Thank You

To the Editor: My husband and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many people who offered support during my recent hospitalization. First of all, a giant thanks to the Mattapoisett Library children’s librarian, Linda Burke, and library director, Susan Pizzolato, for calling 911 on October 31. I also want to thank police […] Read more »

Community Preservation Act

To the Editor: On Monday, November 25, those of us in Rochester will have a chance to approve – or knock down – a motion to put the Community Preservation Act (CPA) on the town ballot for the spring. The CPA uses a combination of a local property tax surcharge and a statewide funding pool […] Read more »

Soapbox Derby Update

To the Editor: On Saturday, November 16, the Marion Pack 32 Cub Scouts held their Soap Box Derby! This event was not only lots of fun as the boys raced go carts down Holmes Street, but in addition to the race, combined three charitable events. Through a Bake Sale of home baked goods by the […] Read more »

Community Preservation Act

To the Editor: I’ve lived in Rochester for about 15 years and I love it here. I’m in favor of adopting the Community Preservation Act (CPA) for lots of reasons. The one that gets my attention most is that our town has missed out on state matching funds from the CPA. Acushnet adopted the CPA […] Read more »

Community Preservation Act Too

To the Editor: The Community Preservation Act is a state-run program in which the state gives money to towns that choose to set aside money to preserve their communities. The state CPA fund comes from real estate transactions. The town collects a surcharge on property taxes (the average home owner will pay less than $50 […] Read more »

Thanks from the Mattapoisett Friends

To the Editor: The Mattapoisett Friends Meeting takes this opportunity to thank the donors and buyers at the two flea market/yard sales held this year that were more successful than any held previously. All proceeds will be used for refurbishing the interior of the historic 1827 meeting house on Route 6. The August sale netted […] Read more »

Sail Rescue Thanks

To the Editor: I need to thank a group of extraordinary people who came to my rescue on Sunday, September 8, after my sailboat capsized in the Ned’s Point area. Beginning with Scott, on his sailboat Triage and continuing with Pat, Nancy, and MaryLou, in their powerboat. Nancy actually dove into the water to make […] Read more »

Marion’s Scholarship Education Committee

To the Editor: The town of Marion’s Scholarship Education Committee held its Ninth Annual Raffle this summer in an effort to raise awareness and money for the local scholarship fund. The major prize again this year was Red Sox tickets generously donated by Lora Sharpe and James Fogarty. The lucky winners were Jennifer and Peter […] Read more »

Solar Bylaw

To the Editor: The Solar Bylaw proposed by Marion’s Energy Management Committee for Marion’s October 28 Town Meeting would allow for the placement of industrial and commercial projects in residential neighborhoods. Solar Farms are commercial and industrial electrical generating facilities producing electricity for sale and distribution through the electrical grid. To protect Marion’s residential neighborhoods, […] Read more »

Marion Energy Management

To the Editor: The shorter days of fall signal the harvest season. This October, Marion’s residents will not only have to select the right pumpkin for their doorsteps, but also decide whether Marion’s Solar Bylaw will allow residents to harvest the sun’s energy on solar farms. The Planning Board and the Energy Management Committee found […] Read more »