Two Fatalities in Mattapoisett Crash


Monday May 25, at 10:34pm Mattapoisett Police responded to a reported car crash on Fairhaven Road (Route 6) in Mattapoisett.   On arrival officers found a vehicle with severe damage. It appears that a 2002 Saturn owned and operated by Brooklyn Cody Rodrigues age 21, of 85 Middle Street Fairhaven, was traveling westbound on Route 6 […] Read more »

Town Optimistic about NPDES Progress


Town Administrator Paul Dawson told the Marion Board of Selectmen on May 19 that after a recent meeting with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, he felt that the Town’s concerns over the EPA’s draft National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit were “truly listened to” by DEP staff. “All of the agencies represented at […] Read more »

Full-time Substitute Position Approved


On May 18, the Mattapoisett School Committee voted in favor of a full-time substitute teaching position at Center School where projected kindergarten and first-grade enrollments have committee members concerned about swelling class sizes. “We anticipate 54 [students] coming into kindergarten,” Principal Rosemary Bowman said. This figure accounts for the typical fluctuations due to prospective students […] Read more »

Angry Neighbors Speak Out


During an otherwise routine night of hearings, the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission on May 14 heard from two neighbors on two different issues in tones that left no doubt they were angry. First to voice discontent was Becky Lockwood, 2 Mulberry Drive, regarding an application by Elizabeth Chin, 22 Holly Lane, for the construction of a […] Read more »

Bird Island Restoration Update


Marion Conservation Commission Chairman Norm Hills updated the commissioners on plans to restore Bird Island, an important nesting location for endangered sea birds. Hills reported that during a recent meeting with Mass DEP, Marion Harbormaster, and the town’s administrator, he was debriefed on the scope of restoration work to take place. The project will be […] Read more »

Planning Board Reorganizes, Still Clashes


The Marion Planning Board met May 18 to appoint a new chairman and vice-chairman following the ousting of former Chairman Stephen Kokkins from the board by Jennifer Francis. The board voted 4-3 in favor of Robert Lane, the former clerk, for chairman over Norman Hills, who was vice-chairman entering the meeting. Lane was nominated by […] Read more »

School Will Continue on Good Friday


Despite significant absences of students and professionals on Good Friday this year, the day will remain a regular school day next year even though a minority of committee members and administrative staff no longer support the notion as they did the previous year. Absenteeism on April 3, Good Friday, was higher than usual, ranging from […] Read more »



Mattapoisett Tree Warden Roland Cote came before the Mattapoisett Planning Board on May 18 to discuss and receive permission for the removal of nine trees at various locations, causing Chairman Tom Tucker to quip, “Will there be any trees left in Mattapoisett when you are done?” Cote takes the Town’s status as a tree community […] Read more »

Enforcement Order Heads Toward Legal Action


The Rochester Conservation Commission met May 19 to discuss a year-long issue with Dustin and Travis Lalli, the owners of a property under an Enforcement Order since March. The Lallis were invited to the May 19 meeting to discuss two letters of complaint about their property, the first in May of 2014 and the second […] Read more »

Scant Voter Turnout


Without a single contested race or a question on the ballot that inspired much in the way of interest, Mattapoisett’s local election saw 218 voters during the extended hours the polls were open on May 19. At the request of the Board of Selectmen, Town Clerk Catherine Heuberger and her team manned the polls at […] Read more »