Treasures Troves of Trash: The Quirky Side of SEMASS

When you’re in the business of trash, there are certain things you can expect to encounter on a daily basis – a steady, almost constant stream of incoming rubbish, the ubiquitous stench of garbage, rats, an ample supply of earplugs, and the formidable ambience of millions of mechanical parts enclosed in metal that are designed […] Read more »

Sail On Herman Melville

“Thar she blows …” bellowed actor Stephen Collins as he inhabited the very soul of Herman Melville during his one-man performance of “Sailing Towards My Father” at the Mattapoisett Library on January 6. A packed house witnessed the talent of Collins as he not only uttered the lines written by Carl A. Rossi, a Pittsfield […] Read more »

The Buzzards Bay Coalition in Marion

The relatively new Buzzards Bay Coalition science laboratory and baykeeper boat building opened in October at the new location at Route 6 and Spring Street. It will now become a future landmark for clean water stewardship and activity centerpiece in Marion. From this base of operation, the residential R/V Buzzards Baykeeper can be launched for […] Read more »

First, Do No Harm

There is so much traffic just outside the windows of my North Street home. It amazes me now as I sit here watching the seasons change through the color of the sky and the leaves’ silent descent to the ground. Life in its many iterations is right there in front of my eyes – humans […] Read more »

Freezin’ For a Reason Splashes into 2019

The weather could not have been better had it been special ordered. Air temperatures hovered in the high 50s. Water temperature was 42 degrees. Although the sun was blocked by a sky reminiscent of a silver and grey quilted blanket, when it peaked through, its warmth could be felt. And thus January 1, 2019 was […] Read more »

Rochester COA Rings In 2019

On the final afternoon of December 31, the Rochester Council On Aging held its annual New Year’s Eve luncheon and celebration. Director Sharon Lally spooned up heaping piles of Chinese food as the buffet line wound around the central conference room and corridor. By her side helping to serve the partygoers was Program Assistant Edna […] Read more »

How to Holiday Recycle: Wrapping-Up What to Do

The holiday season produces 25 percent more solid waste than the rest of the year which might not have crossed one’s mind during prior years until 2018 when the country suddenly realized the solid waste and recycling crisis it was facing since the Chinese market closed its doors to American recyclables. Now that Christmas is […] Read more »

Sippican School Principal Announces Retirement

Sippican School Principal Evelyn Rivet announced on December 20 that she would retire at the end of the school year. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your children with me,” Rivet said in a letter she sent to parents on Friday. “…[I]t has been a special blessing in the […] Read more »

It’s Coming on Christmas

Everywhere I go now, every social media platform, every radio station, every retail outlet, the faint drumbeat is getting louder – it’s coming on Christmas. Of all the holidays and happy event occasions we traditionally celebrate, Christmas is the hardest. Etched deep within my aging brain are all those images of childhood Christmases spent living […] Read more »

RMS Sets the Stage for the Holidays

The young musicians of Rochester Memorial School ‘Decked the Halls’ and then played to a colorfully dressed audience of students, staff, and parents on Thursday, December 20. Choral Music teacher Sue Audette encouraged everyone to sing along and the joyful sound was enough to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Meanwhile, the 5th and 6th […] Read more »