First Responders from Four Towns Vaccinated

            Phase 1A of the COVID-19 vaccination program is underway in Marion, where the town’s officials organized a drive-through clinic on January 13 and 14 for first responders from Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester, and Wareham at the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center.             “The two chiefs and Lori did an amazing amount of work in a week,” said […] Read more »

‘Team Charlotte’ Determined to Defeat Deadly Foe

            Tabor Academy sophomore Charlotte Forker has been forced to grow up way ahead of schedule. Having lost her mother, Jen, a school nurse and beloved member of the Tabor community, to cancer on October 22, 2018, Charlotte wants to change the world.             The 15-year-old has joined the Students of The Year campaign through […] Read more »

Richard Nighelli Sworn in as New Marion Police Chief

            The Marion Police Department is pleased to announce that Richard B. Nighelli has officially begun his new role as Chief.             Chief Nighelli, a 17-year veteran of the department, was sworn in during a private ceremony at the Marion Police station on Thursday, January 7.             “As a member of the Marion Police Department […] Read more »

Alvin’s Silence is a Sign of Winter

            The comical, animated chipmunk that entertained us all last summer by scurrying back and forth across our backyard with cheeks stuffed with seeds and nuts is a comical personality of the larger squirrel family.             The chipmunk appeared regularly, every morning during daylight hours, industriously finding and transporting food to be stored up for […] Read more »

‘Sammy Swims’ Raises $15,000 for Travis Roy Foundation

            In the face of a daunting task, Sammy Davis got nervous just like anyone else would. It wasn’t December’s 45-degree ocean water that bothered her, more so she was afraid of letting down the Travis Roy Foundation.             “I was nervous we wouldn’t reach our original goal,” Davis told The Wanderer.             Uncertainty proved […] Read more »

New Year’s Irresolution Waiver

            New Year’s is typically a time of celebration, the denouement to a frenetic, all-consuming holiday season. The calendar marks the inevitable ends and the new beginnings, and this transition gives license for one last hurrah. And after the hangovers comes the introspection followed by a clichéd manifesto of self-improvement and conquest.             The movers […] Read more »

A Legacy of Music – Nolan Gibbons

            Nolan Gibbons was a young man whose love of all things musical manifested itself at a very young age. His mother, Sheila, and father, Warren, dedicated themselves to giving their son all the opportunities possible for a musically gifted child. To that end, Sheila would spend many hours taking Nolan to and from rehearsals […] Read more »

Butter Tales

            I was in my early twenties before I fully appreciated the tasteful difference between oleomargarine and butter. You see, in my childhood home, it was oleomargarine that was the staple for spreading on toast, tossing into a pot of hot potatoes, or merely slathering on saltine crackers. Ma’s frugality called for margarine, a taste […] Read more »

Scotland’s National Poet Gave Times Square its Signature Song

            Robert Burns, who lived from 1738 to 1798, is today renowned in the literary English-speaking world as Scotland’s so-called Ploughman Poet; this title is both spelled and pronounced in heavy Scottish brogue to relate to his pastoral pleasures of writing verse and music in the 18th century with a Highland flair.             His parents were hard-working […] Read more »

Strom Finds Strength to Share

            Inspired by her angels, Hannah Strom is already strategizing on how to pay it forward. “I want to help people just like people helped me,” she told The Wanderer last week, only days after taking the giant step of a Sunday run from Island Wharf along Front Street past Pitcher Street where she lives and on down […] Read more »