The Caregiver


Among us lives a population of people who find themselves providing care to a loved one, either directly as in hands-on, or obliquely as in managing services, or, a combination of both. They are called ‘caregivers.’ Caregivers may feel as if they have been dropped into an alternate universe, one in which they cannot escape, […] Read more »

BBAHFH Home Build Underway


Buzzards Bay Area Habitat for Humanity’s (BBAHFH) Marion home build is underway! Our first volunteer group came out this past weekend. We were thankful to have the support of the community and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to build our first Habitat home in Marion. The 1,156 square foot Energy Star rated cottage-style home […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Woman Lives Her Dream


As a little girl, Katie asked her parents for horseback riding lessons. Being good parents and wishing to make their child happy, the girl was enrolled in a horseback riding camp in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Her parents never thought for a moment back then that this love of horses was anything more than a passing […] Read more »

The Summer Wind


The song Summer Wind, made famous by the one and only Frank Sinatra, spoke of a fleeting romance ignited during the summertime, and then lost. There are other summer songs that come wafting in on warm breezes. Songs like Don Henley’s Boys of Summer, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ See You In September, the […] Read more »

For the Love of Books…


When 5-year old Kennedy Zussy of Marion overheard her parents talking about how some New Bedford schools don’t have a school library for students, Kennedy found it unacceptable. No books? How can kids be smart if they don’t have books, the little girl wondered. “All year, they had, like, six books on the shelf in […] Read more »

Community Journalism Opportunities


The Wanderer is actively seeking community journalists, student writers, and experienced photographers to join our team delivering news and stories of interest from Mattapoisett, Marion, and Rochester to the Tri-Town area. As a community news correspondent, you will spend time attending the various meetings of a variety of town boards and committees, taking notes during […] Read more »

Marion Town Party Lights up the Night


The sky over Marion Center last Saturday night was all aglow. The low-lying, rain-threatening – but thankfully just threatening – clouds were saturated with a hazy orange that emanated from the giant bonfire in the middle of the field beside the Town House. Strings of party lights lit up rows of wooden picnic tables from […] Read more »

The Pedicure


Lots of things can be addictive. There are, of course, the most common like booze and drugs – legal and otherwise. There are food addicts, exercise addicts, and gambling is a big one for some people. I guess just about anything can become an addiction for someone somewhere on the planet. Mine is getting pedicures. […] Read more »

Record Highs and Lows for the Country Fair


It’s quiet now on Pine Street in Rochester. The roaring of engines, the buzzing of chainsaws, and the loud and rowdy country music have been replaced by the sound of crickets, remaining only in the echoes of our minds. The fairgrounds are empty, except for maybe a few scattered skeletons of the fair’s infrastructure, some […] Read more »

New Technology Brings Efficiency to Tri-Town Police


A recent sizeable grant has brought the latest in fingerprinting technology to the three Tri-Town Police Departments, bringing efficiency to a number of aspects of police business, say the three chiefs. The towns each received a grant from the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board to purchase the latest in digital fingerprinting technology that will make […] Read more »