Autism: Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance Part 1

I was diagnosed at age four and a half with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD NOS), one of the four classified autism spectrum disorders. My first memory associated with my diagnosis is when my mother was yelling for me to hurry up and get my shoes on because we needed to rush my […] Read more »

The Spring Salamander

There are eleven different species of salamanders in Massachusetts that come in as many different colors and patterns. The most commonly seen salamander around here by hikers on a trail walk is the small Eastern newt with black dots all across its body, as seen in my illustration. It has an unusual three-part life cycle […] Read more »

Greyhound Wins Place in the Heart of Plumb

The door opens to the Plumb Library and in walks 8-year-old Amos, followed by his adopted dogmother Holly Abramson and a splash of Saturday afternoon sun across the library foyer floor. Amos is eye-catching in his bright turquoise-blue woolen coat that contrasts against his pale white fur and little brown and gray spots. He continues […] Read more »

Speaker Says Art is Essential to Science, Learning

One man’s efforts to build poignant bridges between the natural world and the world of one’s imagination were on view on April 7 when native son Peter Stone brought his brand of creative intuition and expression to the Marion Art Center. Hosted by a coalition of local land trusts from Rochester, Marion and Wareham, Stone’s […] Read more »

ORR Runners Show True ‘GRIT’

They start off in the afternoon in a large group, leaving the high school campus and patiently waiting at the updated crosswalk for cars to stop and allow them to pass. The colorful group, clad in a rainbow of athletic gear, makes its way across Route 6 and heads down into the adjacent neighborhood for […] Read more »

Grieving Dad Running for Suicide Prevention

There is no pain that compares to that of losing a child, and no effective analogy for the long stretch of recovery from such a loss for a grieving parent left behind. Conrad Roy, Jr. knows that pain, and he knows that long road of recovery must be travelled, whether you walk it or run […] Read more »

Getting Over Underestimating

No one’s perfect. We screw up all the time, even if no one else witnesses it, and even if we refuse to acknowledge it. We’ve all let someone down at some point in our lives, and when we let ourselves down, it takes guts not to blame it one someone or something else and acknowledge […] Read more »

Annual Election Heats Up in Marion

The deadline for candidates to return their nomination papers for the May 18 Marion election passed on Monday, March 26, and the race is on for Board of Selectmen with two seats up for grabs – one three-year seat to replace outgoing Selectman Jody Dickerson and another one-year seat left vacant by Steve Gonsalves when […] Read more »

Building Acceptance, Dismantling Ableism

It’s April again, which means, as I flip my free Easter Seals calendar over to page April, I’m going to start talking about autism again. April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, marks the start of Autism Awareness Month all across the globe. We included some bits on autism awareness in The Wanderer over the last […] Read more »

Rochester Voters Meet Candidates

Rochester voters have a few choices in front of them for this year’s April 11 Annual Election. There are two contested races – Board of Selectmen and Planning Board – and on March 27, the people had a chance to hear from the candidates themselves during a candidates’ forum at the Council on Aging. Current […] Read more »