The Birth of a Butterfly


The butterfly. The symbol of transformation, new beginnings, and the embodiment of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Few creatures on this earth can evoke such a strong sense of wonder in human beings like the butterfly. Secluded within its chrysalis, the butterfly hides itself from the world, swathed in the secrets of the […] Read more »

Firefighter Chowder Competition a Success


Mattapoisett Fire Lieutenant Justin Dubois had no clue that his idea to hold the Firefighter’s Association Chowder Competition would be met with such enthusiasm by the community. During a follow-up interview, Dubois said anywhere from 300 to 400 community members turned out for the September 13 event to sample the recipes of 16 different teams […] Read more »

Cruisin’ Classic Stories


“Johnny Angel how I love him…” “Rock-n-roll is here to stay…” “Rockin’ Robin, oh oh oh Rockin’ Robin – go Rockin’ Robin ‘cause we’re really gonna rock tonight…” As the golden oldies jogged memories and brought back long-forgotten song lyrics – lyrics that found their way to the lips – several, shall I say, “old […] Read more »

Be the Solution to Pollution


On Sunday, September 13, town folk turned out to “be the Solution to Pollution”  during a MOBY-themed beach cleanup event. Photo by Colin Veitch   Read more »

Residents Honor Marion’s ‘Fairy Godmother’


While Elizabeth Pitcher Taber rests in peace in an Acushnet cemetery, her beloved town of Marion is alive and thriving with culture and prosperity 127 years after her death, thanks to the generosity she bestowed upon a town that to this day remains a beneficiary of a legacy left by a remarkable woman. There is […] Read more »

Tabor Academy Opens its 140th Year


Tabor Academy students started classes on September 14 with 150 new students and 10 new faculty in their midst. The school welcomed approximately 300 students last week for pre-season athletics, as well as a training time for dormitory proctors and student orientation leaders called global partners. The global partners are returning American and international students […] Read more »

Mattapoisett’s Connection To Alaska


On a balmy August 6 evening, a group of people sat next to the gazebo in Shipyard Park and listened to Seth Mendell as he spoke nearly extemporaneously for 45 minutes sharing the history of Captain Charles Bryant. Mendell, a well-known local historian and past president of the Mattapoisett Historical Society, gave one of his […] Read more »

Nepal Destruction Hits Home in Marion


Not often anymore does the devastation caused by two major earthquakes in Nepal earlier this year get coverage in the media. But even months later, efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Nepalese people and the destruction of their homes and infrastructure continue, and many have been helped so far due to the kindness of […] Read more »

Summer Days!


Buzzards Bay was active this past Labor Day weekend with boaters and residents out enjoying the late summer weather on this unofficial last weekend of the summertime season. The colors of summer will soon shift to the colors of fall in the harbor, but not before a few more opportunities to take out those kayaks […] Read more »

The Caregiver


Among us lives a population of people who find themselves providing care to a loved one, either directly as in hands-on, or obliquely as in managing services, or, a combination of both. They are called ‘caregivers.’ Caregivers may feel as if they have been dropped into an alternate universe, one in which they cannot escape, […] Read more »