Cultivating the Creative Habit

For as long as he can remember, Peter Mello has been taking pictures. From the age of eight, when his dad gave him his first camera, he has been looking through the lens and seeing the world as a photograph. On Wednesday night at the Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum, Mello shared the thoughts and philosophy […] Read more »

Soap Box Derby Ignites Passion for Scouting

The weather cooperated for the dedicated scouts who had put their all into the cars they raced down the Holmes Street hill in Marion on Saturday morning. The Marion Cub Scout Pack 32 bi-annual Soap Box Derby drew a crowd of scouts, scoutmasters, and parents to cheer on the racers as they whizzed down the […] Read more »

Annual Turkey Trot

Sunday was the morning of the annual Turkey Trot 5K in the center of Marion. Yes, it was rainy and windy, but the 80 turkeys (we mean participants) that showed up anyway still enjoyed the scenic village trot. Photos by Glenn C. Silva Read more »

Start Local, Start Small

If you are aiming big this holiday shopping season, your local shopkeepers, who also happen to be your neighbors, ask only this of you – please, start small. Small businesses make up our local economy – the restaurants, specialty shops, markets, galleries, and boutiques – and the folks who own them are the faces of […] Read more »

Turkey FOG

Turkey FOG – it’s not that supposed tryptophan-induced Thanksgiving post-dinner coma that you, Grandpa, and everybody experiences after a heaping plate (or two) of a turkey-with-all-the-trimmings meal. That kind of turkey ‘fog’ can be remedied with a nap followed by a sweet slice of pecan pie to ground you back into your body. No, this […] Read more »

Tri-Town Profile: Micah Kidney

Name: Micah Kidney Age: 43 Lives in: Rochester What he does: ORRHS math teacher and Gateway Gladiators ice hockey head coach How he got here: Originally from Dennis, Massachusetts, he moved to Vermont and taught math for 13 years, joined the military in 2003, and then moved back to the region after returning from a […] Read more »

Going ‘Warm Turkey’

My goodness, we live in imperfect times. It’s been a long two-year stretch of contentious campaigns, elections, and an ensuing presidency resulting in two ensuing Thanksgiving holiday cycles when imperfect families have gathered and let loose their imperfect opinions on imperfect subjects at the most imperfect of times – like at the table during the […] Read more »

The Ghosts of Paranormal Plymouth

Ever since she was a little girl, Darcy Lee of Mattapoisett has been captivated by the paranormal. The TV show In Search Of… hosted by Leonard Nimoy was the turning point for her, making her question every shadow, every unexplained sound, every story she was ever told about ghosts and other unexplained phenomenon. As an […] Read more »

Bad Father

I Love You, Daddy. Starring Louis C.K. and Chloë Grace Moretz. Directed by Louis C.K. Running time: 123 minutes. MPAA rating: R. Watching the edgy, abandoned-by-its-studio comedy I Love You, Daddy, which may be writer/director Louis C.K.’s last effort for a long while at least, is a saddening experience for one who has admired C.K.’s […] Read more »

Seeing Light, Love, and Joy Through Her Lens

Corinna Raznikov, the second speaker in a three-part series at the Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum, captivated her audience on Wednesday night with an engaging account of her life in pictures. Raznikov described her life as a professional photographer as both challenging and rewarding, but perhaps the most satisfying element of her work is how her […] Read more »