Contemplating a Caterpillar


There are some things in this world that simply stop you dead in your tracks. Some things just hold us still, command a moment of astonishment, a gasp, a pause, a sigh, a silent exultation. More often than not, for me, these things are almost always found in nature. Little things that become momentous and […] Read more »



It’s September 4, 2016 and I’m alone in the water of Mattapoisett Harbor, alone and sliding through the very cool water at town beach. The ocean has seemed cooler this summer than last. My swimming partner, who is not with me today, says the same thing. In spite of days of heat, our pilgrimages to […] Read more »

A Brief History Of The Elizabeth Islands

Photo by Anne Kakley

With the threat of advancing hurricane winds bearing down on Shipyard Park, Seth Mendell’s September 4 lecture on the history of the Elizabeth Islands was moved from that scenic perch to the Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum. As the audience grew, many sat in the narrow balcony that flanks the tiny gallery. All were transported to […] Read more »

Meandering Storm Spares Tri-Town Area


By Jean Perry On Sunday, September 4, Mattapoisett Harbor was bustling with people out enjoying the cooler, crisp air as an eastern breeze blew off hats and flapped flags, while some scurried to remove their boats from the water in anticipation of what was shaping up to be Tropical Storm Hermine. The National Weather Service […] Read more »

The ‘Turtle People’ of The Cove


For years, decades, centuries, maybe millennia and perhaps even eons, generations of diamond-backed terrapins have arrived and returned to the shores of Hammetts Cove in Marion to mate and lay their eggs, just as their ancestors before them did, forever imprinted with the place of their birth, the place where they themselves will nest to […] Read more »

The Great War


On August 23, local historian Seth Mendell gave the second of five lectures in his series on the “Great War” – World War I. The lectures are a joint venture between the Mattapoisett Public Library and the Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum. As he adjusted the microphone in the library’s meeting room, Mendell said with a […] Read more »

The Sippican Hotel: A History of Marion


A full house and then some joined Sippican Historical Society Vice President David Pierce on Thursday night, August 25, as he presented a lecture on the old Sippican Hotel and Casino. Pierce’s popularity as a lecturer almost overwhelmed the room, as attendees continued to trickle into the Music Hall; more and more chairs had to […] Read more »

Marion Knows How To Party


There was food, games, music, perfect weather, and a constant ebb and flow of partygoers on Saturday, August 27, as Marion celebrated what Chris Berg, Town Party Committee chairman, called “Our wonderful town!” The contributions of the fire and police departments, various other town departments, and the efforts of all the volunteers were recognized by […] Read more »

A Swan’s Best Friend


Phyllis Washburn, Marion resident and author, told the heartwarming, tender story of how she and her husband Ralph met a swan and began a journey they could not have anticipated. Their relationship with Sam the Swan has been captured forever in her book Good Morning Sam. Washburn spoke on August 29 after the Marion Council […] Read more »

It’s Just Like Riding A Bike


It was surprising to see among her possessions a bicycle. Gardening supplies, antique furniture, lamps, chairs, side tables, boxes of bric-a-brac and a brand new bicycle stuffed into a large storage unit. She had sold her beloved hundred-year-old farmhouse on the hill, had cast about for a place to land, and to her dismay eventually […] Read more »