Mattapoisett Addresses NFIP Issue with Survey


Mattapoisett Town Administrator Michael Gagne on January 30 introduced a new survey for Mattapoisett residents to take online to gather public input as the Town works with a citizen’s group to suggest revisions of the National Flood Insurance Law to Congress. Mainly, said Gagne, the biggest concern residents have over the National Flood Insurance Program […] Read more »

Rochester Tries to Ease Trash Anxiety


Rochester residents need not worry about the ‘trash police.’ They aren’t coming to your house just yet. As Rochester makes the switch to the new trash and recycling pick-up system on February 2, Rochester Town Administrator Michael McCue responded to residents’ concerns with a public service announcement to be aired on cable access to answer […] Read more »

Fading Shadows


There was very little conversation about who he was, where he came from, or how and why he ended up living with my grandparents. He, along with every single person who had firsthand knowledge of his backstory, has passed away. Yet, for all of my young life, while he and they were still living, this […] Read more »

New Anatomy Teacher Brings Unique Experience


It’s been quite a year in the Old Rochester Regional High School Science Department, where a few retirements have led to new teachers being hired, and new classes being taught by familiar faces. After longtime Anatomy teacher Mary Cabral retired following the Thanksgiving break, her existing Anatomy classes have been taken over by Colleen Foster, […] Read more »

Fundraising Fun


The Marion Firefighter’s Association held its annual spaghetti supper fundraiser on Saturday, January 31 at the Marion VFW. The money raised goes towards purchasing gear, supplies, and equipment outside the regular Fire Department budget. Hungry guests came for the spaghetti and stayed for the fun. Photos by Colin Veitch   Read more »

Good Grief, Groundhog


Punxsutawney Phil. You really let us down this time. I’m crying foul. You’ve heard of DeflateGate. I call this GroundhogGate. Clearly, Phil, you have sold out on us. How else could you explain seeing your shadow on a snowy day beneath overcast skies? I think it’s time we started looking toward other eligible groundhogs for […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Offers Free Cat Registry


When a cat is missing, it can be difficult to track it down without a registry and tag system like there is for dogs. The Town of Mattapoisett is now offering a free online cat registry so Mattapoisett cat owners can sign up their cats and provide relevant information in case the cat goes missing. […] Read more »

Why Groundhog Day?


We at The Wanderer celebrate Groundhog Day every year – we even throw a party and give out gifts to all our advertisers and associates. But why the big deal over a silly tale of a groundhog that will supposedly predict the next six weeks of weather? First and foremost, it is a chance to […] Read more »

MattMen Chili Cook Off


The MattMen of Mattapoisett Congregational Church came together Sunday night, January 25th ,to see who amongst them cooks up the best man-made chili.  Tasting was free to all who came.  Those who wished to vote contributed $5 to The Baby Project of New Bedford.  $518 was raised for The Baby Project. Out of 15 chili […] Read more »

RMS Basketball a Winner


It was a pretty close game, 67-59, at Rochester Memorial School on January 23. It was the annual sixth grade vs. staff basketball game, and this year it was attended by a record crowd. $370 was raised for the Nurse Thayer Scholarship Fund. “It was a great event,” said RMS Principal Derek Medeiros. “It’s all […] Read more »