ORRJHS Brings Early Thanksgiving


The Old Rochester Regional Junior High School students and staff who volunteered their time over the weekend to put on a Thanksgiving banquet for the senior citizens of Tri-Town knew what they were doing, considering that this was the 24th year the school offered the special Sunday Thanksgiving event. When Superintendent of Schools Doug White […] Read more »

Sea Turtles


The Marion Natural History Museum’s afterschool group enjoyed a wonderful program about sea turtles of Buzzards Bay last Wednesday. During the program the students had a chance to view videos of hatchling turtles, learn a little about sea turtle biology, and handle some live terrapins. We wish to thank Don Lewis and Sue Weber Nourse […] Read more »

ORRHS Play is Looking ‘Wonderful’


It would not be the holiday season without a drama club production at Old Rochester Regional High School. The school’s acclaimed drama club always puts on a play during the November/December corridor, and this year, that play is a radio broadcast of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ Directed by Paul Sardinha and with costumes by Helen […] Read more »

Harvest Family Dance


Families danced the night away the evening of November 15 during the Harvest Family Dance hosted by the Southcoast Children’s Chorus. A professional caller led participants step by step in contra dancing inside the Marion Music Hall, with proceeds of the dance funding the chorus’ trip to Austria in June. Photos by Felix Perez Read more »

Local Band Releasing Third Album


In today’s modern music marketplace, it has never been easier for musicians to have their work heard by a sizable audience. The Internet, social media, and the increased ease of home recording have all contributed to the breaking down of walls between artists and fans. Giant acts like U2 and Taylor Swift have made the […] Read more »

A New England Nutcracker


A city rich in American history, New Bedford is also a city with its own performing arts treasures.  This holiday season New Bedford Ballet will take you on a journey back in time to the 1850s, a time when The Whaling City prospered as its whale oil lit up the world. A New England Nutcracker […] Read more »

Take Joy


There came a time when living with the looping internal dialog so full of pain could not, and would not, be tolerated any longer. With that line drawn, I’d spend the next ten years sorting out those inherited belief systems that could be dispensed with forever. That done, I slowly moved forward – but not […] Read more »

That is No Osprey…


Suddenly pointing up at the sky, I shouted to my out-of-towner friend to look at the three screeching “obviously not seagulls” birds hovering above the Mattapoisett River estuary, where it meets the harbor near the Mattapoisett YMCA. “Oh, look at the ospreys!” I cried, my words too slow for my racing thought process that had […] Read more »

Alternative Offerings, Alternative Outcomes


Arranging the delicate prayer bead bracelets into small groups on the worn, wooden table, Johanna Duponte-Williams handled each one with care, like dainty diamonds that had no price to measure their worth. To Williams, they truly are priceless little trinkets, each one fashioned by the tiny fingers of children whose futures are as bright as […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Veteran’s Day Ceremony


Mattapoisett came out to support its veterans on Veteran’s Day at Old Hammondtown School. Guest Speaker U.S Army LTC Todd Johnson spoke about “service” and how it brings us all together as Americans. Photos by Jean Perry Read more »