Board Majority Sides With 324 Front Street Abutter

Not everyone on the Marion Planning Board was ready on April 17 to interfere with the 324 Front Street appeal that resident Peter Douglas lodged with the Zoning Board of Appeals, but the majority of the board felt that a response to the ZBA’s request for comment should be a strong recommendation to review the […] Read more »

Board Signs Bond Anticipation, Renews Another

The Marion Board of Selectmen on April 11 authorized a new bond anticipation note (BAN) for $2,233,000 – the estimated cost to improve one of the sludge lagoons at the wastewater treatment plant. Town Meeting had voted two years ago to approve the sum, said Finance Director Judith Mooney during the special meeting held that […] Read more »

Budgets Advance to Town Meeting Warrant

The work of crafting a municipal budget is not for the faint of heart. Consider the numerous details each Town department must document – from pencils to life saving equipment, from salaries and pay scales to heavy equipment, from fresh water production to sewer systems – and the word ‘daunting’ comes to mind. As Mattapoisett […] Read more »

B&B is ‘Inn’ and Out of ZBA

Even the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals was surprised by how swiftly it managed to clear three applications from the agenda on April 5 in just one meeting. Two of those applications were approved, but not everyone left the meeting satisfied; one applicant withdrew her application, and one ZBA member opposed the board’s one-meeting decisions. […] Read more »

SRPEDD To Study Route 6 Corridor

Anyone who has ever traveled along Route 6 knows it’s a road from another era. Once the main highway that carried vacationers from points south and west to Cape Cod, many parts of this state roadway now run through economically depressed sections of cities and towns, while others intersect the very hearts of vital communities. […] Read more »

Marion Likes Shelter Regionalization Idea

According to officials in Marion, the impromptu emergency shelter that Marion and Mattapoisett opened at Old Rochester Regional High School during the March 13 storm worked out quite well, kicking off a conversation amongst the Marion Board of Health, Marion Public Health Nurse, and Marion Police Chief on April 10 about coordinating with their neighbors […] Read more »

All is Well for Fairhaven Well Request

There have been many, many nights at the Mattapoisett Town Hall when the Conservation Commission’s meeting began in the waning light of a spring day and ended deep in the darkened evening. But on April 9, it was light outside when the meeting began and still light just twenty-five minutes later when the meeting was […] Read more »

Rochester Braces for Even More Solar

More Rochester residents may soon find their newest neighbors may be solar panels over the coming months. Town Planner Steve Starrett said on April 10 that there have been seven new large-scale solar farm inquiries made to his office, with at least three of them expected to file for Site Plan Review within the next […] Read more »

Rochester Elects Ciaburri for Selectman

Results are in and Rochester voters elected Paul Ciaburri for Board of Selectmen this Wednesday, April 11, during the annual election. Ciaburri, Rochester’s emergency preparedness director, beat Finance Committee and ZBA member David Arancio 340 to 296, and will fill the selectmen’s seat vacated by Naida Parker, now former selectman of 15 years. Parker reveled […] Read more »

Harbormaster Tells Of Storm Damage

It should come as no surprise that Mattapoisett’s treasured and historic wharves suffered during the 2017-2018 storm season. Mattapoisett Harbormaster Jill Simmons shared highlights of the damage inflicted by storms during her presentation to the Mattapoisett Finance Committee on March 28. Going back, Simmons says an early seasonal storm moved the ramp at Barstow wharf […] Read more »