Appaloosa Lane Gallops Forward


After months of waiting, the Mattapoisett Planning Board on December 1 finally heard some good news from Brian Grady of G.A.F. Engineering regarding the subdivision planned for Appaloosa Lane. Most recently, percolation testing confirmed that there are indeed two buildable lots on this private road. With the possibility of development now clearly possible for owner […] Read more »

New Trash/Recycling Program Delayed


The new automated curbside trash and recycling program slated for January of 2015 has been pushed back until Friday, February 6, 2015 due to delays in the delivery of contractor vehicles, Rochester Town Administrator Michael McCue told the Rochester Board of Selectmen on December 1. According to McCue, ABC Disposal, Inc. will deliver the new […] Read more »

Board Split, Contention Over Minutes


It seems the clouds have not parted completely over the Briggs solar farm project slated for County Road – despite Marion Zoning Board of Appeals approval – now that the Marion Planning Board on December 1 cast a shadow of doubt on the validity of the attainment of the project’s building permit. Unsatisfied with Town […] Read more »

Subcommittee Member to Chairman: “Shut up!”


After further discussions on Master Plan community workshops and a few more proposed bylaws to regulate zoning of formula businesses like CVS, it was clear that the Marion Planning Board Master Plan Subcommittee has a lot on its plate, along with many cooks in the kitchen – each with their own recipes – and all […] Read more »

Awards and Thanks to Town Workers


Timing could not have been more apropos as the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen expressed their gratitude to Water and Sewer Superintendent Nick Nicholson and Highway Department Superintendent Barry Denham at the November 25 meeting. Not only did they thank Nicholson and his department, they also read from an award letter he received from the Commonwealth […] Read more »

Board Reaching Out for Residents’ Input


Whether you are concerned about zoning bylaws, preserving the character of the town, open space, or natural and historical resources, the Marion Planning Board Master Plan Subcommittee needs your input on what to prioritize for the next ten years. It wants to know how you envision the Town of Marion so it can develop a […] Read more »

Acushnet Road Closure Stands Firm


Residents came out in force, overflowing the Town Call conference room during the November 24 meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission. They had come to hear Highway Superintendent Barry Denham and Robert Field of Field Engineering give an update on the plans for repairs to Acushnet Road and the culvert. What they heard did not […] Read more »

Marathon Hearing for Angry Abutters


The evening of November 20 started out tame enough, but once the continuance of issues resulting from a conflict between James Henderson and several abutters resumed, the hearing seemed as difficult to untangle as balled-up fishing lines. During a prior Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals hearing, James Henderson, 16 Bay View, asserted he had a […] Read more »

Board Mourns Loss, Approves New Businesses


As Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Richard Cutler and fellow board members Kirby Gilmore and David Arancio waited for the other members to arrive for the November 13 meeting, they reflected upon the loss of Gilmore’s brother, Benjamin, who passed away on October 31. They placed a bouquet of flowers at the meeting table […] Read more »

Citizen Petition Lacks Clarity


The Marion Planning Board discussed a zoning bylaw amendment proposed in a citizen petition aimed at limiting the size of commercial and retail structures and deemed it to be “too thin,” as Chairman Stephen Kokkins put it on November 17. Board member Norman Hills, though, called it “unclear, confusing,” and in conflict with other current […] Read more »