Wetlands Encroachment Questioned


The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission on February 23 discussed concerns brought by the Buzzards Bay Coalition and Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program regarding a subdivision on Seabreeze Lane next to the Reservation Golf Club. At the previous ConCom meeting, Chairman Bob Rogers read into the minutes a letter from the BBC and an email from the […] Read more »

Superintendent Seeks ‘Better School’ Budget


The finance committees of Tri-Town traditionally request level-service budgets for most town departments, but the Old Rochester Regional School District has prepared a “Better School” budget in order to accommodate a growing population of students into ever-increasingly larger class sizes. ORR High School Principal Michael Devoll expects the student population to exceed 800 for the […] Read more »

Snow Load Leads to School Closing


Old Rochester Senior and Junior High Schools will be closed on Monday, February 23 while the structural integrity of the roofs is evaluated due to the recent snow loads. The school district posted this notice: “While our crews were clearing the roofs at the Junior High School and Senior High School, late this afternoon, there were concerns […] Read more »

School Budget Exceeds Town’s Revenue


Rochester Town Administrator Michael McCue’s face was rather solemn when he delivered the news to selectmen on February 11 that the projected town revenues are no match for the current proposed school budgets. With budget season in full swing, the Rochester Board of Selectmen will begin meeting weekly leading up to Town Meeting, as McCue […] Read more »

Private Pier Permit Approved


Dale and Laura Briggs of 23 Dexter Road, situated on the Weweantic River, received a Negative 3 determination for reconstruction of a private pier at the February 11 meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission. David Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates described the details of the project as the reconstruction of the existing pier […] Read more »

40B Housing Fire Under Investigation (Updated)


Just before 6:30 pm the Marion Fire Department was called to a structure fire at the Marion Village Estates 40B housing development off of Front Street behind the BrewFish. The first calls into 911 came from contractors already there working at one of the housing complexes, with one reporting “a fire in the building and […] Read more »

Draft Zoning Bylaws Take Shape


The draft zoning bylaws that address formula businesses and the dimensional use of land in Marion inched closer toward appearing on the Town Meeting warrant when (most) members of the Marion Planning Board voted February 17 to accept the proposed draft bylaws, subject to town counsel review. There were some dissenting remarks and comments from […] Read more »

Wetland Bylaw Draft Being Reviewed


“I’m not trying to be a one-man brigade here … but it gives us the ability to defend ourselves in Superior Court,” began Chairman of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission Bob Rogers on February 9 as he explained his intent for drafting a local wetlands bylaw for public review. Rogers said a recent decision made by […] Read more »

Preliminary School Budget Reviewed


On February 5, the Rochester School Committee reviewed the preliminary Fiscal Year 2016 budget that Robin Rounseville and Tina Rood – the budget sub-committee – had prepared. Rood cautioned that the budget being presented was a “work in process” and not yet complete. A final budget will be completed in March for public review. Superintendent […] Read more »

Private Road Plow Requests Vex Denham


Although the meeting was for departmental fiscal year 2016 budget review, everyone at the Mattapoisett Finance Committee meeting on February 4 felt Highway Superintendent Barry Denham’s pain. Fresh from many days of plowing and managing the snow removal activities of the Highway Department, Denham shared some of the backlash he has received. Specifically, he said […] Read more »