A New Year for Environmental Recognition

As illustrated in my drawing, Native Americans, as a rule, recognized every living thing on Earth as sacred – even the smallest blade of grass. Consequently, they harvested from nature no more than needed for their own immediate use, and this conservation concept of ‘live and let live’ sets a fine example for us to […] Read more »

A Tri-Town Year in Review

Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester – three very different towns that have united as one Tri-Town – have passed through yet another year in time, with each community seeing its own issues emerge and enter the distinctive zeitgeists of their respective towns. As we pass from one year into the next, we at The Wanderer like […] Read more »

Polar Plunge Brings Record Turnout

It was a record year for Helping Hands and Hooves and its annual Christmas Day Polar Plunge. Co-director Julie Craig said on December 27 that the nonprofit organization that provides free therapeutic horseback riding lessons to adults with cognitive disabilities raised a whopping $6,100, a record amount according to Craig. The money goes towards the […] Read more »

Tinkhamtown Chapel Christmas

Kids at the Tinkhamtown Chapel Christmas Carol Sing on December 17 perform “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” as is the tradition at the little chapel in Mattapoisett during Christmastime. Photo by Jean Perry Read more »

Wrapped With a ‘Perfect’ Bow

If you happened to enter the Rochester Town Hall on the morning of December 20, you would have thought the public meeting room resembled something from the North Pole, like Santa’s workshop, or Santa’s kitchen, for that matter. You would have seen Rochester Facilities Manager Andrew Daniel standing by the sun-filled window, surrounded by large […] Read more »

Bulldog Brew Café Serving Up More Than Coffee

There is something brewing at Old Rochester Regional High School, and it doesn’t just stop at coffee and cocoa. The new Bulldog Brew Café is serving up more than hot beverages and snacks to the staff at ORR; it is also providing students in the school’s new Transition Special Education Program with real life skills, […] Read more »

Lions Club Awards Surprise Pacheco

Sometimes it takes a bit of trickery to make a plan come together. That’s exactly what Ken Pacheco and Rick LeBlanc did to get Melody Pacheco to attend the Mattapoisett Lions Club dinner on December 14. Melody, AKA Mel, is a well-known figure at the Mattapoisett Town Hall where she has been helping the community […] Read more »

A Partridge for Christmas

“A partridge in a pear tree” is a haunting holiday refrain from the melody The Twelve Days of Christmas, first circulated in 1780 as a children’s game. Each verse had to be recited verbatim in proper sequence until the first mistake prompted the penalty of giving a kiss or piece of candy to other players […] Read more »

Her Irish Eyes Were Smiling

She began her conversation with the audience using a joke that some might find not quite politically correct enough. But coming from her lips, it seemed innocent and sweet, old-fashioned, as well as funny. We’ll refrain from repeating that joke here, but rest assured her Irish eyes were smiling, making the world feel bright and […] Read more »

The Uncertain State of Buzzards Bay

Mark Rasmussen, president of the Buzzards Bay Coalition, stopped by Tabor Academy on Monday night to speak on the current state of Buzzards Bay. He mainly addressed the 2015 State of Buzzards Bay, a report put out by the BBC every two years. In 2015, when the healthiest score possible was a 100, Buzzards Bay […] Read more »