Wastewater Treatment From Flush To Finish


We flush and forget about it. But what happens when your child asks for an in-depth elucidation on what happens to that which you put in the toilet once you flush it? Of course, first you must admit that you actually don’t know all the details other than it runs through a pipe underground and […] Read more »

Moths – No End In Sight


You’ve been vigilant, completed your due diligence, spent money to protect and defend both deciduous and evergreen trees that provide shade and beauty to your property. But you can’t rest on those laurels – the fight continues against the mighty moth. Thanks to the Mattapoisett Tree Committee, the Tri-Town populace has been provided with information […] Read more »

Tiny Athletes Participate at Tabor Program


About a dozen tiny athletes joined Tabor Academy student volunteers on January 10 for the opening day of the Young Athletes program, part of the Special Olympics. Tabor educator, Tim Cleary, along with Tabor senior, Molly Bent, believed they could bring this rewarding and important program to the community through Tabor. Cleary contacted Meg Hoffman, […] Read more »

Ocean Adventures


As the cold air of winter finally arrives, it’s fun to think about what seems like yesterday, last summer. With that as the prologue, here’s a warm summertime suspense story. The tide was thundering, rolling, pushing towards the shore as only the most powerful force on earth can, other than gravity. Water, it should be […] Read more »

COA Ushers in an Early New Year


Partygoers at the Rochester Senior Center on December 31 flaunted that it is never too early in the day to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and it’s never too late to make a change with a few New Year’s resolutions. Seniors from all over Tri-Town filled the banquet room at the senior center on Dexter Lane […] Read more »

The ‘Pretty Face’ of a Frightening Phenomenon


If the unusually warm weather brought you outdoors during the days around this Christmas and New Year’s, either in your own yard or walking up the sidewalk, you may have noticed a myriad of curious sights: green, green grass; hearty winter viburnum and cherry trees blossoming; Johnny-Jump Ups and daffodils pushing up through the ground; […] Read more »

Record Numbers Take the New Year’s Plunge


There were more people on Mattapoisett’s Town Beach on New Year’s Day morning than on a hot summer’s day in the middle of July. And whether the beachgoers were there to plunge into the 47-degree ocean water or there to support the swimmers and the event, everyone was in a party mood. The fourth annual […] Read more »

Tiny Homes – Been There Done That


It was, simply put, fascinating to me. I was captivated, intrigued, and I found myself imagining a life free from possessions. Thus freed, I’d have boundless hours to spend pursuing a carefree lifestyle. Oh, the ease with which my mind wandered through tiny spaces as I watched the cutest cubes and rectangles metamorphose into comfortable […] Read more »

Coloring Our Cares Away


It’s all the rage these days. It’s on TV, you read about it on social media, and researchers are even doing studies on its benefits. Adult coloring. Who would have guessed that a gentle regression of sorts back into childhood would not only be accepted, but be encouraged? Remember the thrill of a brand new […] Read more »

Pals Won’t Let Miles Stop Friendship


They are just a couple of average kids, horsing around, playing baseball, video games, and hanging out together. But for one boy, life in America is a stark contrast to the life he has known in Malawi. Andrew Chanya, 10 years old, currently lives in Wareham with his mother Celeste, who is originally from the […] Read more »