Taber Library’s Book Sale

To the Editor: Thank you to everyone who helped make Marion’s Elizabeth Taber Library’s 2015 Book Sale a success. Led by Nita Howland and Sue Schwager, who have tirelessly worked and promoted the event for many months (as well as many years), the Board of Trustees wanted to take this opportunity to thank all that […] Read more »

Oh What a Night!

To the Editor: Oh What a Night! You asked for it, so we brought it to you. Last Friday night, about 200 adults came back to Holmes Wharf for the first adult wharf dance. It seems like everyone had a great time, and asked for the dances to continue next year. The Mattapoisett Track Club […] Read more »

Trash Collection

Dear Editor: The Village at Mattapoisett has requested that the Mattapoisett Planning Board change their special permit regarding trash collection, which is their responsibility under the agreement. When the present contract with the trash company gets sold to the next company, these units will be added to the total number in the new contract, thereby […] Read more »

Pier Points

To the Editor: It sounded like the famous lines from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Mr. Bumble says, “Well? What do you want, boy?” Oliver holds up his bowl, his voice shaking. “If you please, sir, I … I want some more.” That was food. I didn’t attend the Mattapoisett Planning Board meeting which addressed a […] Read more »

Small Town America

To the Editor: How glorious, “The Star Spangled Banner” starting off the concert on Wednesday evening always brings a lump to my throat. Looking up at our most beautiful symbol of freedom, people singing with hands over hearts. Looking out over our beautiful harbor on Wednesday evening, sailboats skimming over the water, full moon casting […] Read more »

Wanderer Keel Award

To the Editor: I was greatly moved to have received a phone call informing me that my deceased wife, Ruth, had been named the Mattapoisett recipient of this year’s Wanderer Keel Award. Ruth would often joke about never being considered a true “townie” because she was already 30 years old when making Mattapoisett her home […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Bike Path

To The Editor: It’s been quiet on the Bike Path public relations front for some time, but residents of Mattapoisett and the South Coast region can get ready for a flurry of activity related to design and regional fundraising. Many remember a successful request at Spring Town Meeting for additional funding associated with bridge and […] Read more »

34th Annual Harbor Days

To the Editor: The members of the Mattapoisett Lions Club would like to thank the Community for making our 34th Annual Harbor Days a success. The town departments help coordinate all of the logistics and townspeople help by allowing the streets to be cluttered with cars and by the town exploding by thousands of people […] Read more »

Who’s to Blame

To the Editor: The town of Rochester has recently been in the news regarding its having held the annual town meeting without a quorum. Amid all of the finger pointing as to who’s to blame, no one points to the real cause. The Town Clerk should have ascertained that there were enough eligible voters for […] Read more »

Wells Gas Station in Marion

To the Editor: “Adios” to the Wells Gas Station in Marion. We wish we could say farewell to our dependence on poisonous petroleum products that power our motor vehicles and boats. And, we would really like to say “adios” to the Wells gas station that was closed for six years and now is preparing to […] Read more »