Library Prepares for Reopening, Budget Cuts

            “People have been so desperate for books,” stated Susan Pizzolato, Mattapoisett Public Library Director, during the May 21 meeting of the Mattapoisett Board of Trustees.             With the permission of the Friends of the Mattapoisett Public Library, Pizzolato made up give-away bags from books that under normal circumstances would have been sold at the monthly library […] Read more »

On the Crest of a Hill

            On the crest of a small hill in Agawam Cemetery is my father’s grave. He is surrounded by his father-in-law, his infant boy-child, and his wife. Down the hill rest more extended family members from my mother’s side of the family. At 92 his mind and its ability to regulate not only thoughts but biological […] Read more »

New Distance, New Partner, Same Result for Watling III

            Since the Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race first began in 1939, the event has only been canceled four years and for one occasion — World War II. With the novel coronavirus pandemic putting a stop to countless events across the country, the 2020 edition was not expected to become an exception.             In fact, at one […] Read more »

Coastal Fly Fishing

            My daughter and her husband Mike live just around the corner from our house on Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven but are not frequent visitors anymore since the coronavirus invaded our shores and changed our lives. My daughter taught preschool in Plymouth, now closed for the summer, and Mike is a very active paramedic with an […] Read more »

‘Seniors Honoring Seniors’ to Debut

            During the May 18 meeting of the Rochester Council on Aging Board of Directors meeting, Woody Hartley made a suggestion that quickly won the hearts and minds of the other board members as well as the COA Director Cheryl Randall-Mach.             Hartley, who is also a selectman, stated, “The teenagers went home and – boom – […] Read more »

Doctor Draws Circle of Support from Her Church

            On Friday, the Reverend Amy Lignitz Harken enjoyed a virtual graduation ceremony after earning her doctorate in ministry from Hartford Seminary, then was flabbergasted by the cavalcade of cars swinging by the end of her parsonage driveway, pausing and shouting their congratulations.             A serenade of sorts was in order, but the Mattapoisett Congregational Church parishioners’ […] Read more »

Nighelli Offered Job as Marion Chief of Police

            The Town of Marion does not want to lose Police Lieutenant Richard Nighelli and decided the best way not to is to make him Chief of Police.             “He’s been with us for 17 years, he could have left us, but he didn’t,” said Board of Selectman Chairperson Randy Parker after the board interviewed Nighelli for […] Read more »

Like Fitness Guru Thoreau Always Said, ‘Simplify, Simplify’

            At the risk of going back to the well once too often, here’s another installment of why the early physical culturists can show us the way when it comes to working out in times of scarcity.             First of all, we should look at why and how they exercised. The reason why they exercised is the […] Read more »

Tale of Adventurous, Amorous Cottontail Rabbit

When the morning sun rises outside our picture window on Little Bay on Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven, our outlook dawns a little brighter with each passing day now that the spring is emerging.             We feel like venturing outdoors for spring clean up after April showers and stormy winds. We are surprised to be greeted by […] Read more »

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Long before handwashing was recognized as the single most significant intervention to the spread of disease (okay, so this was discovered more than a century ago but no one was paying attention), I was washing my hands and not touching my face. I’m not a genius; I’m a germaphobe.             At the office it was not […] Read more »