The Compassionate Species

You’re in the zone – zooming down the highway, an endless conveyor belt of repetitive white stripes, inconspicuous mile marker signs, a steady green smudge of trees streaming by. Expressionless you appear through the windshield, the world of the commuter’s corridor as mundane and predictable as the sun-induced puddle mirage ahead that blurs into sky […] Read more »

Where In The World Are We?

Like all good museums, when you enter their interior spaces you are swept into collections and exhibits that transport you to another place or another time, allowing you to explore and imagine in new ways. And that is the impact the small, but mighty, Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum has on its visitors with each new […] Read more »

The Past Comes Alive in Marion

Living in Massachusetts, essentially the cradle of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), our colonial past is never really far behind us, for there is a special group of history enthusiasts who relish the experience of colonial life – living it and breathing it and presenting it all to us so that we can figuratively visit […] Read more »

The Beneficial Barn Owl

The barn owl as a silent predator around the barnyard is considered a beneficial friend of the farmer by keeping down the rodent population of mice, rats, moles, and voles. It is also the most widely distributed species of owl in North America, quite surprising as most bird watchers say they have never seen one. […] Read more »

Author Highlights the History of Local Murders

Living in an area so steeped in local history with everyday reminders of the past – the historical homes, narrow village streets, open pastures and gristmill ruins – it’s likely that while walking about the Tri-Town we’ve paused to imagine what our neighborhoods were like long before us. We might imagine the ladies in their […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Spirit on Display at Road Race

It was a hot morning for the 46th running of the Mattapoisett July 4th Road Race, but that did not deter runners and supporters alike. The village streets were lined with cheering crowds, and houses were decorated with patriotic colors, demonstrating the spirit of America steeped within our community. “The weather is exceptional!” remarked Race […] Read more »

As Glorious as a Summer’s Day

The June 30 Marion Art Center exhibit opening of “Coastal Vision X 2” was as glorious as a perfect summer day. Works of art by two local artists, Sarah Brown and Heide Hallemeier, inspired by the summer season and coastal images, were paired with floral arrangements, created by the Marion Garden Group, that were breathtaking […] Read more »

Tri-Town Profiles

Name: Mike Russo Lives in: Marion How he got here: First came to know the area sailing in Marion-Bermuda race in 1996; became a summer resident before moving here full-time. Favorite Tri-Town place: Silvershell Beach What he’d change if he were the President of Tri-Town: “I don’t think I’m going to answer that. No good […] Read more »

Pyrotechnics, Parades, and Ponies Prevail in Marion

It was the Fourth of July in proper Marion style again this year with the return of the fireworks, a rain-free Tuesday for the parade, and the longstanding tradition of the Marion Horse Show at Washburn Park, all coalescing to make for the perfect day. Police estimates peg the massive crowd on Sunday night at […] Read more »

Giant Flag a Fixture for Antique Village Home

When Bonnie and Paul Tavares bought their two-century-old historic home in Marion Village last winter, they inherited a beautiful yard, great neighbors, and a wonderful sense of community. They also inherited an American flag, and a request: Please hang it up while the town celebrates Independence Day. No problem … except for the fact that […] Read more »