Not to Entangle a Right Whale

            The right whale is so named because it is the right one to hunt as it often swims close to shore and is quite docile, not afraid of approaching boats, and floats when killed. As such, right whales have been hunted nearly to extinction and are classified as endangered by the entanglement of fishing nets […] Read more »

New American Legion Commander Leads Vets Day

            Mattapoisett’s Florence Eastman Post 280 of the American Legion has a new Commander.             After many years of service as the local chapter’s guiding force, Michael Lamoureaux retired from those duties in October when Rachel Perron, Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves, was elected.             “Frankly, I’m terrified,” Perron said with a chuckle as she began the […] Read more »

Marion Honors Vets of All Roles, All Wars

            Monday marked the 100th anniversary of the Veterans Day holiday, originally called Armistice Day, master of ceremonies Lt. Col. Joseph Napoli told the standing room only crowd at Sippican School. It was one day after the end of WWII, he said, that the day of observance would be renamed Veterans Day.             “President Eisenhower had the […] Read more »

Patriots Team Doctor Visits Mattapoisett Library

            Dr. Bertram “Bert” Zairns has seen it all when it comes to sports-related injuries suffered by high performance athletes. As team doctor to the New England Patriots for 25 years, 32 years for the Bruins and 14 years healing the wounds of the Revolution soccer team, Zairns has been there, done that.             On November 3, […] Read more »

Tri-Town Observes Veterans Day

            The Tri-Town tradition of honoring those who have served our country continues, and with each year as participation grows and grows, these Veterans Day observances have established themselves as core community events in the annual Tri-Town cycle.             The public is invited to attend the observances of Marion and Mattapoisett this Monday, November 11, at “the […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Judges in the Mattapoisett Police Department’s 2019 Annual Halloween Costume Contest had a tough time naming the winners of this year’s contest due to the number of extraordinary costumes in each age group. Some of the outstanding ones included ‘team’ costumes like Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West and their portable house with […] Read more »

Not to Slay a Dragonfly

            Fossils of dragonflies date back to 300 million years on Earth, and today the insect is found on every continent of the world.             Using the name “dragon” for an insect may have come from the myth that they were once dragon-like creatures during the time of the dinosaurs. In Japan, the Samurai warriors saw them […] Read more »

Complicity Explored in ‘Dawson’s Fall’

            A new historical novel by award winning author Roxana Robinson explores her family’s history – a history that shocked and troubled her enough to take the topic of slavery head on.              Robinson has written five novels, including a well-received biography of Georgia O’Keefe, and received a Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts award for her work. […] Read more »

The Hum

            Chase sat up in bed. It was going to be another sleepless night. He shook his head back and forth and lightly rapped it. Something had to stop the humming, but what? No sense in telling his parents; they couldn’t hear it. He knew he wasn’t the only one who could. A few of the […] Read more »

The Gravitational Pull of The Moon

            There is one thought that sustains the winter-weary soul through darkness and cold – that summer will come again. But like a small child waiting from Christmas Day or birthday gifts, the wait can feel very long. Some of those gray cold days are eternities.             But summer did come, and with it, my desire to […] Read more »