Community Support is Key to Inclusion


Grace and Ariel Costa-Medeiros are sisters who live in Marion. They both went to Old Rochester Regional High School and are both 19. That’s right, they are twins and they both have a passion for what they do – Grace with her sewing and Ariel with her writing and graphic art. As far as twins […] Read more »

Chickens on Handlebars


This being the last week of Autism Awareness Month, I thought I’d conclude things on a relatively lighter note, a ‘different’ note. My readers know by now that autism wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows for my family, and even this far down in our autism journey, we still sometimes find ourselves deep in the autism […] Read more »

Where Shakespeare Meets The Future


It may look like a high school auditorium with students dashing from one end of the stage to the other reciting lines, laughing at each other’s mistakes, practicing a dance move … well, you get the scene. But what it really is, the true purpose of the activity, (please don’t tell the students), is to […] Read more »

ORRHS Jazz Band In The Swing


“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing…”             Jazz music has many moods and tempos, and nearly any instrument that can be blown, strummed, hit with a mallet or stick can be used to make America’s music – jazz. With its origins deeply rooted in African rhythms, blessed by emotionally charged […] Read more »

3D Printing


The Mattapoisett Free Library unveiled its brand new 3D printer this weekend during a presentation given by tech expert Kevin Osborn. Osborn gave a demonstration on Saturday, April 16, of the library’s very own brand new Ultimaker 2 3D printer. Photos by Colin Veitch   Read more »

Autism is a Wanderer


When I watch my boy walk away down the path to school, it feels like my heart is outside of my body and wandering off into the world, away from my ability to protect, vulnerable to pain, potential suffering, and to annihilation. I imagine every mother feels that way as she watches her heart walk […] Read more »

Vernal Pools


While everyday life bustles about in Tri-Town, somewhere in a secluded vernal pool off Long Plain Road in Mattapoisett floats the cradle of the next generation of blue-spotted salamanders, a species of ‘special concern’ as designated by the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. The Mattapoisett Land Trust property Woodcock Preserve might be relatively inaccessible […] Read more »

Funny Not Funny


Just before the winter break, my kid brought home a paper titled “The Gift of Words.” It was a way for each student to “gift” each other with the positive reasons why the other kids like you. It was written in about 20 handwritings, and the list of reasons took up the entire page. “You […] Read more »

Emojis: The New Hieroglyphics


Not since the Egyptians developed hieroglyphics to visually communicate and document for all ages to come the importance of their pharaohs, sun gods, and conquests have human beings used symbols to stand in place of fully expressed sentences. Say hello to the emoji. If you haven’t seen an emoji, that’s because you are not using […] Read more »

How Do You Do It? (I Have No Idea)


After a one-hour visit to my house, by the time you leave, you’ll have lost your mind. I’m talking insane. Bananas. Cray cray. That said, this year Autism Awareness Month caught me off guard a little. I knew it was coming, but I had been so preoccupied these past months, up to my ears in […] Read more »