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Meet Oliver (a male tiger) and Haddie (a female tortie). Both 2 and both adopted as kittens from It’s All About the Animals. They have very different personalities. Oliver loves his family, but is shy with strangers. Haddie loves people, is adventurous and behaves like a dog. They both enjoy chasing a laser pointer. They are very well loved!
All the way from Vermont’s Canadian Border, Nani is one of the many summer residents to enjoy the Mattapoisett seaside. Photo by Taylor Mello
Robin and Rubin are 2 young cats who raised their 3 kittens in the cold in New Bedford this winter. The 3 kittens were caught and placed in good homes! Now Robyn and Rubin would love a forever home after being fostered and socialized. They are spayed and tested and have all shots. Call Cause for Paws 508-560-5279
These lucky kittens were adopted out from their foster home in Marion a few years ago. Fostering is a great way to give life to homeless animals. For more information call Cause for Paws
“Mushu” – Available for Adoption – 3 Years Old – Female – Grey and White – Mushu is a doll who loves to rub up against your legs and has free roam around the house. This sweetie was not in the best environment and had a total of 4 litters in her young life, even through all she has been through she is a sweet girl and is a great mamma cat. She has now been spayed and all her new babies have been adopted. It’s now time for this adorable momma to get a home. All our cats are vaccinated,spayed or neutered, feline leukemia tested, de-wormed and de-flea. If your interested in meeting Mushu call the shelter to schedule a visit at 508-763-2035 or email at
“Little Bear” was born in the Mountains of Virginia and will be visiting Marion this summer!
This is Theo who is 7 months old! He’s a very smart boy whose potty training is moving along very well!
Cloë is a sweet 8 month old kitten who needs a home! She has all shots & is spayed. Call Carol 508-748-9800
I took a selfie. My real name is Breaker but my owners call me Breaker No! I like what all my friends like. You know; shoes, hats, gloves and socks. They are great for tug of war. My favorite game is hide and seek. Sometimes the back gate is left open or the front door is opened and I run out to go hide. My gray haired owner tries looking for me. He finds me usually muddy and wet. What fun!
Mrs. Buff is a very docile family pet. We consider her a “city chick” because she resides in the historic city of New Bedford. She contributes to the family household by laying some of the most fabulous fresh eggs. She is an excellent gardener, as she helps fertilize and turn over the dirt . We truly enjoy her daily greets and sweet sounds of clucking.
My name is Oliver and most say that I am a very handsome beagle. I enjoy nature hikes and walking along the beach. My hobbies are stealing socks from the laundry and pieces of mail from the table. I love all kinds of snacks, but my favorite is cracker jacks!
“Lord Grantham” 3 Years Old, Male Neutered, Persian Mix
An absolute beauty, one of our Facebook followers found him roaming the streets of New Bedford. He was not neutered, had a severe ear infection and looked to be extremely neglected. Now he is all fixed and up to date with his vaccine and his ear has been treated. He is such a sweet boy despite the apparent bad life he was previously living. All our cats are vaccinated,spayed or neutered, feline leukemia tested, de-wormed and de-flea before they go to their new homes. If your interested in meeting Lord Grantham call the Pam at the shelter to schedule a visit at 508-763-2035 or email her at
Ming climbs from chair to table to screen to the top of the grandfather clock – where she is above dogs, and owns the world! She is ten years old and lives with Aniabel Barrows in Marion.
Hello Meow! My name is Bo and I’m 1 year old, found on the streets. I’m fixed and have all my shots. Ready to love my new peeps! Call Mary Lu 508-758-9202
I adopted Esther from the Fairhaven Animal Shelter in July 2008. Her name was Smokey but I changed it to Esther. Esther is quite pretty. She gets along great with my other cat. She is very bright and has a delightful personality. She is very affectionate and sleeps with me every night. She purrs whenever I touch her!
She is a great joy and I love her to the moon and back!
Hello. My name is Sassy. I am 8 months old and was found alone in New Bedford. I’m spayed and have shots. I would love to live with a nice family. Oh, I’m a girl too. Call Mary-Lu 508-758-9292
Sailor Girl is an orange tabby cat that lives in the nautical town of Mattapoisett. When she is not cat napping or playing with her toys, she is working hard as Hostess at “Chez Meshell” and Blogging Assistant to Miki McGreevy of Beyond Bold Media. Sailor Girl is looking forward to the warmer months when she can spend more time on the screen porch watching the birds and perching in the front window watching the neighbors head back and forth to the pool.
Miles is half pug and half Sharpei. He’s 10 years old and loves his morning walk. He spent years scared of meeting new people but he’s starting to come around so if you see him on his walk feel free to say hi. Lisa and Alan Stewart, Fairhaven
My cats Peach and Tangerine looking at the daily visits from the wild turkeys. Linda Gauthier
Inky had a busy holiday, carefully avoiding the parade of visitors. She is now resting for the new year, and is contemplating her resolutions.
Jack is an 8 year old Labrador Retriever who loves going on walks around the neighborhood and hanging around in the yard.
This is Gidgette! She is a dachshund mix. We got Gidgette this summer from a rescue in the south and it is her first time seeing a Northern snow storm. She just loves the snow! Her favorite activities are playing ball and digging in the snow.
Dora, the explorer, loves to climb. She lives with her sister Abby in Marion with two humans who wait on her!
The boys love their walks at Little Neck Village in Marion. Bootsie and Brady wish you a Merry Christmas!
Mr. Dudley is the mascot at The Retirement Village in Marion.
Killian the Boxer and Cameron the Cat don’t mind the cold weather. It gives them an excuse to snuggle!
Won’t you please help me?
My name is Lola and I lost my
family and home.
I will be sweet and devoted to you.
I have my shots and spay all done.
Call 508-748-9800
We are Kitten and Mikey. We and four brothers and sisters are hoping for new loving homes. We have lived with our Dad in Rochester since he rescued us as kittens, and he loves us very much, he has taken very good care of us. But our Dad is very sick now and can’t care for us any more. He would be very sad to see us go to a shelter. If you can make room for a wonderful adult cat in your life, please call (508) 758-4459 for information. We and our Dad would be very grateful.
My name is Caligirl. I’m a 6 month old calico cat from Rochester. I was adopted by mommy & daddy on Aug. 27th. I also live with my big brother, Midnite. He’s an all black cat and protects the house. I love my new home and all of our toys. I love my naps, relaxing in the sun and watching Life Time movies with mommy. And for Halloween I’m dressing up as a Princess!
My name is Midnite Sylvia. Halloween is around the corner and I am the perfect all black Halloween cat. Most people think black cats bring bad luck, but to my mommy & daddy I’ve brought nothing but good luck. I just got a new baby sister, Caligirl. It’s exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way! She’s my best friend. Happy Halloween!
Miss Charlotte is a lucky cat. She wandered into the sanctuary at “Harriets Out Back” in Marion and found a home among 5 other happy cats!
To my dog loving friends
Late yesterday afternoon Russ, Howard, Ziva and I went out for a walk. We told Emma it would be a long one so she decided to stay at the cabin to do homework. It was a nice temperature and Howard and I were chatting as Russ was leading the way. After about a half hour of walking we decided to walk to an old run-down dam that was another half hour or so away. Howard had never seen it and we had to pull him away from “exploring” to get back before it got dark. After about fifteen minutes into the walk back Ziva gave a single yelp and Russ hollered “Oh no!”. At that point Howard and I ran, only to see Ziva standing on three legs with quills sticking out of the bottom of her paw and all over her muzzle. I picked her up and she was amazingly calm, but was trying to remove the quills with her tongue which already had quills in it. After a little bit of me carrying her Russ carried her. I couldn’t stand seeing the quills in her paw so pulled them out and some of the ones in her shoulder. Russ said we should get back and find out what the proper thing to do it. We took turns carrying her. Howard was leading and saw Emma crying, wandering up and down the road looking for us because it was getting dark. I tried to calm her, then ran in the house to Google “removing quills”. Everything said to bring the dog to a vet to be sedated to remove them, not an option at 7pm on a Sunday night in rural Maine. The best advice I read was to blindfold the dog, grab the quill as low as you can and pull hard, and most importantly keep the dog calm. I pulled the easy ones and she was a sport. When it got to doing her nose, lips, and tongue she decided enough was enough. Russ and I switched positions, but that was short-lived because she tried to bite him. We switched back and she took a chance at my hand. I realized it wasn’t personal so let her bite the pliers after each quill was extracted. Once her face was clear we let her free. Tail between her legs she crept into the kids’ bedroom. After giving her a little time to calm down I went in the check her out. There was one quill still in her, but it was broken beneath the skin. When I touched it she would flinch and I knew we need to get it out. After reading up on quills I learned that if embedded they migrate and cause more damage and sometimes death, as well as infection risks increase. Russ is better at things that may cause more pain, but are necessary. I held her as he worked it out. It was very uncomfortable for her, but he managed to push it through the skin where there was no hole. After the ordeal she pretty much curled up and licked her wounds and slept. This morning I took her for her morning walk. She stayed right by my side and refused to walk the path we went on yesterday, settling for a short, but painless walk.
Mary & Elizabeth pet Alice the Bunny at De Dieren Capel (petting zoo) in Amsterdam where they volunteer to help care for the animals.
We are Ella and Aretha, living with the Williamson’s in a musical home in Mattapoisett. Our beginnings were rather wild, being born in the woods, but have now settled into a nice routine with toys and servants and an occasional mouse! Cause for Paws has rescued many cats and kittens and may be reached @ 508 560 5279
My name is Two. Yes, Two. I have lived in Mattapoisett most of my life. I will be fourteen years old September 9th. I love tummy rubs and watching birds outside. I enjoy being held, but on my terms. The only good food to eat is seafood. Thunderstorms are fun to watch. Mattapoisett is a great place to live.
Fenway is a 2 year old puggle. It didn’t take him long to “Find the Aardvark”!
Mr. “Mitty Mitts” was rescued from a poor environment 1 yr. ago. He now thrives in his forever home in Marion. Welcoming foster cats from “Cause for Paws” is his specialty. To find out about fostering or adoption. Call 508-560-5279.
Hans, a German Shorthair Pointer, sat motionless for 40 minutes Monday evening watching a bunny. Hans points rabbits and stalks them, but never chases.
My name is Midnite Sylvia. I am glad that the “dog days” of summer are almost over. It’s hot in “my apartment” especially for my best friend “Charlie Brown”. Pretty soon I will be able to see the big yellow buses go by when me and Charlie watch out the window. Right now we watch the vegetables grow across the fields. It will be August soon and I want to wish my mommy a happy happy birthday. I am a very lucky kitty to have her and my daddy who take good care of me and make sure I have everything I need.
This is Jazzy. He is 11 years old. We adopted him from a shelter Forever Paws in Fall River. We adopted him on July 4th last year. He has been diagnosed with diabetes. Since he has started taking insulin he has gone blind due to cataracts. He is also losing his hearing. We are so happy to have Jazz in our life. It’s been a rough road and it’s going to be a rough future. But we love him so much and glad he is part of our lives. Sadly Jazz has gone to heaven on July 17, 2013. R.I.P.
I’m a very busy young cat named Willy. My “owners” are Paul, Mary, and Robert Magee, who all adore me at our cozy home in Mattapoisett.
This is Lola waiting to go to camp this summer. She lives with Laura on the water in Mattapoisett and is a very lucky Kitty!
Meow! I’m Noah, the latest member of my mom Judie’s pet family. I was presented to her at her retirement party at the library in May. Life is good in my bowl!
Violet and Daisy will melt your heart.
These 5 year old sisters are super affectionate lap kitties and are looking for a home since their mom went into a nursing home. Spayed and all shots up to date.
Call Carol 508-748-9800
This is Rocky, our tuxedo cat, in his favorite position cuddling and hanging out with his brother. Rocky lives in Marion Village and goes outside and inside. Our neighbors tell us that ‘it takes a village to raise Rocky’ and that’s true. He roams around the neighborhood visiting his’ treat giving’ friends and likes to roll around in the dirt. He likes to lay in the bushes and wait for a dog walker. When one comes along, he leaps out and enjoys the commotion. Rocky is especially fond of the little things in life, like the catnip planted annually in my neighbor’s garden. He can be seen rubbing and rolling in it and then taking a nap right there!
Max of Mattapoisett was full of life, always ready for the long walk around the village, swimming in Eel Pond River, chasing away the grackles, and announcing the arrival of the UPS or FedEx trucks. He loved cookies, chicken, and cheese. Maxx’s short life was the cornerstone of our household; he was our buddy. He was handsome, strong, and healthy in appearance, which belied a medical problem. He is survived by us, his grieving people: Paul Coderre, Marilou, Emily, and Jason Newell.
This is Abby Besse and she is a wonderful cat to have. She loves to sit in the window in the kitchen and watch the birds. She loves to play with all her toys and she loves when you toss a toy; she runs for it and sometimes she will bring it back to you. We love her to pieces and she is wonderful to have in the house. She loves to bring her favorite toy up stairs when it is bedtime.
Gus is a 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who works at Cape Cod Shipbuilding in Wareham. His owner adopted Gus from a family who couldn’t keep him as he kept knocking the children over. It took some time & obedience training but Gus is well behaved now. He enjoys greeting everyone who comes into the office and he relishes a pose in front of a new boat. He also enjoys visits to the shop where the boats are built & repaired, and naps on the sofa at the end of the day. Gus also enjoys traveling. This photo was taken in Maine where he learned what porcupines can do. Don’t worry, Gus was not hurt & the quills were pulled soon after the photo was taken.
This is Shady. I got her from Alabama as a 2 day old chick. Shady is an Americana. She lays green, blue and sometimes pink eggs. She is free range and likes to “cluck” a lot after she lays an egg. She is very friendly and loves to explore the yard. Shady is also very calm when you hold her. She loves bread, corn, seeds, rice and pasta. Shady is about 8 months and is still growing up to be a big and healthy backyard chicken. I hope you enjoyed the story about Shady.
This is Gorgeous. I got her from Alabama as a 2 day old chick. She is an Austrolorpe. She lays large brown eggs. Gorgeous clucks a lot after she lays an egg. She loves to dig for bugs and sit in the sun. She likes bread, carrots, lettuce, rice and pasta. Gorgeous is always running and loves to hang out with her other chicken friends. She is very calm and friendly when you hold her. She is now about 8 months and is still growing up to be a healthy and big backyard chicken. I hope you enjoyed the story about Gorgeous.
Meow! I’m Mr. Bootsie, a lively, opinionated orange male. My favorite pastime is walking on a leash with my mom Suzie. I love watching the turkeys on parade in my back yard as well!
I’m Haley, a smart, tough, and even sometimes sweet golden retriever mix, and I’m 16 years young. As you can see, I’ve still got my good looks, even if my eyes, ears, and legs are going a little bit. This photo was taken after a short walk, so please pardon the grains of sand on my snout: I was hungry, and the beach looked like one giant treat to me. I’ll try to eat anything, really, any time. My favorite hobbies are prying open the fridge and the trash bin with my paws to leisurely inspect the contents, occasionally sampling some when my family is out on the town or otherwise occupied. I love my family, and they love me. They rescued me a long time ago, so I’ll always be loyal to them. When I wake them up whining every morning at 4 or 5 or 6, it’s only to remind them how much they mean to me. Oh, and to remind them it’s snack time.
Good morning! My name is Thomas but all the guys call me Tom. I greet everyone as they arrive at work daily. Yup, I’m the company cat and I love everyone and everyone loves me back. Sometimes I just spend the day with my mouse at the computer and other days I make sure all the stock is in place and just greet customers. My therapy is getting my belly rubbed and in return provide a nice calming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. I love my job………
Let us introduce you to our little girl Lola. Lola is a Multipoo who will be three years old in April. She came to us from Bradford, PA when she was eight weeks old. She is a very happy girl. In the summer she enjoys cruising around Mattapoisett harbor with her mommy and daddy in their raft. In the winter she looks forward to playing in the snow. She is especially happy when she is in The Villages, Florida. She is very often seen riding in her golf cart or at the Summer Square listening to music. She attracts a lot of attention when she wears one of her many dresses. She is so sweet and e love her so much.
My name is Coco Channel. I am almost 8 years old! I am a Himalayan cat who is very lazy and I like my beauty sleep (as you can see in the picture). I sleep a minimum of 20 hours a day and I only run when I see a piece of string. I love to be pet in the morning because that is the only time that I’m awake. When I sleep, I like to be curled up in a ball and if anybody touches me, I will scratch them. I am very fluffy, and even though I may look fat, most of it is fur. Well, that’s me!
Hello. My name is Roxy. I am a 6 yr old puggle. I am very thankful for my family. They found me a couple of years ago down in Georgia. I guess you could say I was homeless and they took me in. I have the best family. My favorite things to do are learn new tricks, go for long walks and play with my stuffed animals. I have so many. I guess you could say I am pretty spoiled. I also love laying in the sun and having my tummy rubbed.
I’m Sox a black & white cat about 10 years old, and six years ago I was starving and lost in Mattapoisett. A nice family gave me a piece of chicken to eat, and I have never left their home. I love to visit the neighbors and go for walks with Brandy. Then there is Brandy a 4 yr old Boston Terrier. She comes from a Scituate Shelter. A young couple was having a baby and breaking up and they put Brandy in the shelter. Brandy loves to play ball and take walks. We both like taking long afternoon naps.
Concorde is a 19-year old cockatiel.
I picked him out from a bunch of newly hatched birds in a pet shop, but was not allowed to take him home until he was six weeks old.
I named him Concorde to encourage him to fly fast and far.
Over his lifetime he preferred to fly up and down and, had I known that, I would have named him “Sikorsky” – a tribute to the inventor of helicopters.
Unusual as he is, the most amazing feature he developed was his appetite for human food. He eats everything I eat, and he drinks coffee, milk and an occasional sip (or two) of Southern Comfort. Here he is “preparing” my drink.
Meet Sonic “Sonni” Spindash, the adorable new addition to the Boutiette household. Merely four weeks ago, his adoptive parents brought the little hedgehog home, where he quickly stole the hearts of friends and family. Sonni enjoys longs walks on the exercise wheel and snuggling up in his mama’s cardigans. He’s a fierce competitor in peek-a-boo and unexpected hide-and-seek, but at the end of the day, he’s a softy for a good tummy rub.
I am Hamilton, a Yoga practicing Chihuahua. Here I am practicing my favorite position: Downward Facing Dog.
I will be 14 in February, and attribute my fitness to plenty of meditation and a good diet. I have good balance, and during the summer enjoy paddleboarding across Sniptatuit Pond in Rochester, and have walked across the frozen pond in the winter. Yoga helps me maintain readiness and humor for any adventure in which my owner requires my participation.
My name is Leao. I am a two year old Portugese Water Dog. Leao means lion in Portugese. I live with my family in Rochester. I’m always through the streets and cranberry bogs. My favorite hobbies include running, chewing my deer antlers, and chasing rabbits out of my yard. I am a great swimmer in our pool, and in the ocean. I have a favorite chair I sit on when I’m home alone. I am so loved by my family, and have the PERFECT DOGS LIFE!!!
Hello…..My name is Bronx and I’m a four year old Shih-tzu/Maltese mix and I’m a little love muffin. I enjoy spending quality time with my family especially my mumma….some people consider me a mommy’s boy but that’s ok because after all I am the apple of her eye. I love going on long walks, car rides, playing with my toys, going to the beach, and sometimes I like to sneak and eat my sissys cat food too….my favorite thing of all time to do is to get treated with milkbone cookies. I have to say I am one very stylish pooch….my mom is always buying me clothes so I am prepared for any season or climate…. I think my family thinks I’m a little baby boy, but little do they know I’m just a dog. I am one spoiled rotten poochie that is for sure, and I love every second of it….a ruff life indeed!
This is Cocoa, shes a four year old, Chocolate lab/ Sharpei mix. She was adopted from Dartmouth Humane Society May of 2011, She’s energetic, loves people and always looking for someone to play with, she especially likes her toy bee. Cocoa enjoys snacks, sitting by the campfire and long walks with her Mom.
My name is Midnite Sylvia. I was abandoned when I was only a few weeks old in a basement. My daddy found and rescued me on April 19, 2011. I am very close to my mommy and daddy. I am not allowed to play outside but I like watching the animals in the back yard and playing in my own room with all of my toys. My favorite cartoon is Charlie Brown. He sits on my window sill. Since I am a black kitty, Halloween is my favorite holiday. When mommy does crafts I enjoy playing with the scrap paper and ribbons. I always have lite rock 105 playing, the music keeps me company while they are at work. I adore my family and my great life!
Hello everyone, we are Dickens and Minnie Hathaway, brother and sister. Six years ago, when we were just babies, we were adopted by our Mom from Cause For Paws. We were sad little tortured kittens rescued out of New Bedford. Our Mom has provided us with a wonderful home in Marion and gives us lots and lots of love each and every day. We want to give special thanks to our Mom and to all the wonderful people who adopt rescue animals. Meow, Meow, Meow
This picture is from the week we acquired our dog Sugar. Tragically, it was because my brother in law died (at 46) in his sleep. Their mother asked if we could take Sugar in, what could we say? She is now seven, and just as adorable as ever, everyone assumes she is a puppy! She thoroughly enjoys the fact that we foster dogs, it gives her a new companion to play with, then she gets us to herself again. Last year we raised tiny abandoned kittens and Sugar thought they were hers! She would whine when she heard them cry and wash them at every chance.
Lucy is a 3 yr old English Bulldog with a very bad underbite. It doesn’t bother her, though, as she still manages to eat as much as possible, any chance she gets. Her favorite treat is peanut butter, but she also loves doggy ice cream. Lucy likes to communicate with us by grumbling, especially when she’s hungry. She loves listening to stories at bedtime with her older “brother” Braden.
Lexi is my adorable 2 1/2 yr old Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She was rescued over a year ago (probably from a Giants fan!) and now lives happily ever after in Pt. Connett. Lexi gives and gets lots of love! Lexi enjoyed joining friends to watch the Patriots every weekend last fall…the one time she didn’t wear her jersey …they lost the Superbowl?! So all 13 lbs of her is suited up and looking forward to rooting on the team again..Go Pats !
Hi, I’m Pickle the pug. I live in Rochester, MA and sit around in my bed all day. I was born in Marion in a litter of four. I love chewing, playing with, and sitting on my many stuffed toys ( I chew the ears first… then their faces), and I can never wait for dinner time. My favorite past time is to make sure the cats aren’t up to no good! When I get excited, I spin in circles, chasing my tail, but I can never catch it because its too curly!
My name is Geraldine. I am a very curious cat. This pumpkin was very interesting to me. Even though I am a senior cat now. My curiosity keeps me interested in all kinds of things.
Halloween is almost upon us. Our lovable terriers, Misty Gale and Angus MacTavish show what some scrap material, a cardboard box, and imagination can produce in their portrayal of the notorious gangsters, Bonnie and Clyde.
We are very proud of our canine duo as they have been prize winners in their portrayals of Robin Hood and Lady Marian, Rhett Butler and Scarlet, and William and Kate.
Most importantly, they have brought much joy to the residents of a local nursing home. To witness the reaction of the residents there, when they saw Angus and Misty, was a very heartwarming experience.
Though Angus and Misty bring much happiness to whomever they interact with, these spirited terriers have certainly been a prominent part of our family lives.
Introducing “Dunkin” Dozer. He is an A.K.C. chocolate Labrador Retriever now 2 years old and called Dozer for short. Formally named “Dunkin’ “ Dozer after his favorite snack, a chocolate donut which he loves to eat as he rides from yard to yard with his owner and landscaper daily. He is very well behaved and is a graduate from dog training school.
Dozer has many friends in the tri-town area and makes each one smile when he arrives. Another favorite thing he loves to do…..swim, swim, swim as his breed of dog is famous for. Look for him at Ned’s point, swimming and playing fetch after a hard day of landscaping work. He is happy, healthy and very loving. Meet “Dunkin’ Dozer”!
Milo, an orange male & Delilah, a calico female cozy up on their Mom’s bed in Marion. They met thru Cause for Paws (508-560-5279), an adoption agency in Mattapoisett. They were both adults at the time but it was love at first purr!
Isabella is a 14-year-old “tortie” (tri-color) short-haired adopted cat. Although she is a “house cat”, she loves going outside with her harness and leash or in her “play pen”. She is very inquisitive, smart, and asks for food by pushing her empty bowl around until someone fills it. She loves company and is quite friendly. Her neighbor is a blonde lab who thinks she is a dog because she is on a leash! Isabella has been trained to follow voice and hand signals just like a dog. As all cats must, Isabella has several names: Zbella, Bella Girl, Monkey Girl and Naughty Girl (for obvious reasons)..We love her dearly and are so happy that we found her ready for adoption 12 years ago.
Hi – I’m Charlie. I’m a rescue cat. I am obese. I’m on a diet! My “mum” says she wishes I wouldn’t catch chipmunks – ah well, life’s pretty good all the same.
This is Noel, she is a Boston Terrier. She was a Christmas present thus the name. She has tons of energy and thinks she is a human. Noel enjoys playing fetch and is so far the fastest dog of any she has played with. This is her mid jump she can jump 4 ft in the air. Noel loves to sleep with our oldest son Elijah and I tease him that she shares her bed with him and not the other way around.
Hi, my name is Asta. I am a 2 yr. old Wire hair Fox Terrier. My parents went to Maine to get me when I was 4 months old. I am very energetic and require lots of entertainment. I can do a few tricks such as sit, stay and down. I can jump through a hula hoop. I’m still working on roll over. I don’t do any of these unless there is food involved. I love going for walks especially at the wharf and through the village. But anywhere will do. I eat the usual dog food but enjoy peanut butter and apples. I am really afraid of thunder and and find comfort cuddling with one of my parents until it passes. I love my family and they love me.
Submitted by Dana and James Dexter
I adopted Fionna at age two from a breeder on the cape. She had been returned because she and the two other goldens who spent most of their day in a large outdoor enclosure or in a crate in the house, fought constantly. Fionna came to me with a bite hole in her ear and a puncture on her face. She has serious hip diplasia as well. When I brought her home she had no indoor manners surfing the counters constantly for any food within reach. She was quite thin and had been fed exactly half of what she should have been receiving daily. Now at age three she has become a wonderful, devoted and fun companion. She has quite a personality, is gentle, loving and well behaved-mostly. She still loves to eat, chase, retrieve and play with tennis balls that squeak. Socks and shoes are her favorite gifts to bring to visitors.
~Bronwen Cunningham
Hi, I’m Hemingway, Hemi Dog for short. I’m the small, floppy-haired one. The big lug to my left is my older brother, Jackson Blue. We are bestest pals, but to be honest, I kind of rule the roost around here. I have Jack and my mommy wrapped around my little paw. Hope to see you down at the beach!
Hi my name is karma. I was adopted by my new wonderful family who gives me lots of love. I just turned 1 yrs old and I love jumping and playing in boxes filled with papers and toys. I’m very playful and love my new beautiful home. Love karma.
Meet Jack Walsh, He is a three legged, now blind, 13 year old Boston terrier who was born with a happy gene and can out run most four legged dogs !!. He loves the question “ Do you want to go to the beach?” and invites himself to neighborhood cookouts. He has provided great joy to many residents on Crescent Beach.
Hi everybody, my name is Barclay. Also called “The B Boy” which stands for the best boy which I try to be.
I am a mix breed dog and weigh 43 lbs. My fur is so soft people like to pet me.
I love other dogs and people but being 17 years old I’m not much of a player any more.
Hanging out at home, taking walks and riding in the car are some of the things I like to do.
The Slip at the wharf and Eastern Bank are my 2 favorite “doggie” snacking spots.
I haven’t met anyone yet that didn’t think I was young & cute!
This is our 1 yr. old Huskey, Samantha, aka “Sassy Sammy”. She came to us at 6 weeks old and immediately adopted my grandmother’s Newfy, Raven, as her big sister. Like most kids, she tries to copy everything big sister does. One of her favorite tricks is to grab Raven’s leash and take her for a walk around the yard (until Raven decides it’s time for a real walk). Sammy is also very adept at playing soccer, kicking the ball with her feet and bouncing it off her head. She keeps our home in Rochester hopping.
Hi – I’m Sam. I’m a rescue mutt. I like to ride in the car . When people point at me & smile I just keep on laughing. I’m getting pretty old & almost blind. But when I’m with my “mum” I’m always happy!
This is NANI, a lovable Boxer mix who resides in the upper most part of Vermont, but is more than willing to travel for many hours to vacation here in Mattapoisett. She has a shiny marble rye coat, a slight under bite, and admittedly, ears that have a mind of their own. Nani has a bit of a crazy side, some may even call her a wild child, but at the end of the day, she is the perfect cuddler. She digs peanut butter, grapes, & ice cubes, a sandy beach & a muddy ditch, and most of all, riding around with the top down. Being a rescue shelter pup, and not knowing her real birthday, her family and friends have decided to celebrate it this week. So, if you see Nani around town, be sure to wish her a good one!
Meet Sadie! She is an almost 5 year old Goldendoodle. Weighing in at 70 pounds, Sadie is a friendly giant!! She has been given many nicknames over the years. Sadie is very laid back and a good sport when it comes to roughhousing. But never turn your back to her when food is on the counter or table. She will eat it in a heartbeat. Sadie warms the heart of anyone she’s met.
Ms. Kitty. a Tortie with tortitude, began her life of ease when rescued from a give-away basket in Onset ten years ago. She survived a difficult month of tube feeding through her neck a while back, when she walked through cement dust, fastidiously licked her paws clean and burned her esophagus. She is quite good at fetching a paper ball, depositing it in a shoe then exerting much effort to get it back out. (She also does several yoga poses.) Needless to say she is much loved by owner, Mary Anne Lucas of Marion…who, along with other members of her family and friends with their own cats, have declared Ms. Kitty, the Matriarch of their feline members.
Harry and Pippa are eight week old grey tabbys adopted through the Standish Humane Society in Duxbury by Patti Butterfield of Mattapoisett. The siblings were adopted on Saturday June 2, the weekend of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London, hence their royal connection names! Pippa is tiny and tough and Harry is big and laid-back. They play together all day! Consider saving a life and adopting a shelter animal or volunteering at your local animal shelter. Visit to view pictures and videos of hundreds of adoptable pets like Harry & Pippa.
Say hello to Scout…a 12 year old Ger- man Shepherd who enjoys passing the day as his family’s loyal companion. Adopted at a young age through a clas- sified ad placed in this paper, he has enjoyed living close to the water.
In his youthful days, some of his favor- ite activities included walks through the town, dog paddling in the ocean, jumping into the bed of the truck for a ride to anywhere, and racing to retrieve a thrown ball. If this last activity began with a ride in the truck, Scout would let you know when the game was over by not returning the ball but instead sprint- ing back to the bed of the truck.
Today Scout spends much of his time on more leisurely strolls and lounging on his orthopedic bed. And not a day goes by when he does not appear in the kitchen during food preparation time in hopes of receiving his favorite snack – carrots!
Meet Diesel! He is a 2 year old Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix. At 170 lbs. he is certainly no lap dog, though sometimes he forgets how big he is when he leaps up onto the couch to cuddle. Bones and tennis balls are his favorite toys, but nothing beats a good belly rub for this loveable beast. Ice cubes are his favorite treats on which to munch. If he knows you have one in your hand, he’ll do absolutely anything you tell him. He loves playing fetch out in the back yard, and when he gets tired, he enjoys a relaxing nap on the porch.
This is Aiden. He is a lovable and enthusiastic greeter throughout Mattapoisett. He is 5 years old and has never met a stranger. Most days he spends tending to twin 3 yr. old grandsons, gardens, chickens and doggie stuff. He’s a regular runner/swimmer in the neighborhood and a card carrying member of the Point Connet Posse. He’s also a well traveled Golden Retriever and not only in New England. He’s been on family trips from Savannah, GA to Washington, DC and to Montreal, QC. He’s always polite and on his best behavior in any language. He’s looking forward to a return trip later this summer to Vermont.
This is Rosie; my sister’s first grade dream, my father’s boat buddy, my mother’s shadow. She was the sweetest yellow lab any family could ever ask for. She filled our lives with excited hellos, furry rugs and wet kisses for fifteen long years. Rosie passed away in June of 2009 beneath our piano. We knew the end was near as she walked weakly throughout the house, carefully choosing the place in which she would take her last breath. By some fated chance, considering my high school graduation was the following morning and my sister lived in New York at the time, our entire family was home that night. To this day, I’m still convinced Rosie held on long enough so that we all recieved the chance to say goodbye. There we were; the four of us with wet eyes knelt beside Rosie, reassuring her and ourselves that it was OK for her to go. Nearly three years later I can still hear the faint tapping of her nails against our wooden floors. Some days, out of the corner of my eye, I can even catch a glimpse of her silhouette at our back porch. While we miss her with all of our hearts, it comforts us to know that Rosie died as gently as she lived.
Duke is a 10-year-old Bichon Frise and is the pride and joy of his family. Five years ago, a coyote attacked him, but after an extensive surgery he was put back together and is as good as new! He is very busy most hours of the day having his belly scratched by his owners, but in his spare time, he likes eating Pup-r-oni’s, going for rides in the car and walks, laying in his bed, looking out the window, and being hand fed people food.
Abby is a year old spirited calico who adores fetching her human father’s socks. She came from a feline placement agency “Cause For Paws” in Mattapoisett, pregnant and needing a home. She was fostered in Marion through birthing and raising her kittens.
Her debut was @ the Elizabeth Tabor Library, presenting her five fuzzy kittens to a delighted audience of children. All were placed in loving homes.
Robert Lucas of Marion saw Abby on the Petfinders website and loved her beautiful rainbow colors. “Where do I sign up?” he asked. He took her in on a snowy day in January and now spends part of his time volunteering to help cats and kittens find their way to good homes.
Cause for Paws is always looking for foster homes and permanent placements for adult cats and kittens (508-758-9202).
This is Sax. He is 1 year old. He was born July 1, 2010. He was very young when he was left in a cardboard box stranded by his owner on a beach. Luckily he was rescued. As soon as we heard his story we drove to New Hampshire to adopt him. He was only a few months old. Ever since, he has been a great cat
Here are Zoey and Daisy, full sisters but different litters, owned by the Bosworth family, Mattapoisett. Zoey is 5, Daisy 7. They were bred by Peter O’Donnell, Mattapoisett. Wonderful girls!!!
Abey Duarte is a nine year old golden retriever who loves to listen to music, especially Elvis Presley songs. Maybe because every Saturday when I clean my house I always put Elvis on. Abey grew up with Elvis music. I would put Elvis Presley’s sunglasses on her and she would be so happy. She’s an Elvis fan all the way. ~Anna Silveira
There’s never a dull moment in the Smith household with our three musketeers, Lady, Dutch and Joey. These three dachshunds were all rescued from shelters or from foster care for a variety of sad reasons. All three have very distinct personalities. Lady (left) is truly a lady. Very quiet, reserved and rarely barks (unless one of the other two barks first). To get your attention she simply sits on her hind legs and stares at you. Something hard to avoid. If you turn your head away to ignore her, she will give a tiny “yip” to be sure you know she is still there. The next guy is Dutch (middle) and the most recent arrival. He’s the old man but thinks he is only two years old. We have nicknamed him “Happy Dawg” or “Clown Man.” He is so animated compared to the other two. If you quietly mention “wanna go for a ride?” he starts spinning in circles and jumping and it almost seems like he’s smiling all the time. Once you step one foot out outside with him he immediately tugs at your sneaker or pants leg, dragging you to the car. The last guy (right) is Joey and within a few minutes after his arrival we discovered why he was so named. His hind legs are like pogo sticks and jumps nearly two feet in the air like a kangaroo! We’re trying to break him of that but so far he has successfully inspired Dutch to do the same thing. They can sometimes be a handful but overall they bring a lot of pleasure and love. They are the quintessential lap dog, except when all three end up in your lap at the same time. It’s even more hectic when our daughter Holly and her husband Patrick bring their two dachshunds, Tommy & Eva to visit too. Betty and I also volunteer with the various rescue organizations by performing home inspections for prospective “parents” and provide volunteer transport services to help these cute orphans find a loving home. It’s a great breed. ~Betty & Tim Smith, Mattapoisett
Lucy is a Cairn Terrier we rescued in April 2008 at the age of four from Cairn Rescue USA. She is eight years old. She loves Mattapoisett and swimming and her walks in the center of town. She loves the wharf and the boat float when the weather is rough and the floats are bouncing. Pet peeves are when she isn’t allowed to jump off the boat floats and swim, and when no one offers her any of their ice cream. She thinks she is Queen of the Wharf!
Our seven year old Bloodhound, Grace, is by far the biggest baby there is. She enjoys lounging in whatever chair she can find with pillows bunched up underneath her. During the week she travels with our three year old son, William, to her grandparents’ houses while we are at work. There she plays with their dogs and gets lots of attention all day. With her boisterous bark she greets our neighbors each day and thankfully they all think she is quite cute. Officially she is called Sargent Shea’s Saving Grace, but by all accounts Grace is by no means graceful. Running through the snow she looks more like a snow plow than a dog. She also enjoys her evening walks to the lighthouse with my husband, hanging out by the woodstove at her grandparents’ house in Acushnet and snuggling on the couch at her other grandparents’ house here in town. Grace will graciously accept all cookies when offered and never turns down a chance to ride in the front seat with her head hanging out of the window and ears flapping in the breeze.
~Jordan and Jessica Collyer, Mattapoisett
I have attached a photo of my two Tuxedo Cats, Scoots and Petals for consideration by the Wanderer. Scoots is the large one on the left on his side, with his arm around Petals, the thinner kitty on the right. I took this picture of them on top of pizza boxes, where they happily hung out in the sun patch. I spent part of my afternoon moving them on the boxes as the sun shifted! They are the best of buddies. Having lost two senior kitties last spring and summer, we adopted Scoots first from the Taunton Animal Shelter. He had been dropped off loose in front of the shelter. We then adopted Petals from the Mansfield Animal Shelter. We went there with the intention of adopting a different kitty, but when we got there she waged a persistent cuteness campaign and won her way into our hearts. When we introduced Scoots and Petals to each other, they both issued half hearted hisses and within 24 hours were inseparable companions. They have brought much joy into our lives. We urge everyone who is able to consider giving a shelter pet a home.
Mary, Andy, Julia and Matthew Crain
Riley is a nine year old English Cocker Spaniel, who loves to do tricks. Riley has been by my side for nine years now, and some of the most valuable lessons I learn are the ones he teaches me. His tail is always wagging, and his sweet eyes will make you melt. Riley likes to perform his tricks for people, and he has also competed in obedience trials. He loves to do all kinds of tricks. Sometimes he even invents his own. Riley helps me encourage other dogs and owners to train tricks too. This happy boy spreads his love to everyone. At the end of the day Riley likes to unwind with some TV and a treat stuffed toy.
-Melissa Viera
This is Raven, a six year old Newfoundland I got in August of 2010. She had been rescued from a puppy mill weighing only 77 lbs. and two days later had 6 puppies. She had been returned to her original breeder who was closing her kennels due to illness.
I applied to New England Newfoundland Rescue, who put me in touch with the breeder. We decided I would be a good match for Raven. Because I actually got her from her breeder, I received her registration information. As I looked it over, I knew she was meant for me.
Raven and I share a July birthday! She is now a happy, healthy 123 lbs. and the darling of the kids in the neighborhood. “She’s just a big black (Rochester) teddy bear.”
My name is Jeffrey Carreiro from Mattapoisett and I am submitting some info on my 8 year old Bull Terrier rescue Bella. Her previous name was Phillis named after the animal control women who brought her to Tufts. She was left for dead in Lancaster, Ma. and brought back to life by Tufts and all was paid by Bull Terrier Club New England Rescue. We adopted her from a wonderful woman named Sharon Mcgee who runs the rescue. The bills paid to bring Bella back to life were over $3000.00. We adopted her in June and she has become a wonderful addition to our family. Although reluctant to adopt, my wife Anne has a great bond with her and children Amanda and Colby adore her. Bella sleeps most of the day and loves to eat. We spoil her because of her background and she has gained a lot of weight. Did I tell you she has had 27 teeth removed from neglect and only has seven remaining. This doesn’t stop the little engine that could. Bella is around our feet constantly and she has enjoyed various vacations with us, one recently being a stay at Nine Zero in Boston (a pet friendly hotel on Tremont street). She was treated like a queen. Before anyone considers a pet. Look into a rescue. It’s been great for our family.
This is Triscuit. She is 3 yrs. old & stands 6″ from the ground & weighs 11 lbs. She was adopted out of a shelter in TN. Her mom was put there after losing her family from Hurricane Katrina. She became pregnant & had a litter; all of the litter (parvovirus)was lost with the exception of Triscuit. I am told she is a cross breed of yorkie & jack russell terrier. She is extremely friendly, smart & loves attention. One of her favorite things is chasing any animal in the backyard…from rabbits, squirrels & birds. She also can be seen around town riding around in her car seat; yes, she has a dog seat in the car! At times, I think she believes she is human. I have grown up loving & appreciating animals of all kinds but she is awfully special. – Heather Ruel
Maxx is a 3 year old Cairns Terrier who loves his walks around the Mattapoisett village and seeing his doggie friends. After his walks he jumps in his comfy bed with a favorite toy for a cozy rest.
This is Diane Drake’s 187-pound piebald Great Dane sitting on his favorite seat, her lap, at the Washburn Park dog park. Also shown are her other two Danes a harlequin and a blue merle — with two of their friends.
This is Delilah. She is a 9 month old Calico . She was born April 8th, 2011. Her mother had 8 kittens including Delilah, but sadly, two of them passed away. She is very energetic and loves to play. We can never calm her down! We have 4 other cats that she loves to play with. We call her “Baby Kitty” because she is the baby of the house. We picked her out of the other 6 kittens that her mother had because she was the most lovable kitten ever! We absolutely adore her. -Nicolette Studley
This is Ginger Belle. She is an English pointer found by the Craig family 2 years ago abandoned in Myles Standish State Forest while my son and I were riding horses there. She was laying on the ground and unable to walk because she was so weak. I put her over my horse’s shoulders (Kokopelli aka Pelli) and rode her out of the forest, to our truck, and brought her home. After a lot of food, vet care and t.l.c. she turned into a beautiful dog and a wonderful member of our family. She is now happy and healthy and runs on our farm daily. She is great with children and a real joy to be around. She greets everyone who comes to the farm with a big happy dog smile. ~Joanathan, Julie, Ian and Alex Craig
This black lab mix is Captain Jack Sparrow aka Jack. He was a rescue from Tennessee. As a puppy the litter he was in was going to
be shot by the owner as they “were not good hunting dogs.” Thankfully an organization from Braintree rescued
Jack and his siblings and the Mort Family was able to adopt him in February 2011. Originally the three puppies were all named after the cast of “Lost” and Jack Shepard was his original name. They thought being a pirate was much more interesting than being lost on an island. He is 2 years old now and a 70 lb lap dog who loves to snuggle, give kisses and hike. He has his own blog on what he thinks are the best hiking trails in Massachusetts. Photo from the Mort family. January 26, 2012
Happy Hunter of Beaconwood, our dear friend and constant companion, enjoying the warmth of a winter fireplace while approaching his eleventh year. -Owners Ann and Wilson Wingate of Marion. January 26, 2012
This is Armani aka Ari. He is a six year old Newfoundland who spent the first four years of his life abused and neglected. John and Kathy Guilherme from Mattapoisett adopted him 2 1/2 years ago from the Newfoundland Rescue of New England. Ari was born with defective hind legs and severe hip dysplasia. He requires a lot of help getting in and out of the house. He weighs about 160 lbs. and is by far the sweetest dog we they ever known. January 19, 2012
This is Benny, who will be 14 in March. He’s 1/2 German Shepherd, 1/2 Chow. This picture was taken during Hurricane Irene. He just sat and watched the effects of the wind intently through the storm. January 12, 2012
This is Zucky. He’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was adopted from the Animal Rescue League over ten years ago by the publisher of The Wanderer. January 5, 2012