Storm Puts the ‘Polar’ in Polar Plunge

It wasn’t just a white Christmas on Monday. It was also a wild Christmas with sudden winds picking up mid-morning that progressed into horizontal snow and sleet, downing trees and power lines throughout Tri-Town. Still, the weather left those at the Mattapoisett Town Beach for the annual Christmas Day Swim sponsored by Helping Hands and […] Read more »

Junior High Receives Tech Grant

Back in 2015, the state awarded the schools in the Tri-Town district a cumulative total of $60,000 in technology grant money – all the schools except for the junior high, that is. “What we couldn’t understand was … what happened with our junior high?” said Assistant Superintendent Elise Frangos. “It was somehow an omission.” Frangos […] Read more »

The Grinch That Almost Stole Christmas

When I asked my son, “So how was your Christmas this year?” he simply stated, “Awesome.” This year when people ask me how my Christmas was, I’ll say that it was nice and then change the subject. I think I do that every year, though, after each imperfect Christmas passes and we move onto the […] Read more »

The History of Christmas in New England

The traditional holiday of Christmas was not always looked upon as a favorable celebration by the Puritans in the colonial days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony body of government. Their strict religion regarded drinking and partying as a false celebration of the birth of Jesus, with stronger ties to paganism than their own concept of […] Read more »

Tinkhamtown Chapel Sing-Along Delights

December 23 proved to be a night when Rudolph’s red nose would have been helpful as people made their way through the foggy night going over the river, through the woods, and around the cranberry bog before finally arriving at the quaint ye olde Tinkhamtown Chapel to sing Christmas carols. But the weather didn’t stop […] Read more »

Understanding Autistic Holiday Stress

The holidays can be tough on anyone. What they may not realize is that it can be particularly challenging for autistic people. As an active member of the autistic community, please allow me to present a variety of factors that make this otherwise joyous season difficult for autistics, and also offer advice on how you […] Read more »

Celebrity Artist, Celebrity Bandit at RMS

A special visitor brought a special new resident to Rochester Memorial School on Friday, December 15. Every school needs a mascot, and at RMS it’s always been that rascally raccoon, Bandit. A loyal and constant fixture at the school, wherever Bandit shows his face – whether on posters, banners, T-shirts, or even socks – the […] Read more »

Pizza Santa

What’s better than a visit with Santa Claus? Without a doubt, it’s a visit with Santa Claus with pizza. The Marion Police Brotherhood hosted its annual “Pizza With Santa” this year at the new Benjamin D. Cushing Community/Senior Center. ‘Lieutenant’ Santa, as he does every year, arrived at the event to a high-spirited crowd of […] Read more »

The Trees of Life in Rochester

Human history is preserved in books. Time unfolds history while we record it and refold it into pages of paper, bound in books and set upon a timeless shelf – row after row, an endless flow of a story unchangeable. In everyone, in everything, in every place there is a unique history as individual as […] Read more »

Holiday Window On Little Bay

A year ago my wife, Jan, and I moved to a local house with a panoramic shoreline view to be close to our daughter Elizabeth, a few blocks away. Now, we are getting ready for Christmas and trimming the tree with ornaments and lights in the true spirit and tradition amended safely by Thomas Edison […] Read more »