‘Survival’ Thrives 45 years in the Wilderness

The Survival program at Old Rochester Regional Junior High School has been a vital component of the seventh grade experience for almost 50 years. The weeklong camping trip in Northfield, Massachusetts provides the opportunity to make lifelong memories, learn outdoor skills, and develop character that carries forward into life beyond ORR. Former students who were […] Read more »

This Is Your Brain On Opiates

In a world saturated with drugs of every sort, Dr. Ruth Potee has a message for teens and their parents: “Don’t drink, smoke cigarettes, or take drugs until the brain is fully developed.” While that isn’t the whole story, Potee’s no nonsense straight talk on the subject made it very clear – abstinence, or at […] Read more »

A Midspring Night’s Delight at RMS

Year after year, Rochester Memorial School students have delighted their audiences with their annual Shakespeare productions. This year’s presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, like the many RMS Shakespeare plays before it, is certain to have the crowds rolling enough to make the old bard himself proud. On Tuesday, April 25, the stage was set […] Read more »

Rochester Tractor Pull

If you were anywhere near the Rochester Country Fair grounds on Saturday, you heard the familiar sounds of revving tractor engines echoing throughout the town. The country fair committee held a tractor pull/swap fundraiser on April 29. Those who attended got an early taste of the sights, sounds, and smells of the Rochester Country Fair […] Read more »

Soaring From Scouts to Eagles

If the climb from Cub Scout to the highest summit of Eagle Scout is a steep one, which only about two in 100 Boy Scouts can reach, then Mattapoisett Troop 53 is teeming with peak baggers. This weekend, four (four!) distinguished Boy Scouts received their Eagle Scout award before their proud family members, friends, and […] Read more »

When Creative Minds Converge

On April 23, J. Peter Bergman, director of communications at Arrowhead, the home of Herman Melville, pulled back the curtain of time on both Melville and Edna St. Vincent Millay in his presentation at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library. Bergman has been deeply immersed in the lives of both authors for decades, including his involvement […] Read more »

The Legendary Spring Herring Migration

The annual spring spawning herring run appears as soon as the temperature of the water warms up. That rings the alarm of the herring’s biological clock for the time to begin its pilgrimage out of the ocean and up the coastal rivers to return to the inland fresh water ponds of its origin. This is […] Read more »

The Herring Do Swim…

The annual cycle of the herring’s return to Snipatuit Pond has reached its apex at this point in the season, but the herring continue to trickle up and then back down the multiple steps just at the beginning of the Mattapoisett River at Snipatuit Pond. Every morning, Herring Inspector David Watling Jr. parks his pick-up […] Read more »

DREAMFAR High School Marathon Program

DREAMFAR High School Marathon Program participants at ORR are only weeks away from running 26.2 miles in Providence, RI. Some ORR members of the student running group recently ran a 20+ mile run in Boston in preparation for the Providence Marathon to be held on May 7. Many of the kids – and some of […] Read more »


The first time the police came to my door, I knew the reason why right away. There I was back in November about a half-hour before the doorbell rang, standing on my back deck looking through the bare trees at the street block behind my house, watching for my boy as he ‘chugged’ down the […] Read more »