I don’t generally write columns at someone’s request, but a high-ranking local official has been bugging me to write about UFO’s. I am a bit of a coward so I don’t want to cross this person in the event something comes up where I might need the person’s official help.             This same official […] Read more »

Trustees Pause on Little Library

            In recent months, a mailbox-sized Little Free Diverse Library, its glass front requesting, “Diverse and Anti-Racist Books Only,” has been sitting on a post outside the Plumb Public Library’s front entrance.             The little library has drawn criticism, as Rochester residents crowded into the Senior Center meeting room for a Board of Library Trustees […] Read more »

Town Divided on Dog Park, Pickleball

            On Tuesday, the Mattapoisett Holy Ghost Grounds Reuse Committee met to review the results of a public survey taken to determine what the people would like to see at the former Holy Ghost Grounds off Park Street.             All were surprised that 553 surveys were submitted. Of that number, 80 were identified as non-full-time […] Read more »

Age Brings Wisdom, Humility

            Albert Einstein once said that “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”             Far be it for me to disagree with old Al, but I know this: Much of any wisdom I have acquired over the years was learned in school. These lessons have carried me […] Read more »

RBG Was in the House

There’s something magical about being in the presence of theatrical excellence. It is powerful, evocative and entertaining, all at the same time. That experience was shared by the members of the Sippican Woman’s Club as they watched a historical performance by Sheryl Faye, who personified Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Faye was the club’s August guest speaker, […] Read more »

Along Came Mary

            Shirley Haley of Mattapoisett knows a thing or two about writing. One aspect of writing that she fully appreciates is the labor-intensive nature of the process. It takes a disciplined mind to grind out page after page, follow up on all the edits and rewrites and absorb all the pressure associated with getting the […] Read more »

Fall’s New Booster Recommended

            While most of us want to put Covid behind us, recent news headlines make that hard to do. What should you know? What should you do?             The most important fact is that like it or not, Covid is probably here to stay. While the worst of the pandemic is thankfully behind us, Covid […] Read more »

Celebrity Sightings

            Everyone has a story of when they met or saw a celebrity. Maybe you got an autograph at a ballgame or stood in line behind a celebrity at the bank or had one wave at you at a stop light as I did with Dave Cowens of the Boston Celtics.             Milton Berle, the […] Read more »

Exhibit Offers Up Memories

            One of the first things Connor Gaudet realized when he was selected as the new curator for the Mattapoisett Museum was the voluminous quantity of ephemera in the collection.              For decades as folks in the area cleaned out closets and attics, possibly upon the passing of a loved one, old materials held on […] Read more »

Rock ‘n’ Roll Got His Soul

A new art exhibit is now on view at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library. Chris Morgado is a photographer, among other things, whose primary interest is rock ‘n’ roll musicians.             At first, he just took pictures at concerts using his phone camera, but as his age and interest increased, he moved on to taking […] Read more »