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Rochester Election and Meeting Results

Rochester Annual Town Meeting
June 4, 2007 at 7pm

Rochester Memorial School, 16 Pine Street

Article 1 to accept the annual report of all town officers and committees passed unanimously.

Article 2 to see if the Town would fix the salaries of the elected officials of the Town for FY'08 was voted unanimously after a question and explanation concerning the Board of Assessors Assessment Administration.

Article 3 to see if the Town would vote to amend Part IV, Classification and Compensation Plan carried by unanimous vote after some questions and explanations.

Article 4 - the Town of Rochester FY 2008 Operating Budget with a power point presentation of the various aspects of the budget passed unanimously after questions and explanations and votes on each of the questioned items in the proposed budget.

Article 5 Capital Improvement Expenditures to see if the Town would vote to raise and appropriate, borrow, and/or transfer from available funds for the purpose of funding certain capital expenditures and authorize the Board of Selectmen to dispose of old equipment or vehicles in accordance with the Uniform Procurement Act. A unanimous vote resulted in Town Hall Technology Upgrade of $30,000, Highway Department Chipper for $37,000, and Library Improvements of $44,000.

Article 6 passed unanimously for Natural Resources Expenses of $1,471.00 to be transferred from free cash.

Article 7 to transfer from free cash the sum of $2,000 for the New Bedford Women's Shelter for FY'08 passed unanimously.

Article 8 to see if the Town would vote to authorize revolving funds for certain town departments under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44 Section 53E 1,2 for FY'08 was approved unanimously.

Article 9: Chapter 90 Funds Appropriation- to see if the Town would vote to accept the provisions of Chapter 291D of the Acts of 2004 of the Commonwealth and appropriate the sum of $231, 626 from available funds was passed by unanimous vote.

Article 10 was voted unanimously to raise and appropriate and/or transfer from available funds a sum of money to be added to the Stabilization Fund.

Article 11 to see if the Town would vote pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) to authorize the Board of Selectmen to enter into an inter-municipal agreement with the Town of Marion to install and maintain public water supply to service the Town of Marion and the Town of Rochester on such terms and conditions as the Board of Selectmen deems to be in the best interests of the Town passed by majority vote.

Article 12 pertaining to Adjudicatory Hearings in that a member of a board, committee, or commission holding an adjudicatory hearing would not be disqualified from voting in the matter solely due to the member's absence from one session of such hearing. The vote to pass was unanimous.

Article 13 to amend Council on Aging By-Laws passed unanimously.

Article 14 to amend the Personnel By-Law regarding recruitment also passed unanimously.

Article 15 to amend the Personnel By-Law pertaining to add the words"The Day after Thanksgiving" in the list of holidays in the first paragraph of this section was passed by a majority vote after some questions.

Article 16 concerning amending the Personnel By-Law on Vacations also brought several questions from Town Meeting Members who wished to have more information about the content of the original by-law. A motion to table the article was defeated by a 2/3 majority, and the article as printed was passed by unanimous vote.

Article 17 was voted unanimously to amend the Personnel By-Law pertaining to overtime.

Article 18 about Personnel By-Law Evaluations was passed by unanimous vote thus inserting that Department Heads shall submit job descriptions for new positions or revised job descriptions to the Personnel Board by October 31st for positions that will require Town Meeting budget action for the next fiscal year.

Article 19 to see if the Town would amend the Zoning By-Law Section VIII (D)(10) pertaining to Structure and Accessory Structure Height to read that no structure or accessory structure shall be allowed greater than a height of 35 feet without a Special Permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals. Changed to correct an inconsistency in the current Zoning By-Laws, the motion carried by a 2/3 majority.

Article 20: Limitation on Height of a Structure to see if the Town would vote to amend Zoning By-Law Section VIII (B)(5) and list those structures which could exceed the height used exclusively for an on-site application or purely ornamental purposes not to be used for living space also passed by 2/3 majority.

Article 21 to amend the wording in Zoning By-Law Section VIII (c))(2) by replacing the word "dwelling" in the last sentence of the first paragraph with the words "principal structure" passed unanimously.

Article 22 a Zoning By-Law Amendment was dropped by recommendation of the Planning Board.

Article 23 was to amend Zoning By-Law Section IV (E)(3) by replacing the current word "less" in the first sentence with "more" and passed with a 2/3 majority vote.

Article 24 to amend Zoning By-Laws about Temporary Occupancy of a Recreational Vehicle was dropped without a motion.

Article 25 concerning a Zoning By-Law amendment of the General Commercial District was passed by a 2/3 majority vote.

Article 26 to see if the Town would vote to amend Section VIII.B.6 of the Zoning By-Law which permits a Back-lot by special permit was to clarify the Back-Lot By-Law. A motion to table the article called for a quorum count of those voters still present.

Since a quorum of 75 voters is required by Town By-Laws, and less than 75 voters remained, a five minute recess was declared by Town Moderator Hartley for a renewed quorum recount. This also failed to meet the necessary number and Mr. Hartley declared the Annual Town Meeting dissolved. As a result, the remaining ten articles would have to be included in a warrant for a future Special Town Meeting of the Town of Rochester, the date and time to be announced.