Updated Information for Proposed Marine Facility in Marion

            This past September, the Town held a meeting to review a proposed new Marine Facility to be located at Island Wharf. Based on the discussion and comments received at that meeting, the design of the proposed facility has been revised. Attached are “Before and After” drawings showing the original design from September 2020 and […] Read more »

Outdoor Classroom Exceeds Imagination

            Little could Joanne Smith and Kirsten Jimenez realize in January 2020 just how significant their little idea would be to the children attending Rochester Memorial School a year later.             Entrenched in a normal winter, Smith, an art teacher at the town’s elementary school, and Jimenez, the Parent-Teacher Organization president, began discussing and planning […] Read more »

April Is Donate Life Month

            Samuel Evan Ellis could not have known when he got a tattoo on his hand that the words he had chosen for his body art would become professorial – “Never Die.” When his sister saw the tattoo, she was a bit miffed, asking him why he would select that wording. He simply replied, “Because […] Read more »

Marion Projects Receive Federal, State Aid

            The Town of Marion hopes it is turning a fiscal corner after Representative William Straus presented its delegates with a $250,000 check on April 2, part of a $2 million commitment from the state to assist on debt payment associated with the rehabilitation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant lagoon off Benson Brook Road.             […] Read more »

Colorful Oyster Catcher Faces Uncertain Future

            The colorful, eye-catching oyster catcher is a spectacular species of shorebird about as large as a crow, but whose black plumage is brightly contrasted with a long, red bill and, like many coastal creatures, equipped with a pair of long, yellow legs for wading in shallow shoals.             By now, the oyster catcher has […] Read more »

A Hundred and Fifty Thank Yous

            They don’t consider themselves exceptional or even special for what they have done. It wasn’t really planned; instead just evolved out of circumstances surrounding the pandemic. But when a Mattapoisett couple found themselves able to help, they simply faced the need and made a difference.             We’ll call them Mrs. BC and Mr. RC […] Read more »

Elevation Essential to Neck Access

            Mattapoisett Neck residents are eventually going to have to move up, so they don’t have to move out.             Flooding, not only from coastal storms of historic magnitude but a science-based projection of rising tides under sunny skies, threatens access to the approximately 250 residents of the neck at increasing levels in this century, […] Read more »

Local Sea Captain Became Revolutionary War Hero

            Not many local historical chronicles even mention Mattapoisett sea captain Oliver Allen, one of the Nantucket Allen clan who had settled in that part of what was then Old Rochester with his wife, Jeanne, by 1760. His brother, Thomas Allen, another master mariner, was also living in the busy port town with his family […] Read more »

First Englishman Sought Family before Fame

            If you do an internet search for the first English child born of Mayflower Pilgrims, Peregrine White’s name will pop-up. He was the baby boy born to a couple that took a leap of faith in the 1600s, boarded a ship in Amsterdam, and sailed toward an unknowable land and an equally unknowable future. […] Read more »

Confessions of an Online Shopper

            Window shopping or browsing in a mall was never my cup of tea, but that is not to say I didn’t enjoy shopping. I certainly did, especially during the end-of-season sales.             Nothing felt better than entering a dressing room loaded down with new clothing, hoping a few pieces would fit me well. Oh, […] Read more »