Town to Continue with VFW Tradition


Every Memorial Day since 1932, the Benjamin D. Cushing VFW Post 2425 members have led groups of scouts and residents to the cemeteries in Marion to plant flowers at all the graves of departed veterans. This year, with its truckloads of red geraniums and Boy and Girl Scouts scampering across the Evergreen Cemetery, was no […] Read more »

Rowing in the Rain


The wet weather on Monday, May 30, had participants in the 2016 Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race going with the flow, and what a flow it turned out to be with the intermittent torrential downpours that followed a dry spell that had brought area rivers down to a mere trickle over the past week. The […] Read more »

Rochester Memorial Day Celebration


Rochester fared far better with its Memorial Day celebration than Marion and Mattapoisett did on rainy Monday. Sunday, May 29, was a picture perfect day for a parade. At the Town Hall,  the names of the fallen soldiers were read aloud and the Rochester Memorial School Band played patriotic songs before heading out for the […] Read more »

The Ice Cream Man Cometh


If there is one guilty pleasure I will readily share in this public forum, it is that I love ice cream. Not all flavors or all types, however. Not the avant-garde green tea sorbet or bacon chip coffee mocha latte. No, I like the flavors of my youth when choices were few and the rarity […] Read more »

OC Creates a Results-Driven Program


Objective: To purchase a new piece of equipment. Goal: To secure a capital equipment grant. Problem: Grant required a plan, a purpose for the equipment. Result: Grant not achieved. Lesson: Every failure is a learning opportunity, a chance to re-think and start again. And it was that loss that inspired Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical […] Read more »

Parade to Feature ‘Caparisoned Horse’


They say the custom dates back to the time of Genghis Khan – the riderless horse led to the burial place of its fallen warrior to soon after be sacrificed and eaten in his honor – when it was believed that a horse was useless without its warrior companion. Things have changed over time in […] Read more »

Don’t Touch!


“When I returned to the spot the next day, the spot where I had seen the baby owl out in the open and it was still there, I knew the Mom wasn’t taking care of it.” With wisdom honed from 27years of training and experience, Mattapoisett’s Animal Control Officer Kathy Massey knew what had to […] Read more »

ORR Student Report: Eel Pond ‘Very Sick’


Lynn Connor’s ORRHS 11th grade Environmental Science class performed field research on Eel Pond between September and November with funds provided by the Mattapoisett Land Trust. The MLT grant covered transportation costs from the school to the sensitive ecosystem where the student collected data and performed tests. On May 14, the students gave their report […] Read more »



Director of New England Raptor & Reptile Exhibits Marla Isaac introduced her feathered friends during the Mattapoisett Lands Trust’s annual meeting on Saturday, May 14. The audience got to meet a number of rescued owls, including Nanook the snowy owl, Rachel the barn owl, Athena the great-horned owl, and Babe the barred owl. Photos by […] Read more »

The Making of a Therapy Dog


It wasn’t that long ago when Breton of Mattapoisett was just another well-mannered young man, or should I say dog. But during a visit to the vet last year, the 7-year old Shih Tzu and his owner/handler Lenore Everett would find their lives forever changed. Everett retold the events leading up to Breton’s new life-changing […] Read more »