Long Pauses at ConCom Meeting


No one likes just hanging around with nothing to do, but during the December 10 meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission, it could not be helped. With four hearings continued and the publically published agenda in place, they were stuck keeping to the schedule. Richard Costa of 37 River Road, filing for a Notice of […] Read more »

Selectmen Reject Conservation Restriction


They wanted more time to consider the conservation restriction proposed by Rid Bullerjahn, heir to 105 Allen’s Point Road, but ultimately members of the Marion Board of Selectmen did not change their minds about rejecting the request on December 16. The board struggled with a decision back on December 8 and continued the matter until […] Read more »

ConCom Accepts FY16 Budget


With the full Rochester Conservation Commission in attendance, the Fiscal Year 2016 budget for this department was briefly reviewed and approved. Set at $106,933 with $102,673 allocated for salaries, the commission will have a mere $4,260 with which to conduct business in the coming year. “So little flexibility,” stated ConCom Chairman Rosemary Smith. In other […] Read more »

Team CVS Determined to Move Forward


With or without the support of the town, Mark Investments LLC will move forward with its plan to build a CVS in Marion. The question is: Will the town forego working with the developer while it still acquiesces to the town’s aesthetic fancy, or will Team CVS revert to its original plan and rely on […] Read more »

Sippican School Prepares for PARCC


Putting five school committee members in front of a Chromebook and telling them to make the angry bird chase the pig yields a more interesting Marion School Committee meeting – at least for a little while, anyway. Long enough on December 3 for the committee members to explore a few of the 345 new Chromebooks […] Read more »

One Thing Leads To Another


Highway Superintendent Barry Denham came to the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission meeting on December 8 to discuss the application filed by Field Engineering for the removal of the decrepit culvert on Acushnet Road. But, as oftentimes is the case, one thing leads to another. Denham told the commission that it was important to remove the culvert […] Read more »

RMS Explores ‘Flextime’ Option


Rochester Memorial School Principal Derek Medeiros knows what direction he wants to take in order to lead his school toward the same success other elementary schools in Tri-Town achieved, with the first step being the establishment of “flextime” into the daily routine. School administrators are crediting flextime within Center School, Old Hammondtown, and Sippican School […] Read more »

School Committee Learns to Code


The angry bird and pig that have recently made their way to other Tri-Town school committee meetings came to Mattapoisett on December 8 during a demonstration of the new Chromebooks students will be using, as well as the website code.org on which students will be learning how to code. Students throughout Tri-Town, along with other […] Read more »

Wastewater Woe in Marion


Members of the Marion Board of Selectmen were concerned December 9 about a draft National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that would essentially eliminate the Town’s use of the Marion Wastewater Treatment Plant Sewage Lagoons. The problem, stated Town Administrator Paul Dawson, is that Marion’s sewer plant […] Read more »

Pedestrians, Sidewalks, Trees … and Cats


What do walking trails, sidewalks, bike paths, trees and pedestrians have in common? If you ask Bonne DaSousa, just about everything would be her answer. DaSousa came before the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen during the December 9 meeting and outlined the need to establish a new committee to develop a “Complete Streets Certification Program,” as […] Read more »