Bay Club Lot Line Shuffle


Over the history of the Bay Club, developers have come and developers have gone. A recent addition to the list of homebuilders is Aerie Homes of Waltham, whose Ted Gowdy came before the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission on January 12. Having purchased 36 lots on Fieldstone and Split Road Drives in an area of the Bay […] Read more »

Breakfast Put on Hold at RMS


Rochester Memorial School students just weren’t hungry enough to participate in a school breakfast program, despite the efforts of RMS staff to entice enough kids in order to make the venture viable. RMS Principal Derek Medeiros told the Rochester School Committee on January 8 that some kids he polled did express interest in having breakfast […] Read more »

Mattapoisett to Partner with Coastal Coalition


Town Administrator Michael Gagne said during the January 13 Board of Selectmen meeting that Mattapoisett’s pursuit to modify the FEMA flood plain mapping “won’t be the end all and save people from flood insurance costs…. We have a reprieve until 2017.” He said residents who saw their flood insurance rates skyrocket, followed by some temporary […] Read more »

Water Tower Makes Progress


The Town of Marion continues with its plan for the construction of the new one million-gallon water tank at 214 Delano Road. John Greggory of Tata & Howard, representing the Marion Department of Public Works, told the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals on January 8 that the project requires a variance for the construction of […] Read more »

Light May Shine at Rochester Crossroads


Rochester Crossroads developers withdrew the applications for special permits for all their proposed signage, except one – the main pylon sign, the largest one visible from Interstate 495. The Rochester Planning Board accepted Attorney Richard Serkey’s request to withdraw without prejudice the sign slated for visibility on Route 58, the one on Route 28, and […] Read more »

Playground Repair Put on Hold


After only one bid to resurface the playground at Old Hammondtown School came in, and much higher than the amount allotted by Town Meeting, Mattapoisett School Committee members January 12 voted to reject the bid and reconsider their options. School Business Manager Patrick Spencer told the committee it had a few options: accept the bid […] Read more »

Sippican School to Receive Tech Grant


Assistant Superintendent of Schools Elise Frangos announced on January 7 that Sippican School is one of 47 Massachusetts school districts selected to receive part of a $5 million state-funded Digital Connections Partnership Schools Grant to expand schools’ technology resources. “I think it’s really going to move us forward,” Frangos told members of the Marion School […] Read more »

Rochester Looks Toward FY16


“It’s going to be another tight season,” said Rochester Town Administrator Michael McCue on January 6, following the January 5 meeting of the Rochester Board of Selectmen. Town department heads will be asked to provide a level-service budget for fiscal year 2016 as they begin to build their budgets and attend scheduled meetings with McCue […] Read more »

Condemned Homes Addressed and Assessed


Three dilapidated houses on Point Road and County Road will soon know their fate after the three-member Marion Board of Survey met January 5 to discuss the findings from board members’ visits to the properties. The function of the board is to assess unsafe or unsound structures and make recommendations to the Town as to […] Read more »

Bay Club May Solve Sewer Dilemma


Mattapoisett Water and Sewer Superintendent Nick Nicholson, along with the Town’s administration, had hoped to receive a state grant to partially fund the extension proposed for sewer service on North Street and into the Industrial Business Park. When that didn’t come through, it was back to the drawing board. The estimates to bring sewer service […] Read more »