Oh, Hello Mister Hunter Man


It’s November 30, my mind is still catching up with the calendar, and I’m racing through the woods via the Shaw Farm Trail early in the sort-of-sunny morning. I stop for just a few seconds to gaze at a lone deer standing by the edge of the field foraging through the mowed grass. I bid […] Read more »

Plumb Library Ushers in Holiday Season


The first Saturday in December every year marks the Annual Holiday Open House at the Joseph H. Plumb Library, which, for the neighbors of a small town such as Rochester, is like walking into the open door of the holiday season. One of the first major holiday events of Christmastime, the Friends of the Plumb […] Read more »

Santa Braces for Marathon Tri-Town Visits


You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout, etc. Santa Claus is coming to Tri-Town. And soon he will be all over the place hosting pancake breakfasts, eating pizza, and riding from corner to corner via carriage, fire engine, and even boat. You won’t want to miss your chance to chat […] Read more »

Time Takes its Toll…


The bell at the First Congregational Church has been silent for many years now. A newer electric bell installed about 15 years ago was much easier to ring than the 1,600-pound bell that had lived atop the church in the center of Rochester since 1892. But on November 20, the historic bell rang out its […] Read more »

Students Treat Seniors to Thanksgiving Feast


It has been a tradition in Tri-Town for 25 years now. Every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving, the students at Old Rochester Regional Junior High School treat Tri-Town seniors to a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The event goes on like a well-oiled machine now after 25 years, with many of the same […] Read more »

Their Silent Voices


We positioned the floral arrangement at the footstone placed by the local veterans group, put there in memory of my father’s honorable service in World War II. He, like many thousands of other men and women, returned to his home forever changed, but never ever talked about the experience of war. Today we understand the […] Read more »

Giving Mindfully This Holiday Season


Some gifts just can’t be put in a box, wrapped and tied with a bow. Some you can’t even hold in your hands, while others may be literally handed to one, but given to another –to a person across the world you might not ever meet in this life. These are the gifts the Friends […] Read more »

Library Hosts a Storybook Wedding


The library will always be more than just a building designed to house books. It is a place where epic love stories dwell, where romantic poetry lies peacefully, protected; it is the home to the tales of a hundred loves that live on, petrified and bound in paper like jewels kept secret inside unlocked boxes. […] Read more »

Soap Box Derby Accelerates Food Drive


It’s one of the highlights of the year for Marion’s Cub Scouts Pack 32. Well, every other year, that is. The Biennial Soap Box Derby is an exciting event when kids ages 6 to 11 get to rev up their imaginations and design their winning soap box cart. This year may have been a little […] Read more »

Tabor Talent, Round One


This weekend was the first of two fall drama productions, Human Geometry. Written by Tabor Academy English and drama teacher Mark Howland, the original comedy “blurs the lines of gender roles” and explores the way mathematical concepts can be used to define friendships and romantic relationships. Howland has written seven drama productions for Tabor Academy, […] Read more »