Solar Farm Project Finally Passes


Weeks and weeks of dialogue and debate over the plans and escrow account for Clean Energy Collective’s proposed solar farm was culminated in a minutes-long discussion by the Marion Planning Board on October 5. The board, led by Chairman Robert Lane, slightly decreased its desired project decommissioning escrow account sum from $75,000 to $67,500 during […] Read more »

Town House Renovation Down to Two Options


The Marion Town House Building Committee has narrowed down its options for the renovation of the town house and the possible addition of a senior center and upgrades to the Taber Library from four to two final options, and they released the architectural conceptual renderings and cost estimates on October 4. Town Administrator Paul Dawson […] Read more »

Old Tuck Bog Road Use Contentious


On September 24, the Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals heard Neal Kidney’s application for a Special Permit to convert a single-family dwelling located at 69 Old Tuck Bog Road into a two-family dwelling – a living arrangement that has been ongoing since 2009 when Mica Kidney was deployed. Chairman Richard Cutler started the hearing by […] Read more »

Fitness Room Opens at Rochester Senior Center


It was a long time coming, said Rochester Council on Aging Director Sharon Lally to the Rochester Board of Selectmen on September 28, but the new fitness room at the Rochester Senior Center is now open for business. For nearly a year, two smaller rooms have undergone remodeling to create one larger room, the new […] Read more »

Tabor Reaches Out to ZBA, Apologizes


Discord between Tabor Academy and the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals was unintentional, says Head of School John Quirk, and the school’s seeming nonchalance when it came to public hearing continuance requests was in no way meant to send the ZBA any sort of “message.” Head of School John Quirk told the ZBA on September […] Read more »

Yard Boss Strikes Again


Yard Boss, a local landscaping company, was once again spotted allegedly drawing water from the Mattapoisett River off River Road near the intersection of Route 6. New commission member Trevor Francis recently observed a Yard Boss truck with a hose in the river. “I drove up the road and turned around to get a picture, […] Read more »

Opens, Closes, Reopens Aquaculture Farm Hearing


The Marion Conservation Commission was poised to approve the Notice of Intent filed by Shea Doonan for an aquaculture farm off Ram Island, but in the end, Doonan was not present to answer some critical questions the commission had, so the matter was continued a second time until October 14. Upon review after the closing […] Read more »

Tax Rate Steady in Rochester


Rochester residents will be relieved to hear that their taxes will not be increasing this year. In fact, they will enjoy a six-cent relief from their tax rate. On September 21, the Rochester Board of Selectmen approved the recommended tax rate of $14.01 per thousand of value for each property class after a brief presentation […] Read more »

Walking, Biking, Driving Dominate Meeting


On September 22, the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen meeting was dominated by discussions around the importance of giving residents safe streets in terms of walkability, cycling, and signage. Bonne DeSousa met with the selectmen to discuss a wide range of items including the success Mattapoisett had in being awarded as winners of the Southcoast Bikeway […] Read more »

Board Lowers Escrow Amount, Approves Plan


The Marion Planning Board, despite no agreement on a sum for the decommissioning escrow account, approved the Special Permit and Site Plan review for the Clean Energy Collective solar farm off Tucker lane on September 21, concluding a weeks-long contentious argument amongst board members. After more back and forth over the reasonability of the $75,000 […] Read more »