Lucky To Be Alive

When you are a child, the world can be a frightening place, especially if enhanced by old-fashioned parenting that employs fear to control a child’s behavior. My mother was a master at fear tactics, bless her soul. I, her daughter, lived in fear. Once, Ma told me to stop sucking my thumb because it would […] Read more »

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

For many backyard bird watchers, this cherished furtive, rapid-flying figure flitting from flower to feeder and then hovering in midflight is the only one of some twenty other hummingbird species that is common east of the Mississippi, prevalent in Canada and the United States. The male ruby-throated hummingbirds arrive here in mid April ahead of […] Read more »

Finding More Than Metal (Life on Loan)

Over the Labor Day weekend, things around Tri-Town got relatively quiet in the newsroom – not really what we newspersons prefer. Having said that, though, quiet times in Tri-Town make for a little bit of down time for the usually busy newsperson, and this particular newsperson decided to trot over to one of her favorite […] Read more »

Tri-Town Profile: Noel Pardo

Name: Noel Pardo, Director of Campus Initiatives, Tabor Academy Age: 46 How he got to Tri-Town: Originally from Buffalo, went to Holy Cross. “I was working in Boston, and I applied to several schools. Tabor happened to be one that offered me the ability to coach crew, teach history, and live in the dorms. It […] Read more »

Shakespeare Comes To Life In Marion

Standing in front of the small but willing crowd, the actor transports his audience to a place created by a brilliant mind, one visited only in the imagination. The actor then metamorphoses into the educator whose command of the topic is so vast, the student yearns to hear more. And then, in playful discourse, the […] Read more »

Lt. Governor Polito Congratulates Mattapoisett

On August 25, Mattapoisett’s tiny town hall was filled with officers from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the governor’s office, including Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, to congratulate the Town on receiving a $500,000 grant from D.O.T’s Municipal Small Bridge Program. And no one was more pleased than the Town’s own highway surveyor, Barry Denham, […] Read more »

‘Year of the Youth’ at 2017 Town Party

If you asked people what the overall vibe of the 2017 Marion Town Party was this past Saturday night, most would answer “young, vibrant.” This year, the Town Party Committee really stepped it up. The activities for kids were more varied than ever with a rock climbing wall free for the kids, free face painting, […] Read more »

Celebrating 200 Years of Thoreau

The celebration of the year of the 200th birthday of great American writer (and Massachusetts native) Henry David Thoreau falls on turbulent times in the United States. As people all over gather to commemorate this bicentennial anniversary, many have found the return to Thoreau’s writings as an appropriate way to not only revisit the works […] Read more »

Rochester Grange Holds 107th Fair

It stands like a vision from the past – a large square structure where dogs are trained, Boy Scouts hold meetings, and the life of rural Rochester moves slowly from one generation to the next. But the sign on the building tells a more important story – one that connects Rochester to the entire country: […] Read more »

RC Flyers Create a Buzz at Mary’s Pond

On a perfect Saturday afternoon, Ted Brito watched his lovingly crafted radio-controlled model airplane circle Mary’s Pond. As he used the controls on the RC unit to guide his mini-Cessna through various loops and turns with the joystick radio control unit, the plane gliding across a clear, blue sky, you could see how someone could […] Read more »