Master Plan Ready for Public Review

Despite having no applicant proposals before them on Monday evening, the Marion Planning Board had a full agenda of ongoing projects in preparation for the Fall Special Town Meeting. Planning Board member Norman Hills introduced the draft Master Plan discussion, citing the complete plan and its impending appearance on the Fall Special Town Meeting Warrant. […] Read more »

Subdivision Resembles ‘Afghanistan,’ Says Chairman

Viewing the 2017 eclipse of the sun might have been tricky in the Tri-Town area on August 21. What with the hazy atmospheric conditions, residual smoke from forest fires in Canada, and only partial coverage of the sun as the moon passed over, the event wasn’t as dramatic as one would have wished. But the […] Read more »

Fire Razes Barn in Rochester

​At 10:30am Wednesday morning the Rochester Fire Department was called to a structure fire on Bates Road off Mary’s Pond Road. ​First responders reported heavy smoke as they approached and found a “fully involved” barn, approximately 20 feet by 80 feet in size. ​A party at the scene reported that there were two vehicles stored […] Read more »

Two-Family Conversion for ‘House with History’

The house at 619 County Road has a long history with the Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals, pointed out Chairman Richard Cutler, but the board and the property owner were intent on cleaning up the circumstances surrounding the house in order to convert the non-conforming two-family house into a conforming two-family house. On August 10, […] Read more »

New Wells Planned in Rochester for Marion

Many decades ago, fresh water sources in the Tri-Town area were established to serve the needs of the residents within each of the towns. But that didn’t mean that Rochester’s water wells were in Rochester or that Marion’s were within its town limits. Today, Fairhaven owns the right to water in Mattapoisett as does Rochester […] Read more »

Fighting Phragmites

Like many in Marion, Michael Palmer of 5 Edgewater Drive wants to get the spread of phragmites on his property under control, and on August 9 he took the proper route to pursue that goal by appearing before the Marion Conservation Commission with a Request for Determination of Applicability. Commission member Jeffrey Doubrava asked Palmer […] Read more »

Andrew Daniel Appointed to Planning Board

Marion Board of Selectmen Chairman Jody Dickerson was the deciding vote on August 15 during a joint vote between selectmen and the Planning Board and that, of course, is never an easy position to find one’s self in. “No pressure,” Dickerson joked, as he considered the three candidates before him: Andrew Daniel, a resident of […] Read more »

Selectmen Consider Fairground Use Changes

Now that the private use of the Town-owned Rochester Country Fairground by the SouthCoast Working Dog Club has caught the attention of the Rochester Board of Selectmen, the regulations surrounding fairground use could change – and the SouthCoast Working Dog Club may have to find another place to hold its regular four-days-a-week training sessions and […] Read more »

Frustrations Aired Over Subdivision

During the August 7 meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board, the agenda was extremely lean. With no hearings or planned public discourse of any kind, the board members focused their attention on bylaw updates and changes that have been long in the making. But after putting those aside and inquiring if there was any other […] Read more »

Historical House Demo Bylaw Proposed

Despite the proposal on August 7 to the Marion Planning Board by the Sippican Historical Society for a demolition delay bylaw, the historic saltbox-style Cape at 42 Main Street is still in jeopardy. Judith Rosbe, treasurer of the Society, began the presentation describing the catalyst behind the evening’s proposed bylaw. After being notified by one […] Read more »