turtles? The commission reviewed The Cove in Marion Trust’s Request for an Extension Permit for three years to continue to operate the […] Read more »

Tighter Security Slated for Town Hall

The Town of Rochester has been awarded a $5,000 grant to install further security at Town Hall. Facilities Director Andrew Daniel secured the grant, which will pay for the installation of a new security system and security cameras that will monitor the front door entrance and parking lot. On December 18, Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar […] Read more »

The Coalition Announces Intent to Sue Town

Just when the Marion Board of Selectmen celebrated the Environmental Protection Agency’s acceptance of an alternative (and less expensive) plan to tackle ongoing wastewater discharge, the Buzzards Bay Coalition issued the Town an official notice of its intent to file a lawsuit over violations of the Massachusetts Clean Water Act (CWA). Nine private citizens are […] Read more »

Well vs. Town Water – Tie-in Mandatory?

December 18 was yet another Marion Planning Board meeting during which some board members wrangled with engineer David Davignon regarding 111 Wareham Road, which has raised a number of issues over an apparent uneven application and unclear articulation of town policies. Davignon, of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates, presented revised plans for the project, addressing […] Read more »