A Right to Farm in Rochester


Have you seen the signs along the road as you enter Rochester that say “A Right to Farm Community” and ever wondered, what does that mean? It sort of serves both as a welcome and a warning to residents living in or moving to Rochester that this is a town that supports agriculture and a […] Read more »

Economic Depression and Recovery – Circa 1840s


What does the economic depression of the late 1840s, the Gold Rush, and the development of high-speed clipper ships have to do with Mattapoisett? Well, just about everything as we learned from Seth Mendell during his talk at the end of the annual meeting of the Mattapoisett Historical Society. Mattapoisett’s Historical Society Museum held its […] Read more »

Family Restores Historic Rochester Cottage


For many years, a stone cottage has stood overlooking Snipatuit Pond in Rochester, a picture perfect setting of peace and tranquility, holding within it more memories than there are fieldstones that make up the rustic walls of this historic Neck Road fairy tale cottage. Built in 1925 by Dr. George Moore of Brockton, Massachusetts, the […] Read more »

Talking Trash (and Recyclables)


If you have been wondering when the new mechanical trash and recycling system will finally be implemented in Mattapoisett, you are not alone. The Wanderer first reported in March 2014 that Mattapoisett would be adopting the new system, pending contract negotiations and Town Meeting appropriations of funding to kick-start the new program. Since that article […] Read more »

Gardening at Sippican School


Members of the Sippican School Garden Club have been busy this harvest season caring for their vegetables, herbs, and flowers after school. On September 23 it took ten enthusiastic little gardeners to pull up a ten-foot tall sunflower and carry it to “Weed Mountain.” After, the kids collected greens, grasses, and flowers to make an […] Read more »

YMCA Plans Nature Explore Classroom


The Mattapoisett YMCA is already one of the Southcoast’s most accessible natural settings for children to learn and have positive experiences in nature. Now, the staff at the YMCA is excited about a new design for an outdoor certified Nature Explore classroom that will offer children an outdoor space where they can engage in activities […] Read more »

Tabor Welcomes Class of 2018


Tabor students have completed their first week of classes and are now back to the routine of the school year. The new students took part in a variety of orientation activities to help them adjust smoothly to their new life at Tabor. The majority of these new students are freshmen, 45 of whom are day […] Read more »

Tiny Art Show Makes Grand Impression


“Art should be independent of all clap-trap – should … appeal to the artistic sense of eye or ear, without confounding this with emotions entirely foreign to it … Take the picture of my mother … as an Arrangement in Grey and Black. Now that is what it is … what can or ought the […] Read more »

Kids Ocean Mile Fun Run


Drew Weaver, #102, aged 12 of Mattapoisett and Matt Castro, #101, age 12 of Westport, were guaranteed winners September 13 at the Kids Ocean Mile Fun Run put on by the Mattapoisett YMCA. The only ones who signed up to compete, Castro took first place and Weaver took second in a close race. YMCA Executive […] Read more »

Who Am I?


Their faces look out at us asking, “Who am I?” or “Do you know me?” hoping to be identified once and for all, for all time to come. The Mattapoisett Historical Museum is in possession of hundreds of photographs dating from the 1800s to as recently as the 1980s bearing images of people and places […] Read more »