Observing Groundhog Day

Tired of paying heating bills and driving on slippery roads? You must be ready to welcome the arrival of mid-winter with a Groundhog Day prediction of an early spring. The first official awakening ceremony was celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, in 1887 with a groundhog by the name of ‘Phil’ as inaugural bearer of bad news […] Read more »

The Sun is Up, The Shadow is Out

The sun is up in the Tri-Town this morning, but it may not be as bright as we hoped. Also up with the sun was Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog whose annual prediction sheds the light on when Spring will arrive. This morning Phil reported that he did indeed see his shadow, which means six more […] Read more »

And the Winner Is…

We made it, everyone. We made to the day that marks the halfway hump of winter and with barely a scratch. It’s Thursday, February 2, a significant day for us in these here parts. Mild temperatures, minimal snow events … perhaps I should stop there lest I jinx things. Yes, Groundhog Day is here again, […] Read more »

Alternative Facts

When I was a little kid, almost from the moment I was able to speak, I tried to change facts, realities, you know what I mean – tell lies. To keep the drama in check around the household it became necessary, in my little kid mind, to never, ever own up to spilling the milk. […] Read more »

Tabor Hosts Polar Plunge to Benefit Special Olympics

On Sunday morning, January 22, nearly 100 people made their way into Sippican Harbor as part of Tabor Academy’s Polar Plunge event benefiting Special Olympics Massachusetts. The event was the first of its kind at Tabor Academy, raising over $12,300 for the nonprofit organization. The funds from the Polar Plunge go directly towards programs that […] Read more »

A Few Rocks and a Few Words…

Picture this – you’re walking along in your day, somewhere, anywhere, and you look down to find a single, softly rounded stone that stands out from the rest. The rock has been painted and placed lovingly in your path with a message that seems to resonate with you in that exact moment in time, like […] Read more »

The Ghostly Snowy Owl

As white winter recently wiped out the vista of a bleak landscape along the shores of Buzzards Bay, it becomes the season to expect and look for the arrival of the migratory snowy owl. The ghostly image and camouflaged appearance confirms the timing of atmospheric phenomena that dominate our daily habits and perspective. Their migration […] Read more »

Where Real People Answer Your Call

On January 13 as the luncheon was cleared away and the members of the Sippican Woman’s Club in Marion settled in to to hear their guest speaker, millions of people throughout the world were being ripped off, scammed, or having their identity stolen. That’s why Robin Putnam, research and special projects manager for the Massachusetts […] Read more »

Amos the Greyhound Finds Niche in Rochester

There’s a new dog in town, and he’s already made a name for himself at the Plumb Library in Rochester. ‘Amos the Greyhound’ is a special dog trained and certified as a therapy dog that has brought comfort and smiles to local nursing homes in the past. But what Amos and his owner, Holly Abramson […] Read more »

A Striper for Papa

Being a 1950-60 striper addict with a beach buggy (and with 2016 ambulatory issues), the following essay is from a grandfather’s heart and from Bourne Oaks Retirement Community for older people with small dogs and a bingo habit. The community is 30 minutes from my Marion family – Steve, Dyan, Emma and Ben. Our son […] Read more »