Marion COA Honors Joanne Mahoney


On August 1, Marion’s Council on Aging staff, along with members of the Friends of the Marion COA and other senior community members, gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the senior drop-in center at the Marion Music Hall and the lady who made it all happen. The brainchild of a woman who has dedicated […] Read more »

The Mysterious Loon


The common loon is one of the most eye-catching and unforgettable appearing water birds with a wide human habitat overlap all across the lake country of North America. It is clearly identifiable with a black head and neck that lowers down into white stripes and panels like mirrors that seem to reflect either solar or […] Read more »

“Night Out” For Tri-Town


The third edition of the local police enforcement’s “National Night Out” took place under an iron-colored sky on Tuesday evening. The sky, however, didn’t deter families from swarming over the front field of ORR, enjoying an afternoon of fun. The local search and rescue team handed out Dunkin’ Donuts. There was pizza available next to […] Read more »

Hula Hooping


On Saturday, July 23, kids at the Plumb Library in Rochester tried a little hula hooping with Pinto Bella. The event is part of the library’s summer reading theme of health and wellness. Photos by Colin Veitch Read more »

A Stitch in Time


Mattapoisett’s deep and rich history as it went from being a seaside agrarian and fishing culture to a pivotal shipbuilding center is fairly well documented. Museums along the eastern seaboard, and certainly those more closely situated to this tiny notch in Buzzards Bay, are full of reference materials hailing Mattapoisett as a major global economic […] Read more »

Community Unites to Support Police, Pray for Peace


“This is simply the right thing to do,” said Reverend Amy Lignitz Harken of the Mattapoisett Congregational Church on Saturday, July 16, during an ecumenical service held at ORR Junior High to show community support for local police. “…In a time when the world seems to be falling apart,” said Harken, in reference to these […] Read more »

Keeping the Community Afloat


The communities of the Tri-Town are special: the landscapes, the historic buildings, the history. But what really makes our three towns stand out are the people who live in them, the people who work in them, govern them, and especially the ones who give of their time and energy, volunteering for the highest good of […] Read more »

The Bay Buzzard


How did Buzzards Bay get its name? Historic research goes back to the year 1602 when it was discovered by Bartholomew Gosnold sailing around Cape Cod, which he had named dropping anchor near the Acushnet River in a pristine setting whose islands he described as a paradise of beauty created by God and nature. If […] Read more »

Roadside Edible Plants


It might be surprising to learn that Queen Anne’s lace is a member of the carrot family and takes two years to mature before the lovely airy flower heads bloom. It may even be more surprising to learn that wild plants that taste like wasabi or lettuce are available, if not in your backyard, then […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Library Volunteer Recognition Reception


The Mattapoisett Library held its annual Volunteer Recognition Reception on July 13. Library Director Susan Pizzolato and staff recognized the importance of the 125 volunteer corps that aids in everything from putting books back on shelves to helping high school students write letters to caring for the library’s live animals to aiding in preparing resumes […] Read more »