Grieving Dad Running for Suicide Prevention

There is no pain that compares to that of losing a child, and no effective analogy for the long stretch of recovery from such a loss for a grieving parent left behind. Conrad Roy, Jr. knows that pain, and he knows that long road of recovery must be travelled, whether you walk it or run […] Read more »

Getting Over Underestimating

No one’s perfect. We screw up all the time, even if no one else witnesses it, and even if we refuse to acknowledge it. We’ve all let someone down at some point in our lives, and when we let ourselves down, it takes guts not to blame it one someone or something else and acknowledge […] Read more »

Annual Election Heats Up in Marion

The deadline for candidates to return their nomination papers for the May 18 Marion election passed on Monday, March 26, and the race is on for Board of Selectmen with two seats up for grabs – one three-year seat to replace outgoing Selectman Jody Dickerson and another one-year seat left vacant by Steve Gonsalves when […] Read more »

Building Acceptance, Dismantling Ableism

It’s April again, which means, as I flip my free Easter Seals calendar over to page April, I’m going to start talking about autism again. April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, marks the start of Autism Awareness Month all across the globe. We included some bits on autism awareness in The Wanderer over the last […] Read more »

Rochester Voters Meet Candidates

Rochester voters have a few choices in front of them for this year’s April 11 Annual Election. There are two contested races – Board of Selectmen and Planning Board – and on March 27, the people had a chance to hear from the candidates themselves during a candidates’ forum at the Council on Aging. Current […] Read more »

Recreational Weed – What to Expect

The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) beat its March 15 deadline to file its final regulations for Massachusetts’ marijuana market and will begin accepting marijuana business applications on April 2. It will issue its first provisionary licenses on June 1, and recreational adult-use marijuana establishments could open starting July 1. The CCC vote was unanimous, which […] Read more »

The Art and Science of Textile Conservation

It is an art form that incorporates history, chemistry, crafting, and the ability to know the difference between good dirt and bad. It is a career path that can take the student from academic studies of ancient people to the closets of contemporary kings and queens. And for one Rochester resident, it has been a […] Read more »

The Peregrine Falcon: a Coastal Wanderer

This species of falcon follows the coastal shoreline of both North and South America, and the name ‘peregrine’ actually means ‘wanderer.’ After nesting on edges of rocky cliffs and edges of high buildings, as in my illustration of Mattapoisett Harbor (some credit goes to Chris Mellow for aid in the Mattapoisett Harbor scene), the peregrine […] Read more »

It’s Time to Rethink Recycling

Every day you make small decisions with impacts that will outlive you by hundreds, if not thousands of years. I’m talking about that yogurt-smeared plastic container you just threw into the recycle bin. “What are you talking about?” you ask. “I recycled it. It’s right there in the bin.” Yes, and congratulations for doing the […] Read more »

Finding Art in Found Objects

Most people don’t give much of a second thought when they are ready to toss out that old laundry detergent bottle, the old rusty cheese grater, or even the legs of that late 1980s kitchen table that should probably no longer exist. That is, unless you’re one of the artists currently displaying work at the […] Read more »