So Much More Than Eyeglasses


The first thing that generally comes to mind when you think of the Lions Club is eyeglasses. In 1925, Helen Keller addressed a Lions Club convention being held in Ohio with the stirring call to be “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.” That stuck and for decades the Lions Club both nationally […] Read more »

The Eye Catching American Oystercatcher


My usual afternoon ceremonial is along the shore of Crescent Beach, about half way to Ned’s Point Lighthouse where, what to my wondering eyes should appear, recently were two Oystercatchers never before encountered after years of bird watching. They were feeding on the mud flats of the inlet of the marsh near Pico Beach, a […] Read more »

ETL Begins Borrow a Bike Program


Starting July 11, the Elizabeth Taber Library in Marion will be lending out adult bicycles to library cardholders to enjoy for the day as part of its summer program emphasizing the importance of health and wellness. Library patrons age 18 and over can present their library card with driver’s license and borrow a bicycle, along […] Read more »

Tykes Learn By Doing STEM Experiments


Schools may be closed for summer, but learning takes place year-round especially when you combine fun tasks and the willingness of little children to imagine – just imagine. And that is just what happened in Rochester when a STEM program was launched. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math, is a system that […] Read more »

Wading Birds: The Egret


My most recent afternoon ritual for bird watching walk took me down Reservation Road to the point at the end of the Mattapoisett Peninsula. It leads past the Golf Course of the same name toward a residential landmark of the King estate, and now the YMCA where my daughter teaches pre-school. The golf course is […] Read more »

Traveling Troubadours Visit Mattapoisett


In a perfect union among like-minded organizations – those being the Mattapoisett Public Library, South Coast Bike Way, Mattapoisett Land Trust and the Seventh Annual Massachusetts Walking Tour – the June 23 evening air in Mattapoisett Village was filled with harmony. On this splendid summer’s evening about 50 people, young and old alike, gathered on […] Read more »

Short Guide to Tri-Town’s July 4th Events


We shall forego the ‘sad trombone’ sound as we lament the cancelation of this year’s fireworks display in Marion, again, due to a shortcoming in fundraising … but what the heck. We should do it anyway. (Sad trombone.) However, we still have options for celebrating the independence of our nation with bangs and oohs and […] Read more »

The Thrill Factor


Something is happening. It actually started a few years back, but it has become more apparent as of late. I think I’ve heard it referred to as “creeping old age.” There are the pains that were once sporadic with only the occasional visit, but these pains have now become, well, not old friends but certainly […] Read more »

New in Mattapoisett


Editor’s note: George Emmons is a gentleman who recently moved to Mattapoisett and is sharing his experiences as he gets to know the area.   My wife, Jan, and I have just moved in at Crescent Beach after 20 wonderful years in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. We both were very involved in […] Read more »

New Cupola in Rochester’s Historic Town Center


It was a magnificent sight to behold as a new cupola soared skyward on June 17. It soared with its bronze and copper eagle perched inside the peaked roof. It soared with its glistening copper roof. It soared as a symbol of what can be accomplished when people come together and share talents, resources, and […] Read more »