Our Fair Lady Honors Taber


As anticipated, the Marion Music Hall production of Our Fair Lady sold hundreds of tickets over the course of the Elizabeth Taber Gala Weekend of October 2-4, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Marion Music Hall. The musical play celebrated the life and contributions of Elizabeth Taber, arguably the most influential figure in Marion’s history, […] Read more »

Scams and Identity Theft


I was such an idiot. A fortunate idiot, however, due to the fact that despite being blissfully unaware of how unguarded I have kept my personal information all these years, I am not yet a victim of identity theft. We have all heard it before: shred your documents, don’t throw them away. Protect your social […] Read more »

Mortal Sea Lecture Sounds the Warning Bell


He said it was a bit of an unholy alliance between historians and scientists when he set out to research and write his award-winning book, The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail. But as W. Jeffrey Bolster, professor of history at the University of New Hampshire tells it, the final product […] Read more »

What is the MRVWSPA Committee?


Mattapoisett’s River Valley and associated watershed area is a public resource that produces millions of gallons of clean drinking water every day and has been doing so for centuries. In modern times, ensuring its health and safety falls on the shoulders of local and state regulatory agencies. And when you consider that the MRV supplies […] Read more »

Riding Against the Wind for Buzzards Bay


Teary-eyed and windblown, cyclists faced a tough bike ride on October 4, but it was for a cause important to everyone living along Southcoastal Massachusetts. This year’s 9th Annual Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride to raise money to protect and restore Buzzards Bay was a breezy one, but 120 cyclists pedaled on anyway across the Buzzards […] Read more »

Visitors Browse Old Presto Press Issues


He was first and foremost an artist. Flipping through copies of decades old issues of the Presto Press, one quickly sees the artistry on nearly every page, including beautifully executed front covers. Donald C. Jason would probably be pleased to see that his work is still appreciated today with the sale of duplicate back issues […] Read more »

‘Safe Haven’ for Online Transactions


The Rochester Police Department has announced its new initiative to protect residents who want to sell or buy items in online marketplaces such as Craigslist by becoming a safe spot for such transactions to occur. Rochester has joined a growing number of other police forces around the country in offering specific locations at the police […] Read more »

Rare “Blood Supermoon” Wows the World


Did you get to see the “Blood Moon?” If yes, we bet you added to the world’s one big collective “wow” Sunday night by saying it a few times. Some local residents stationed themselves out at Ned’s Point to watch the total lunar eclipse of the supermoon, and probably billions of others around the world […] Read more »

Helping More Than Seniors


The word “aging” in the acronym COA is too narrow a description for the work and the services provided by the Tri-Town councils on aging. On any given day, hundreds of seniors benefit from everything from an educational class, exercise, shopping, filling out complicated federal forms, or dental cleanings. Supporting a human being in nearly […] Read more »

Gone Fishing


Rochester Scout Pack 30 had a fishing day at Five Mile Pond at Camp Cachelot in Myles Standish State Forest on September 27. The Cub Scouts were being trained in the art of fishing, tying knots for their hooks, as well as baiting a hook. Joshua Ernstzen, 7, (middle right) was the first Cub Scout […] Read more »