Student Awards to Be Decided with TLC

The Marion Scholarship Committee has applied the final touches to its annual application form that will become available in local high schools before Christmas vacation.             The committee met via Zoom on Monday to discuss any wrinkles and solve any questions except the one anyone would want to know: How many scholarships are available and […] Read more »

Festival of Trees A Joyous Success

            The November 27 opening reception of the Friends of the Marion Council on Aging Festival of Trees fundraiser drew large numbers, people seeking to begin their holiday not only supporting the FMCOA event but people seeking to find the joy of the season. To that end – it was a grand success.             The […] Read more »

Resolutions Offered for Bridge Planking

It is a frequently asked question, especially on social media platforms: “When will the Bike Path open?” The question is not regarding existing phases for the Mattapoisett bike path, those sections merging into Fairhaven to the west or Marion to the east. No, the question is asked in relationship to Phase 1b and the heralded […] Read more »

Rochester’s Library Director to Retire

Gail Roberts, the Joseph Plumb Memorial Library director, met with the Rochester Select Board on November 15 to announce her intentions to retire on June 30, 2022, the end of Fiscal Year 2022. Roberts has been at the helm of the small but mighty community library for 15 years, but now she believes it’s time […] Read more »

Astonishing Return of Wild Turkeys

Flocks of wild turkeys are being seen everywhere along the south shore in abundant numbers, even in suburban back yards after having been completely depleted from all of Massachusetts for hundreds of years.             In 1969 they were brought back and very successfully transplanted from Pennsylvania and nearby other states where they had also been […] Read more »

American Goldfinch Arrives with Charm

The American Goldfinch can be the most colorful visitor to our back yards because its shiny golden body is offset by black wings, forked tail, and black hat on its head.             For bird watchers, finches can be difficult to identify because of their elusive flitting motion from limb to limb of their favorite thistle […] Read more »

Thankful Gathering at Shipyard

Gathering in Mattapoisett on Veterans Day 2021 were people who came to participate in various ways. There were the veterans whose personal experiences in service to the United States were etched on their faces. There were the young trying their best to do their part in the solemnity of the moment. And there were the […] Read more »

Unique Art Focuses on WWI

            On the evening of November 11, the Sippican Historical Society speakers series hosted a rare look at art that represented significant meaning to those with connections to World War I.             Marion resident and artist Ben Dunham gave a talk on WWI art created by J. Alphege Brewer, whose fame came from his delicate […] Read more »

A Modern Role for Museums

            On November 3 and 5, the Marion Natural History Museum hosted two presentations. Although the two themes were vastly different, they exemplified the significant role natural history museums can play in the 21st century.             But first a brief look back: American interest in all things natural, collected specimens and wonders of the natural […] Read more »

Remembering a Mattapoisett Hero

            In eulogizing Lieutenant General John “Skip” B. Hall, Jr., his son Adam Hall told attendees to his father’s funeral that, “He led a life of service to his country and his family, selflessly saving nothing for himself.”             It’s been nearly a year since the Town of Mattapoisett lost the highly decorated veteran on […] Read more »