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Rochester Election and Meeting Results

Rochester Annual Election April 12, 2006
Selectman (3 years)
Gary Laboa530
Dan McGaffey535
Town Moderator (1 years)
Greenwood Hartley885
Board of Assessors (3 years)
Jana Cavanaugh871
Cemetery Commissioner (3 years)
Peter MacGregor778
John Diggin217
Cemetery Commissioner (1 years)
Leo Dalbek841
Planning Board (1 years)
Gary Florindo850
Planning Board (4 years)
Colin Kelley817
Library Trustee
Deborah Biggs846
Wendy Keeler55
Tree Warden
Jeff Eldridge647
David Grime403
Rochester Memorial School Committee
Robin Rounseville625
Tina Rood682
Justin Shay438
Park Commission
Steven Grenier877