Selectmen Approve License Filing Fees


Under the advisement of new Town Administrator/CFO Suzanne Szyndlar, the Rochester Board of Selectmen on August 8 approved a revised commercial license fee schedule, which will now include filing fees for alcohol licenses, Class II/III licenses, flammable fluid licenses, and automatic amusement licenses.             Selectman Chairman Naida Parker at first was concerned about making the […] Read more »

Marion to Ban Synthetic Drugs, Menthol Cigarettes


The Marion Board of Health has prepared a draft regulation that would ban the sale of synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic stimulants, and synthetic psychedelic/hallucinogens in Marion. Towns within the Commonwealth have been granted the authority to make “reasonable health regulations” as other cities and towns have done pertaining to synthetic drugs, and a public hearing on […] Read more »

What To Do With Eversource Cash


During the August 2 meeting of the Marion Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator Paul Dawson and Energy Management Committee members Jennifer Francis and Bill Saltonstall met with the selectmen to discuss how to handle cash payments from Eversource. The utility’s 20-year contract with the town for energy produced from wind turbines includes a clause that […] Read more »

$1.5 Million Surety Accepted


Brandt Point Village was again the topic of conversation at the August 1 meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board when the newest team of investors and developers came before the board to discuss the long list of incomplete and problematic issues still pending on Phase 1. Present on this night to review the most glaring […] Read more »

Oyster Farm Progress Postponed


Shea Doonan’s aquaculture farm he proposed for a location off Meadow Island is essentially stalled at this point, Doonan told the Marion Conservation Commission on July 27 during his public hearing for a Notice of Intent. Doonan faced opposition to his proposed location by Marion resident and Hollywood actor James Spader on July 12 during […] Read more »

Board Hits the Brakes on Gas Station Construction


The Rochester Planning Board, unhappy about what Chairman Arnold Johnson called a violation of the terms set during site plan review, gave a preview of what is to come at their next meeting after breezing through a couple of approvals during the July 26 meeting. Colbea Enterprises, developers of a proposed Shell gas station and […] Read more »

Illegal Apartment May Not Be Used


What started out as an approved use for a home-based business, but ultimately became a rental unit above a garage, was deemed illegal when the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals heard the case for a variance on July 21. Dr. Tedor Georgescu and his wife bought the 121 North Street property expressly because it was […] Read more »

New Bedford Man Leads Area Police on Chase


On Monday August 1 at 1:10pm Rochester Police received a call reporting an erratic operator driving a Chevy Blazer on Mary’s Pond Road near Pierce Street. The reporting party stated the Blazer was all over the road and driving in the wrong lane. As officers headed toward the area, the reporting party said that the […] Read more »

Wellspring Plan Pleases ConCom


On July 20, Jim and Holly Vogel were once again sitting before a governing body in the Town of Rochester. This time, it was to review the clean up and habitat rehabilitation plans precipitated when an enormous manure pile was deemed a hazard to jurisdictional areas of their farm. The Rochester Conservation Commission issued an […] Read more »

Rochester Next to Seek Electric Car Grants


The Town of Rochester has decided to go green, following several other towns in the region that have gone after state grants to fund electric cars and charging stations for town use at little to no cost to the town. Facilities Director Andrew Daniel told the Rochester Board of Selectmen on July 25 that he […] Read more »