Creative Writing


Students from the Mattapoisett Library Writing Workshop. This is the third year these students have participated in this program. Pictured here: Top row (left to right): Grayson Lord, Tova Brickley, Audrey Knox, Kate Downey, Joseph Sheridan; Middle two: Erin Besancon, Julia Sheridan; Lower Row: Sarah Besancon, Brianna Lynch, Emma Gabriel, Felicia Aguiar; In front: Meghan […] Read more »

AmeriCorps: Giving Volunteers Direction


Katie Ryer, 20, has been settling into life in Marion after returning home from ten months of volunteering with AmeriCorps. From October 24, 2013 to July 25, 2014, Ryer worked with a team of other volunteers on four different charity projects throughout California and Oregon. How did such an adventure begin? A simple statement: “Mom, […] Read more »

Quaker Week Raising Funds for Restoration


The Mattapoisett Friends Meeting House fundraising efforts for the restoration of the antique building are underway and, although it got off to a wet start this week, the yard sale planned for August 2 went ahead anyway despite the rainy weather. “We had known it was going to rain,” said Deena Kinsky, a member of […] Read more »

Like No Other


It is clear that Marion, Massachusetts and the surrounding towns breed excellent sailors. With a combination of top-notch programs and local seaside schools, Buzzards Bay draws skilled athletes from all over the south shore to participate in local programs. Organizations such as the United States Sailing Team return to the area each year to host […] Read more »

Ten Million Steps on Route 6


Did you know that our very own Route 6 is the longest American highway ever created, spanning the entire United States mainland from Provincetown to Long Beach, California? Author Joe Hurley could tell you all about it, and he will on August 13 at the Mattapoisett Free Library during “Behind the Scenes of Ten Million […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Boy Honors Milton Silveira


There is going to be a very special dedication on Ned’s Point on Friday, August 8 to unveil a bronze plaque and a sitting bench in honor of Mattapoisett’s late Milton Silveira – a project in the making by one of Silveira’s young friends and fans, Alex Craig, a sixth-grader at Old Hammondtown Elementary School. […] Read more »

School Daze


With the arrival of ‘Back To School’ marketing in the mail and on the television, my mind wanders back to a time when thinking about going to school created happy excitement in my little girl brain. The most memorable had to be entering first grade. In September 1958, I left home for good, so to […] Read more »

Fun with Crime Scene Investigation


The meeting room at the Mattapoisett Free Library on August 1 became a temporary “crime scene” so that kids could learn a little bit about CSI and the science behind it. “Detective for the day” Rob Magee, with some assistance from his father, Rochester Police Chief Paul Magee, gave some fingerprinting and dental impression demonstrations […] Read more »

Kids Explore History by Hand


The Mattapoisett Historical Society held Part II of their summer program “History by Hand” last Wednesday at the museum. Children ages eight and up were invited to learn through hands-on activities what it was like to live in Mattapoisett roughly 150 years ago. Last week’s program focused on the working aspect of life. “Around here […] Read more »

Pearls of Wisdom


Tabor Academy is known as the “School by the Sea,” and its incredible seaside facilities definitely live up to the name. Tabor’s marine biology lab sits right along the shore of Sippican Harbor and creates the ideal location for hands-on learning. About a year ago, Tabor began cultivating an oyster farm, which has since grown […] Read more »