Rockets at MNHM


    The Marion Natural History Museum had a Rocket construction workshop on Wednesday May 28th. Due to the strong winds, lift off has been postponed to June 4th at 4:30 behind the Town Hall. Photos courtesy Elizabeth Leidhold Read more »

Field Day Fun at Sippican School


Friday morning we caught some first-graders in the middle of a hula-hoop relay on the grounds of Sippican School. Holding hands and cheering each other on, the kids twisted and turned themselves through the hoops and the first team to get their hoop to travel down and up the line again won the relay. Can […] Read more »

Students Show Appreciation at Center School


One of the highlights of the third-grade school year, students dressed up as famous Americans and treated senior citizens from the Council on Aging to a senior citizen appreciation breakfast the morning of June 6. The third-graders sang patriotic songs like the Star-Spangled Banner and My Country ‘Tis of Thee, dressed as the American figure […] Read more »

Sippican School Goes Wild


The fourth-grade students at the Sippican School treated classmates and family members to a virtual zoo on the morning of June 5. Students chose an animal, did their own online research, created display boards, and donned costumes to bring their animals to life. The zoo continues on Friday, June 6 from 9:00-10:00 am. Photos by […] Read more »

ORR Class of 2014


Congratulations to the Old Rochester Regional High School Class of 2014 who will be graduating this Saturday, June 7. Abigail Grace Adams * Samantha Joyce Allaire Collin Gilreath Andersen * Emily Grace Audet * Evan Thomas Augustine Jeremy Troy Bare * Samantha Christine Barrett Michael Cameron Barrus Allison Paige Bateman Emily Jeannette Beaulieu Kyle Thomas […] Read more »

The Death of Industrial Arts


In the early days of public education, a course of study known as “industrial arts” was common in high schools across the country. These vocational classes included everything from mechanical drawing to automotive repairs, from furniture making to electrical wiring. The classes offered practical skill training primarily to two types of students: The male student […] Read more »

Local Runner Shows Big Heart


“I’m running fast, and I’m running a lot right now,” said Sarabeth Morrell, an English teacher at Old Rochester Regional High School. Morrell is currently running 30 to 40 miles per week, training for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. on October 26, 2014. “My personal goal is to run this fast enough to […] Read more »

Rochester Girl Collects Shoes for Orphans


One day, 10 year-old Emma Levasseur was watching television in her home in Rochester when she saw something that made her stop and think. It was a commercial that came on about a school that was holding a shoe drive to collect new shoes and socks for millions of orphans around the globe that do […] Read more »

Focus on Fitness at RMS


Smiling faces beneath sunny skies, Rochester Memorial School was the setting May 30 for a day of outdoor fun and fitness during the Miles for Memorial Annual Fitness Challenge. With soccer, Frisbee, hula-hoops, and dance parties, kids were in constant motion everywhere you looked and one could hear music, laughter, and cheering from every corner […] Read more »