By the time I was 13 years old, earning money was a big driver in my life. If I wanted cool-looking school clothes other than the standard issuance my mother was willing to order from Sears, Roebuck, and Company, I had to earn my own cash. I became the neighborhood errand girl, hairstylist, and later, […] Read more »

Marion’s Annual Arts in the Park

On Saturday, July 7, The Marion Art Center hosted its 12th annual Arts in the Park Festival, showcasing local artists, craft makers, and artisans along with their impressive works. On the corner of Main and Spring Street at Marion’s Bicentennial Park, the small creative gathering garnered its fair share of local buzz and community, bringing […] Read more »

At Marion Parade, Tradition Marches On

This year’s Fourth of July parade was a chance for the town and its residents to turn their attention away from Town House troubles and focus on celebrating “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” On Wednesday, July 4, the Town of Marion was simply the community of Marion taking to the street to enjoy […] Read more »

Growing, and Growing Up Barbie

I heard about it before I even saw it, but when I finally did see it, what I thought was: “Now that is weird.” And when I say weird, I say it with ardent affection. Behind the cast iron gate at 16 North Street in Mattapoisett, surrounded by ivy and vinca and tangled vines of invasive […] Read more »

Say Hello To The Urban Bobcat

The occasional sight of a bobcat is not yet too common, as it is the only known wild cat found in this area of Massachusetts. Years ago, it was found only in central and western parts of the state, but now has been expanding into many urban areas of the Southcoast. It is easily identified […] Read more »

Rochester’s New Wheelchair Offers Beach Access

When you see the Town of Rochester’s new big-wheel wheelchair, it’s rather obvious where it is meant to take someone with mobility challenges. With its bright blue and white striped chair, and big, bright yellow inflatable tires and armrests that make the chair look like it could float on water, you know immediately where that […] Read more »

The Scoop on S.C.O.P.E.

The 7th-graders at Old Rochester Regional Junior High School present for the final full week of school from June 18-22 took place in another of the school’s 40+ years tradition – S.C.O.P.E week – Student Centered Opportunity for Personal Enhancement, giving students a chance to learn while learning about themselves and each other. Kathy Gauvin, […] Read more »

The Intricate Art of Scrimshaw

If one had asked me – a young college student not particularly knowledgeable in nautical history – what scrimshaw was before the Sippican Historical Society presentation at the Marion Music Hall on June 21, I would have chuckled, and a bit dumbfounded, guessed, does it have something to do with the grim reaper, or is […] Read more »

MOSAC Releases 2017 Survey Results

Results of the open space and recreation survey conducted by the Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission have been released, and the results clearly show that Marion residents love to walk. In fact, 143 of the 169 residents who filled out the survey between the fall of 2017 and the winter of 2018 shared that they […] Read more »

Rochester Celebrates Its First Little Library

Little Free Libraries have been popping up all around Tri-Town – everywhere, that is, except for in Rochester. Now, however, Rochester residents are free to enjoy the tiny thrill of the Little Free Library at its new home at Rochester Memorial School, courtesy of the Rochester Cub Scouts Pack 30. Jeff Jerome, Cub Scoutmaster for […] Read more »