2015 Tri-Town Relay for Life


The 2015 Tri-Town Relay for Life raised over $35,000 this year, with proceeds going to benefit The American Cancer Society. The all-night event at the Old Rochester Regional High School track is a special event when the community honors cancer survivors and remembers loved ones who lost their battle with cancer, in addition to raising […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Non-Profit Is All Hands


Nearly two months ago on April 25, Nepal was devastated by an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the moment magnitude scale (MMS). Aftershocks of similar magnitude continued to destroy homes and buildings of historical significance throughout many Nepalese districts in the days that followed, causing vast loss of life and sustained injuries to the residents and […] Read more »

Friends of Marion Visiting Nurses


In November of 1914, the Marion Visiting Nurse Association was established in an effort to provide quality care for members of the community. The inspiration for the association came when a young lady who cared for her family fell ill and was not able to get proper treatment as a result of poverty. After this […] Read more »

Miles for Memorial


Rochester Memorial School students participated in their annual “Miles for Memorial” walk on Thursday, June 11, walking a giant loop up Pine Street to Snipatuit Road, down Hartley Road, and back to the school to raise money for a new fence. Photos by Jean Perry   Read more »

Playing them Off to Summer


It’s the last day of school at Rochester Memorial School, Friday, June 19, and the teachers and staff gathered at their usual spot behind RMS to send the students off to summer vacation to the rhythm of tom toms, trumpets, and tambourines. Arms flailed from open bus windows and children shouted their goodbyes to their […] Read more »

Mr. T! Mr. T! Mr. T!


Kevin Tavares, associate principal, lost a bet that the students could not collect more cans than he had earlier in the month. The kids needed to raise 481 to top Mr. T’s 480 — they collected over 1,200 instead! Now Mr. T is going to spend the whole night on the roof of Center School, […] Read more »

The Lorax & You


The Old Hammondtown School Drama Club hit the stage on Wednesday, June 10 to present its production of “The Lorax & You,” a play adapted by Tracy Gendreau Fiore based on the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax. The production was a lot of fun for both the cast of 42 and the audience, with plenty […] Read more »



It has been a spring season scented with lily of the valley, lilacs, and freshly mowed grass, while being colorized by red tulips, brilliant yellow daffodils, and deep purple columbine. It is the spring we dreamed of in January and February as our gardening hearts were in the deep freeze. You’d think that nothing could […] Read more »

3D Printer Arrives at ORR


If you walk into Tom Norris’ technology classroom at Old Rochester Regional High School these days, you’ll likely see a student or two hovered over an 8x8x8-inch gray cube lit from within making some random, non-rhythmic robotic noises. What you would see before you is the future of technology at ORR in the form of […] Read more »

Students Hope to Send Principal to the Roof


The night of June 18 could prove to be one heck of a night at Center School for the students and one brave staff member who put a good night’s sleep on the line to alleviate hunger in the community. The students at Center School and Old Hammondtown have been collecting canned goods for the […] Read more »