The Native Brook Trout

The colorful brook trout is an indigenous cold water fish in New England streams such as our local Mattapoisett and Sippican Rivers, true to the heritage of their Native American names. As a biological member of the northern char family, the brook trout spawns in autumn rather than in spring like many other aquatic species. […] Read more »

The Many Lives of Geoffrey Smith

In spite of a tropical storm gusting winds up to 30 miles per hour, ripping leaves from trees, and scattering branches across roadways, Geoffrey Smith was out for a run around the streets of Mattapoisett. When The Wanderer sat down with Smith at the library in Mattapoisett, he had just returned from that run undaunted […] Read more »

Tri-Town Profile: Ryan McFee

Name: Ryan McFee Age: 41 How he came to Tri-Town: He was born and raised in Mattapoisett and is now a working artist based in New Bedford. Favorite Tri-Town spot: Point Connett. “There’s a sandbar that comes up, and when low tide rolls in, there’s like a whole new beach there and no one’s ever […] Read more »

No Way, José

Tri-Town residents and the public safety departments of all three towns kept their eye on Hurricane José all last week as it kept us waiting to see where it would hit next after wreaking havoc throughout Florida and the Caribbean. The storm was anticipated to strike close to the SouthCoast, but it veered east just […] Read more »

Waltzing the Good Waltz

When Bill Tilden of Old Rochester Regional took the Plymouth County Suicide Prevention Coalition informational class, it was an eye-opener on the scope and specter of the problem. “It was very impactful,” the school’s athletic director recalled. “It was something that has been on my radar since.” Of course, Tilden didn’t know that taking the […] Read more »

Preserving the Good Life

If one happens to drive by Marion and Robert Faelten’s Pierce Street home in Rochester early morning on any given day in August or September, chances are one will find them both standing inside their kitchen fully immersed in the labor of love they share every year, as they have done for all 50 of […] Read more »

A Brief History of Rochester Farms

It would be impossible to tell the whole story of farming in Rochester in the brevity allotted a newspaper story or even in an hour-long presentation. For the history of farming in Rochester, one needs time to absorb the vast richness of it – as rich as the soils that have been turned and nurtured […] Read more »

Is It Fake Or Real News

On September 17, the Mattapoisett Public Library hosted the second in a series of three civically-oriented discussions sponsored in partnership with the Tri-Town libraries in Marion and Rochester. Visiting the Mattapoisett Public Library were Mindy Todd of NPR, WCAI radio, and Paul Pronovost, editor-in-chief of The Cape Cod Times, to discuss the rising issues around […] Read more »

Shelter Dedicates Addition to Late Contractor

Matthew Sherman never got to see the finished product of his labor of love. The contractor who ‘rescued the rescuers’ from a shoddy construction job passed away on July 24 of this year, but not before leaving behind a legacy that dozens gathered to honor on Thursday night, September 7. The owners of the Rochester-based […] Read more »

The Metaphysical Monarch

The monarch butterfly is a world famous member of the Lepidoptera order that is remarkable enough to be described by Aristotle’s term ‘metaphysical,’ his way of understanding the underlying nature of things and creatures of the world. The monarch is the only one of its kind to annually complete an almost supernatural inter-continental migration of […] Read more »