By Marilou Newell

            Pastural scenes, roaring ocean waves, birds on the wing, seaside visions, agrarian activities, moments in time, color and light – those and many more adjectives can be used to express what can be found at the Marion Art Center (MAC)’s current exhibit. On July 12, the MAC opened its members exhibit to a packed audience […] Read more »

Oyster Farming is a Group Effort

            They always say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The same could be said for raising oysters.             Actually, oysters may be easier to raise in many ways, but that’s a different story. This is a story about what can happen when a group of dedicated volunteers come together, shoulder to shoulder, while wearing […] Read more »

Triathlon Tests Young and Old Alike

            A triathlon is simply not your run-of-the-mill sporting event. The demands made on the body are great, but the demands made on the athletes’ minds are even greater. Add to that some hot blazing sun and high humidity and you have a challenge that is not one-size-fits-all; this is a challenge that will test each […] Read more »

Fifty Years Later, the Preservers of History Make History

            It was January 25, 1967 when the founding members of the Rochester Historical Society (RHS) met for the very first time inside the North Avenue home of Judy and James Gurney. The group of ten history buffs, “residents interested in studying and preserving the historical background of the town,” as it stated in its very […] Read more »

The New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center

            The Fishing Heritage Center at 38 Bethel Street, New Bedford, is just across the historic cobblestone street from the historic Whaling Museum. Under Executor Director Laura Orleans, the center is dedicated to telling the story of the fishing industry – past, present, and future – through exhibits, programs, and educational archives. Its location and presence […] Read more »

Road Race Kicks Summer Into High Gear

            By 8:00 am on July 4, the streets leading south from Route 6 to Shipyard Park in Mattapoisett were beginning to show signs that something big was about to take place. By 8:30 am, nearly every available parking space was filled and the sidewalks and streets were swarming with people in a festive mood. Adrenaline […] Read more »

Arts In the Park, Indeed

            The Marion Art Center’s 11th Annual Arts In the Park juried art festival is an opportunity for the public to witness the glory of human artistic expression. From pottery to painting, from photography to wearable art, the offerings were, in a word, magnificent.             The brutal heat on July 6 did nothing to hamper the overall […] Read more »

Marion is ‘Best in Show’ for July 4th Festivities

            When it comes to the 4th of July in the Tri-Town, Marion is the perpetual frontrunner with its grand parade, horse show at Washburn Park, and elaborate fireworks display. Even on years when there aren’t any fireworks on the nighttime horizon, Marion’s annual parade makes up for it year after year with more spectators, more […] Read more »

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

She wanted all the mail brought to her. She didn’t want anyone deciding if she should receive the advertising fliers, weekly grocery store bulletins, or enveloped solicitations – she wanted the whole lot so her fingers could walk through a world of merchandise uninhibited by time or place. She’d take her time going through the […] Read more »

In the Beginning, there was Rochester

            The last of the Tri-Town tours should have been the starting point. After all, Rochester was, in the beginning, the only town that existed in what we know today as the Tri-Town area. Marion and Mattapoisett were only villages within its borders. But that’s not all, Wareham was also once part of Rochester.             That aside, […] Read more »