Water Damages Books Slated for Fundraiser Sale


It wasn’t looking good for the Elizabeth Taber Library Annual Book Sale coming up next week when, on Friday, July 15, staff discovered water pouring down from the ceiling of the basement room where donated books were being stored for the annual fundraiser. The library staff at first thought it was a burst pipe raining […] Read more »

Peace and Unity


Local police, clergy, and members of the Tri-Town community gathered this morning, Saturday, July 23, at ORR Junior High School to come together in peace and unity during an ecumenical service to honor those in uniform, those officers who have recently been assassinated in Dallas and Baton Rouge, and to pray for an end to […] Read more »

When Life Gives You Lemons


  In 1988, Kathleen Renzi and Roni King, wives of Lions Club members, wanted to help the organization, but women weren’t allowed to be members. The two decided to sell lemonade during community events, giving a portion of the proceeds to the Lions Club and other charitable organizations. For decades they sold lemonade at Harbor […] Read more »

“I Was Here…”


Once in a while you’re out in nature approaching a bend in a hiking path, reaching the top of a mountain, or, in this case, meandering along the beach, and you come across something that draws your eye in. Someone has taken stones and carefully stacked them one on top of each other, perfectly balanced […] Read more »

Buzzards Bay Musicfest Returns to Marion


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Buzzards Bay Musicfest returned to Tabor Academy in Marion this past week, bringing with it sensational musical selections from Mozart to jazz standards. The five-day-long festival spanned from July 13-17 and featured two orchestra concerts, two chamber music performances, and a jazz concert. This year Antony Walker, music director of […] Read more »

The Controversial Cormorant


The cormorant is classified as a sea bird along with the albatross, penguin, and tern. Each one today is a specialized living proof of Darwin’s theory of adaption of species to environment in waters all around the world. The cormorant, for example, is able to drink salt water and fly under water with elliptical wings […] Read more »

Marion Celebrates New Fleet of Electric Cars


Monday, July 11 was a big day for Marion – and the environment one could add – when three brand new all-electric cars were delivered to the Marion Town House with a number of town officials eagerly awaiting their arrival. Thanks to a number of state and federal grants that the Marion Energy Management Committee […] Read more »

Tri-Town Responds to Dallas Tragedy


Tri-Town police departments have received an outpouring of emotional support from the residents of their towns in light of the Dallas tragedy that happened on Thursday, July 7, when a lone sniper assassinated five officers during a protest of the police-involved shootings of two African American citizens in Minnesota and Louisiana over the past week. […] Read more »

The Mattapoisett Purse


What makes a small woven basket worth thousands of dollars? Anyone who has ever watched Antiques Roadshow might quickly answer “the age of the piece.” But in the case of a small handcrafted basket from Mattapoisett, the answer would be “time, intricacy, uniqueness, and beauty.” Gladys Ellis was a well-known Mattapoisett artisan who worked in […] Read more »

The Plimpton Effect


As I mounted my bike to head out on the Triathlon course for the second leg of the race, it occurred to me that I was like George Plimpton. Plimpton, highly respected writer and world-class amateur athlete, attempted very difficult sports activities. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t do very well whatever the challenge was, […] Read more »