No Shave November Ends With a Buzz

It was fun while it lasted, but “No Shave November” must eventually come to an end. Five of Rochester’s finest said farewell to their beloved beards and goatees on December 1 while in the salon chairs of the Old Colony Cosmetology classroom as Cosmetology and Health Care Career students came at them with their razors– […] Read more »

Oh, Christmas Tree

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the holiday season in Rochester now that the tree is lit followed by the arrival of jolly old Saint Nick via fire engine on December 4 to usher in the holiday season. The Rochester Memorial School band and chorus treated revelers to a festive performance, while Christmas poster winner Tessa Winslow […] Read more »

Confessions of a Comma Queen and Other Truths

Before I begin to share with you, dear readers, a taste of what it was like to laugh out loud as author Mary Norris spoke cheerfully and with candor on December 1 at the Mattapoisett Public Library about her highly celebrated book Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen, I offer my confession […] Read more »

Healthy Tri-Town Coalition Building a Way Forward

It’s been two years since the concept of building a coalition of people – people who could take on urgent social, mental health, addiction and domestic violence issues – first began in the hopes of moving the dialog to the point of actionable plans. And although the start may have been slow, the group has […] Read more »

Ain’t Gonna Need This House No Longer

For many years, my parents’ house was a center of neighborhood activity. The kids would knock on the door to ask if my mother was coming outside or if the resident grandchild could come out and play. The neighboring ladies would stop in to borrow a stick of margarine or share a bit of gossip. […] Read more »

Good Art Comes in Small Packages…

During the Marion Art Center’s ongoing “Small Works on the Wall” exhibit, if you see a little something you like, you can buy it, take it right from the gallery wall, and carry it home with you. And although these small-size works of art can literally fit into the palm of your hand, that doesn’t […] Read more »

The Native Cranberry

The cranberry is a native wetland fruit that was used here by local first Americans to cure their meat – known as pemmican – to preserve it for purposes of future sustenance during the winter. The name ‘cranberry’ came from Dutch and German settlers calling it ‘crane berry’ because of the pink petals of blossoms […] Read more »

Quakers Uncover Mysterious ‘Graffiti’

Renovations to the 1827 Mattapoisett Friends Meeting House are progressing nicely. The rotting subfloor has been replaced and the cellar has been shored up, all without significant issues, and the Friends are ready to invite the public to an Open House on December 10. Still, one particular matter that literally came to light as a […] Read more »

Local Man Talks Autism Awareness, Acceptance

Charles McIntyre of Mattapoisett is like most 25-year-olds – he has a job, interests, appreciates the art of sarcasm, spends time online networking, and still maintains a healthy degree of idealism when it comes to social issues. In other words, Chuck strives to make a difference in the world, to be his authentic self, and […] Read more »

Cultivating the Creative Habit

For as long as he can remember, Peter Mello has been taking pictures. From the age of eight, when his dad gave him his first camera, he has been looking through the lens and seeing the world as a photograph. On Wednesday night at the Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum, Mello shared the thoughts and philosophy […] Read more »