Bike Path

To the Editor;

            I am an avid walker [year round] I can’t tell you how much I personally appreciate the engineering marvel we have in our town.

            The population that use the bike path in the winter are few, to say the least. Now the weather has entered a Spring phase, the population on the bike path has increased. It is a pleasure to see families complete with baby strollers get exercise.

            Those who walk with their dogs have been extremely mindful in keeping their dogs on a leash.

            There should be consideration for bike path safety. If you a cyclist and pass a pedestrian, please give a shout of “on you left”

            This courtesy is basically void on the Mattapoisett Rail Trail. If you walk on Cape Cod Canal, cyclists extent this courtesy almost 100%.

            I purchased a bell for my bike that I ring when I pass a pedestrian or a family. The kids love the sound of the bell.

            When anyone gets to an intersection like Matt. Neck Road or Brandt Island Road, there are well displayed red STOP signs. [on a personal note, I have seen 2 ‘almost’ collisions with cyclists who fly through the stop sign.

            You’ve heard the phrase “it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

            The summer brings a increase in the bike path population, many from ‘out of town’. Some cyclist that use the bike path, I call the ‘Tour de France ‘cyclist, They are dressed in bright, colorful. biking apparel and have bicycles worth more than a used auto.

            From my personal observation, these folk are the most flagrant is extending courtesies to pedestrians

            The Mattapoisett Police Dept. is not responsible for enforcing any rules on the bike path. This enforcement comes to every person who use the bike path in a responsible, safety minded manner. It is so simple and it is much appreciated.

            Let’s hope we as Mattapoisett Residents can fully enjoy the beauty of our bke path

Steve Bender, Mattapoisett

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