Marion Knows How To Party


There was food, games, music, perfect weather, and a constant ebb and flow of partygoers on Saturday, August 27, as Marion celebrated what Chris Berg, Town Party Committee chairman, called “Our wonderful town!” The contributions of the fire and police departments, various other town departments, and the efforts of all the volunteers were recognized by […] Read more »

A Swan’s Best Friend


Phyllis Washburn, Marion resident and author, told the heartwarming, tender story of how she and her husband Ralph met a swan and began a journey they could not have anticipated. Their relationship with Sam the Swan has been captured forever in her book Good Morning Sam. Washburn spoke on August 29 after the Marion Council […] Read more »

It’s Just Like Riding A Bike


It was surprising to see among her possessions a bicycle. Gardening supplies, antique furniture, lamps, chairs, side tables, boxes of bric-a-brac and a brand new bicycle stuffed into a large storage unit. She had sold her beloved hundred-year-old farmhouse on the hill, had cast about for a place to land, and to her dismay eventually […] Read more »

Rochester Country Fair a Success


Did you hear it? Tractor engines revving, rock and roll resonating for miles, cows mooing, goat bah-ing or whatever it is that they say…. Did you see it? Axes flying, clouds of dust rising, dudes with long bushy beards and the rural splendor of overalls and John Deere tee shirts.… Did you smell it? The […] Read more »

Grange Fair Celebrates an Agricultural Past


For a town recognized for its pride in its agricultural heritage, the Rochester Grange Fair remained surprisingly quiet on Saturday, where small groups of people milled around the warm upper floor of the Rochester Grange Hall. They were the lucky ones, considering the displays in front of them. Brightly colored flowers decorated the small stage. […] Read more »

Marion COA Offering Quality Cultural Programs


An August 22 presentation on Robert Frost at the Marion Council on Aging is further evidence that what the Marion COA has to offer area seniors – and residents in general – is a continuous stream of quality cultural and literary immersion with the opportunity to share in the conversation with fellow community members. Robert […] Read more »

The Feisty Fiddler Crab


Crabs are classified as crustaceans and are highly valued as predators and scavengers to the Buzzards Bay ecosystem by keeping it clean and also providing a valuable food source for the environment and humans. Many miles of the Buzzards Bay shoreline here are perfect for fiddler crabs, which have a ‘clock’ in their heads to […] Read more »

Drought Watch Issued for Tri-Town Region


As part of the Southeast of Massachusetts, Tri-Town is one of the areas hit hard by the dry summer the region has been experiencing, as evidenced by escalating water restrictions and extremely low water marks, most notably the Mattapoisett River. After five straight months of dry conditions all throughout the Commonwealth, Energy and Environmental Affairs […] Read more »

The Wanderer Seeks Student Journalists


Are you a student at Old Rochester Regional or Old Colony who enjoys writing, finding a good scoop, and telling everybody about it? How about getting paid for doing something you enjoy anyway? There’s that, and the thrill of seeing your name in print, which never really gets old, in our opinion. Writing as a […] Read more »

Extreme Tiny House Waterfront Living


She was sick and tired of paying rent and had always dreamed of owning waterfront property. However, the reality of economics put buying a home with waterfront access out of reach. But with a bit of creative thinking and an opportunity to have the dream come true albeit in a slightly different way, Jill Simmons […] Read more »