Boating Fees and Beach Access Top Meeting


An increase in boating fees proposed by the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen was met by internal and external concerns from the town clerk and the owners of the Mattapoisett Boat Yard on January 26. Town Clerk Catherine Heuberger raised concerns that the proposed methodology for ensuring that excise taxes, sticker permits, and mooring fees for […] Read more »

Emotions Stirred During Solar Farm Hearing


The Rochester Planning Board was unwilling to wait – a second time – for a tardy arrival of the engineer of the large-scale solar farm slated for the center of Rochester. Instead, Planning Board member Ben Bailey suggested the board cease waiting for him and continue the January 26 meeting until February 9. This came […] Read more »

Board Discusses New Town Planner Role


Snow whirled across the road and an icy wind cut like a knife, which delayed a few board members for the Marion Planning Board’s January 19 meeting. As the members gathered at the Marion Music Hall – a change of venue to accommodate a Board of Selectmen meeting at the Town House – they chatted […] Read more »

Duck Blind Startles Teacher and Resident


Although outdoor recreational activities, especially hunting, are expected in a rural community such as Rochester, having a duck blind near Rochester Memorial School was alarming enough for a teacher to notify Rochester’s Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon. A duck blind is a camouflaged shelter, sometimes made of brush, which conceals duck hunters. The blind is situated […] Read more »

Resident Calls Out Tenants On Parking Abuse


Members of the Marion Board of Selectmen agreed that enforcement of a “30 Minute Parking” sign at the Marconi Village roundabout was outside the Town’s jurisdiction, but Selectman Jonathan Henry told Marconi resident and Planning Board member Eileen Marum that he would get to the bottom of the situation and report back to the board. […] Read more »

Report Shows ORR Schools Progressing


The Old Rochester Regional School Committee on January 13 reviewed the data from the state’s 2015 school Accountability Report, which showed the numbers behind the high school’s return to a Level-1 school and the junior high’s steady progress towards meeting its goal. Narrowing proficiency gaps in all categories and areas, said ORR High School Principal […] Read more »

ConCom Grants Emergency Certification to DPW


The Marion Conservation Commission on January 13 issued a number of negative determinations for various Requests for Determination of Applicability, as well as a few Certificates of Compliance and an Emergency Certification for the Marion Department of Public Works for a wastewater outfall located off Ryder Road near Burr Brothers. Conservation Commission Chairman Norman Hills […] Read more »

Rochester ZBA Gives Kennel Thumbs-Up


“By the time we get done with all this, we might be done at midnight,” Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Richard Cutler joked as he emerged from the cold on January 14. He carried a tall stack of folders in his arms. “Do we have to get through all that today?” fellow ZBA member […] Read more »

Tabor to Return With Backstop Safety Plan


The Marion Zoning Board of Appeals on January 14 told the folks at Tabor Academy to come back again, and next time bring with them an actual safety plan that Tabor would like to propose as it starts a new path towards keeping its unpermitted backstop. Head of School John Quirk again expressed his apologies […] Read more »

Boating Fees To Increase


It’s been a long time coming, nearly 20 years since fees have been increased for those enjoying Mattapoisett Harbor as their port of call. On a seriously cold January afternoon, the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen met with John Cornish, chairman of the Mattapoisett Marine Advisory Board and Harbormaster Jill Simmons to discuss fee increases. For […] Read more »