Postal Delivery

Dear Editor: There are many miles of roads in Mattapoisett. I live at the end of one of the more rural ones. The USPS serves all of the addresses, sometimes to the door, and frequently to rural postal boxes. In the not-too-distant past, when a package was too large to fit into a mail slot […] Read more »

Sprague’s Cove

To the Editor: I attended last Monday’s Selectmen’s meeting on Sprague’s Cove. I came out baffled. I have a big question for the ConCom – Why do you discount and ignore the vote at the last Town Meeting that denied you the funds to keep on poisoning phragmites? You killed absolutely EVERYTHING down there when […] Read more »

Library Thank You

To the Editor: The Elizabeth Taber Library wrapped up this summer’s program for children, “Fizz Boom Read!” with an End-of-the-Summer-Program Ice Cream Sundae Social. Over the course of six weeks, many children 2-12 years old enjoyed story times, reading games, a bubble show, various crafts such as: beading-a-solar system, bike decorating for the parade, fairy […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Free Public Library

To the Editor: The staff of the Mattapoisett Free Public Library would like to thank the many sponsors and volunteers who made the 2014 Summer Reading Program, “Fizz Boom Read!” such a huge success. Over 200 children and families participated in the wide range of programs, reading activities, and story times that were part of […] Read more »

Thank You from the Library

To the Editor: The Mattapoisett Free Public Library would like to thank Michelle and Jon Pope of Uncle Jon’s Coffee for their continued support. The Uncle Jon’s family has been very generous with donations that help us provide our patrons with great educational and entertaining programming. Most recently, Uncle Jon’s helped make our summer reading […] Read more »

Sprague’s Cove Science

To the Editor: The controversy swirling around Sprague’s Cove pits scientific evidence and sound ecological practice against perception. Back in the late 1980s, the waters near Silvershell Beach were contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria owing to runoff from residential areas. The town opted to address the problem using the natural processes that occur in wetlands, […] Read more »

Sprague’s Cove Response

To the Editor: The controversy regarding the Sprague’s Cove Stormwater Remediation Project has resulted in a number of letters to the editor that have often contained erroneous and/or at best misleading information. In the lines that follow, I have tried to address the more troubling of these accusations. Accusation: The stormwater system was removed by […] Read more »

Thank You from the Mattapoisett Lions Club

Dear Editor: The grass has greened up again in Shipyard Park, the tents, trailers and all visible signs of our presence are long gone. Before the memories fade, I want to thank all those who volunteered their time and skills to making this past year’s Harbor Days a huge success. During the planning of this […] Read more »

Sprague’s Cove

To the Editor: There is talk in Marion about which group the Selectmen will appoint to handle the Sprague’s Cove storm water basin. One of their options is to give control to the Conservation Commission, which is the group that had the previous storm water system removed in 2012. The Selectmen may want to consider […] Read more »

Can I get a volunteer

Ladies and Gentlemen, can I get a volunteer? When we hear these words it brings us back to a magic show or the circus or perhaps a performance at the New England aquarium. In my younger years, I attended such a show and did raise my hand to be part of the sea lion performance. […] Read more »