We Called It Food

Long before we knew that just about everything we were eating contained chemicals, we ate in blissful ignorance. I am sorry, my son. When you were growing up a scrawny, sickly little boy, all I wanted you to do was eat something. Your frequent, nearly monthly, bouts with ear infections, sore throats, head colds, stomach […] Read more »

Low Funds Could Extinguish Fireworks Tradition

There were no fireworks last Fourth of July in Marion, and this year again there may not be any fireworks due to low funds and fewer volunteers. The town has celebrated Independence Day with fireworks for as long as Fireworks Committee Co-Chair Donna Hemphill can remember. The town had to skip a year back in […] Read more »

Folks Befriend Wild Parrot in Rochester

Some residents along a stretch of Neck Road in Rochester have experienced a strange sighting at their bird feeders lately. An unlikely patron of the winter buffet of various birdseeds throughout the neighborhood, one could say. No one knows from where it came, why it is here, and how come it has not succumbed to […] Read more »

Family Fun at the Plumb Library

On Saturday, February 4, the Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library in Rochester hosted its 6th annual Take Your Child To The Library Day (TYCTTLD) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The family-friendly event included two interactive music and movement sessions with SongShine Music of Somerset, a scavenger hunt with prizes, a meet-and-greet with Amos, the […] Read more »

Transportation Pilot Program Launched

A major initiative that has long been discussed in community meetings throughout the state is how to provide better public transportation services to the people. Certainly in larger cities and towns with concentrated population densities, providing public transportation is not only easier, it is necessary. But what about smaller communities, rural communities, and aging communities? […] Read more »

RMS Gives “Celebration of Positive Character”

There’s a movement happening at Rochester Memorial School and it all boils down to five words, five principles: cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. RMS C.A.R.E.S. is the new motto at the school, and on January 26 fourth grade students spread the word on a grand scale through music and drama during a show appropriately […] Read more »

Observing Groundhog Day

Tired of paying heating bills and driving on slippery roads? You must be ready to welcome the arrival of mid-winter with a Groundhog Day prediction of an early spring. The first official awakening ceremony was celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, in 1887 with a groundhog by the name of ‘Phil’ as inaugural bearer of bad news […] Read more »

The Sun is Up, The Shadow is Out

The sun is up in the Tri-Town this morning, but it may not be as bright as we hoped. Also up with the sun was Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog whose annual prediction sheds the light on when Spring will arrive. This morning Phil reported that he did indeed see his shadow, which means six more […] Read more »

And the Winner Is…

We made it, everyone. We made to the day that marks the halfway hump of winter and with barely a scratch. It’s Thursday, February 2, a significant day for us in these here parts. Mild temperatures, minimal snow events … perhaps I should stop there lest I jinx things. Yes, Groundhog Day is here again, […] Read more »

Alternative Facts

When I was a little kid, almost from the moment I was able to speak, I tried to change facts, realities, you know what I mean – tell lies. To keep the drama in check around the household it became necessary, in my little kid mind, to never, ever own up to spilling the milk. […] Read more »