Tri-Town Profile: Jillian Zucco

Name: Jillian Zucco, Miss Massachusetts 2017 Age: 24 How she came to Tri-Town: Grew up and still lives in Mattapoisett. Favorite place: Ned’s Point. “I like to run there, jump in the water and then keep running.” What would you do as President of Tri-Town? “I would require everybody to volunteer a certain number of […] Read more »

Great Turnout for ‘Great Community Picnic’

What is a ‘Great Community Picnic,’ and what makes it great? On Thursday, August 3, the Mattapoisett Historical Society and the Mattapoisett Land Trust hosted its second annual Great Community Picnic at the Munro Preserve, and by the looks of it, it was indeed pretty great. A Great Community Picnic “is an occasion where people, […] Read more »

Community Nurse Recognized for Excellence

On August 8, Mattapoisett’s Community Nurse Amanda Stone received the Massachusetts Community Nurse Award of Excellence presented by the Board of Selectmen. Town Administrator Michael Gagne said that while other cities and towns cut back on public health nursing services as a cost-saving measure, opting instead to use the services of visiting nurses, Mattapoisett had […] Read more »

The Not-So-Common Prehistoric Loon

The common loon is one of the oldest living creatures on this planet, with credentials of ancient fossils written on limestone pages of time in Earth’s crust more than a billion years ago. This iconic spirit of the waters we enjoy today has somehow miraculously eluded extinction both before and after the Mesozoic cataclysms because […] Read more »

Exhibit Highlights Marion’s Golden Era

At the New Bedford Whaling Museum one can take a trip through time and imagine life aboard a whaling ship, or working in a stitching mill, or harvesting cranberries – industries that saw their heydays come and go or become mechanized. But there was also another way of life – one that featured a different […] Read more »

Tri-Town Profile: Hannah Guard

Name: Hannah Guard, valedictorian, ORR Class of 2017 Age: 18 How she came to Tri-Town: Lifelong resident of Marion Favorite place: “I like going to Silvershell Beach, we keep our boat at Barden’s Boat Yard – and I love Captain Barney’s in Marion.” Ever seen a celebrity locally? “Not in Tri-Town, but a few weekends […] Read more »

Town Celebrates Hiroshima Tree Sapling

The Town of Rochester on Sunday, August 6, officially acknowledged the planting of a gingko biloba sapling gifted to the town by its former Town Administrator Michael McCue – a rare gift that not many other cities or towns in this part of the world possess. This special baby tree was born of an international […] Read more »

Tri-Town Profile: Marissa Johnson

Name: Marissa Johnson Role: President, Old Rochester Youth Football Age: 36 How she came to Tri-Town: She grew up in Central Massachusetts and Dartmouth before her family relocated to Rochester just before her freshman year at ORR. What she’d change as the President of Tri-Town: I don’t know if I’d change anything. I can tell […] Read more »

Breaking News: Summer Is Over

By the time you read this, we’ll all be lamenting the quick arrival of August. But before you pull out your wool sweaters, let me take you back to July. Somewhere around July 10th as I made my way around a low-priced retail store, I was confronted by an oversized cardboard display. At first, I […] Read more »

Police and Community Converge at ORR Field

What is known as “National Night Out” all across the country is becoming a pretty big deal. And it is always a big deal in the Tri-Town because, as a community of not just one but three police, fire, and emergency response management departments, a plethora of patrol cars, ladder trucks, ambulances, cool four-by-four vehicles, […] Read more »