Rochester Grange Keeps Tradition Alive


Ask why Susan LaFleur does what she does, year after year, to organize the Annual Rochester Grange Fair and you’ll get a humorous and also heartfelt mixed response. At first, she’ll tell you that it is because she is insane on some level – volunteering countless hours of time, even months before the Grange Fair […] Read more »

Opinions on Sprague’s Cove Divided


Marion Board of Selectmen on August 18 witnessed firsthand how divided residents and interested parties are over the root cause and future remediation of Sprague’s Cove, which resulted in a vote to take more time to digest the information before deciding on who should have control over the site. Until then, selectmen are holding onto […] Read more »

New Playgrounds Open in Marion


New Playgrounds at Washburn Park and Point Road are now open! The construction was completed within a week. Marion Recreation would like to give special thanks to the Marion Department of Public Works for assisting the department. If you haven’t been to either playground yet, now is the time to check them out! Read more »

Hey, Mattapoisett! Got Ketchup?


Those enjoying the afternoon at Ned’s Point Lighthouse on Sunday, August 17 did a double take when they suddenly saw a sight they were not expecting to see — a giant wiener on wheels parked alongside the Ned’s Point lighthouse. It was not just any wiener on wheels — it was the famous Oscar Mayer […] Read more »

Quahogging with the BBC


Last Saturday was beautiful – hot and sunny with a slight breeze blowing a few lazy clouds through the sky. It was the perfect beach day, or, for those feeling a little more adventurous, the perfect day to learn to quahog. The Buzzards Bay Coalition provided this opportunity to learn all about the basics of […] Read more »

Creative Writing


Students from the Mattapoisett Library Writing Workshop. This is the third year these students have participated in this program. Pictured here: Top row (left to right): Grayson Lord, Tova Brickley, Audrey Knox, Kate Downey, Joseph Sheridan; Middle two: Erin Besancon, Julia Sheridan; Lower Row: Sarah Besancon, Brianna Lynch, Emma Gabriel, Felicia Aguiar; In front: Meghan […] Read more »

AmeriCorps: Giving Volunteers Direction


Katie Ryer, 20, has been settling into life in Marion after returning home from ten months of volunteering with AmeriCorps. From October 24, 2013 to July 25, 2014, Ryer worked with a team of other volunteers on four different charity projects throughout California and Oregon. How did such an adventure begin? A simple statement: “Mom, […] Read more »

Quaker Week Raising Funds for Restoration


The Mattapoisett Friends Meeting House fundraising efforts for the restoration of the antique building are underway and, although it got off to a wet start this week, the yard sale planned for August 2 went ahead anyway despite the rainy weather. “We had known it was going to rain,” said Deena Kinsky, a member of […] Read more »

Like No Other


It is clear that Marion, Massachusetts and the surrounding towns breed excellent sailors. With a combination of top-notch programs and local seaside schools, Buzzards Bay draws skilled athletes from all over the south shore to participate in local programs. Organizations such as the United States Sailing Team return to the area each year to host […] Read more »