We the People

Third grade students at Center School put on their annual Famous Massachusetts’ Person Presentations on Tuesday, June 20. Each student dressed as their chosen famous Bay Stater who made their mark on history and invited parents to watch the presentations. Photos by Jean Perry   Read more »

The Flamboyant Pileated Woodpecker

Behold, a big dashing bird the size of a crow with a flaming crest and a silly, loud, laughing call. The pileated woodpecker is classified as arboreal, meaning it has feet with two toes, each facing forward and backward with a specialized arrangement of opposite muscles and tendons. This gives them a vise-like clasping grip […] Read more »

Blockbuster Afternoon for Tri-County Symphonic Band

Audience members experienced music from Hollywood’s best at the Tri-County Symphonic Band’s 15th Annual Benefit Pops Concert in “Hollywood Blockbusters” this past Sunday at Tabor Academy in Marion. Under the direction of Philip Sanborn, now in his 11th season, the ensemble performed with great energy and skill. The Tri-County Music Association went for the full […] Read more »

Keel Awards

The Wanderer is pleased to announce that we are soliciting nominations for our 24th annual “Wanderer Keel Awards.” The yearly community service honor – which is presented to one Tri-Town resident from each of the three central towns in our circulation area – will be announced in our July 27 edition, and each winner will […] Read more »

An Island Adventure for OHS Sixth Graders

Old Hammondtown School’s sixth grade classes boarded the Cuttyhunk Ferry docked at the working waterfront in New Bedford on June 12 for an island adventure. More perfect weather for crossing Buzzards Bay would have been impossible to imagine. And what awaited the 72 students on the other side was an experiential learning opportunity on an […] Read more »

One Boat, 50 Years, a Thousand Memories

In 1967, Bob Brack could not have anticipated that for the next 50 years he would return season upon season to the waters of Buzzards Bay aboard the same sailboat. As David Kaiser of the Mattapoisett Boat Yard knows, most boat owners who spend any amount of leisure time with boats will go through several […] Read more »

Center School Field Day

Students at Center School enjoyed a day of fun in the sun on Friday, June 9, during the annual Field Day. The last day of school for students in the district is Wednesday, June 21. Photos by Jean Perry   Read more »

JHS Students Raise Nearly $2K for Cat Shelter

Even before the ‘big check’ was officially presented, the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School main office was purring with praise for the team of eighth graders who participated in a 100-minute long walkathon outside in the rain for a cause with paws. The Orange Team of 125 students on June 9 welcomed Pam and […] Read more »

Center School Vocabulary Day Parade

Center School held its very own first annual Vocabulary Day Parade on Thursday, June 8. Students dressed up as their chosen word to personify its meaning and strutted around for all to read. Photos by Colin Veitch   Read more »

The Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Sometimes known as the ‘Tom Thumb of the owl realm’ because it is tame enough to be picked up in one hand and is not much bigger than your thumb, the saw-whet owl, in size, is the smallest of so-called nocturnal raptors in New England. Way down south, the owlet is barely bigger than the […] Read more »