Marathon Hearing for Angry Abutters


The evening of November 20 started out tame enough, but once the continuance of issues resulting from a conflict between James Henderson and several abutters resumed, the hearing seemed as difficult to untangle as balled-up fishing lines. During a prior Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals hearing, James Henderson, 16 Bay View, asserted he had a […] Read more »

Board Mourns Loss, Approves New Businesses


As Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Richard Cutler and fellow board members Kirby Gilmore and David Arancio waited for the other members to arrive for the November 13 meeting, they reflected upon the loss of Gilmore’s brother, Benjamin, who passed away on October 31. They placed a bouquet of flowers at the meeting table […] Read more »

Citizen Petition Lacks Clarity


The Marion Planning Board discussed a zoning bylaw amendment proposed in a citizen petition aimed at limiting the size of commercial and retail structures and deemed it to be “too thin,” as Chairman Stephen Kokkins put it on November 17. Board member Norman Hills, though, called it “unclear, confusing,” and in conflict with other current […] Read more »

Board Slighted, Will Appeal ZBA Decision


“I don’t think we were ever notified,” said Rochester Planning Board Chairman Arnold Johnson on November 12, displeased over a variance for signage the Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals granted to Rochester Crossroads. Johnson described the situation as the applicant jumping over the Planning Board and heading straight for the ZBA to obtain approval for […] Read more »

School Safety, School Performance


It was a sign of the times on November 13 with members of the Old Rochester Regional Joint School Committees contemplating the unthinkable during a demonstration of an advanced school security software system called Mutualink™ Edge, a collaborative suite that allows virtually instant interagency and interschool communication in the event of an emergency. Mattapoisett Police […] Read more »

Work Halted on Appaloosa Lane


The Mattapoisett Planning Board was expecting to hear about drainage improvements at the Appaloosa Lane sub-division on November 17. What they heard instead was all about percolation testing lots. Brian Grady of G.A.F. Engineering, representing Michael Solimando, owner of a parcel that has spent months in front of the Planning Board, told them that he […] Read more »

Open Space Plan Needs Volunteers


During its November 18 meeting, Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon reported to the Rochester Conservation Commission that volunteers are urgently needed to assist in crafting the 2016 open space plan. The current plan is set to expire in October 2015, but with a lack of citizen participation, creating such a critical plan will prove difficult. Open […] Read more »

ORR Adds Sailing to Sports Program


It has taken a couple of years to get the program afloat, but starting in the spring of 2015, Old Rochester Regional High School will offer the sport of sailing, and Athletic Director Bill Tilden expects significant interest from students. “We’ve had kids talk to us for quite a few years about sailing,” said Tilden […] Read more »

Great Hill Water Tower Costs Increase


It is still well within the original budget for the project, but on November 18 the Marion Board of Selectmen approved an amendment to the Great Hill water tower construction agreement, increasing the cost by $11,500 to pay for unforeseen engineering costs. The project total increased from $93,000 to $104,500. Citing complications with easements, land […] Read more »

Applicant Compromises for ConCom Approval


The majority of the Marion Conservation Commission, with just a bit of contention amongst its members, took a no tolerance stance on building within a velocity zone on November 12, with Chairman Norman Hills refusing to budge on allowing four large storage containers to be temporarily placed in the V zone of the proposed location […] Read more »