ORRHS Swim Team Hires Head Coach

Old Rochester Regional High School is pleased to announce the hiring of a Head Coach for the new ORRHS Varsity Co-ed Swim team and a home pool for this upcoming season’s practices and meets.  Thanks to an amazingly supportive community, FORS (Friends of Old Rochester Swimming) was able to secure the needed funds set forth by the Old Rochester Regional School Committee through fundraising this summer in order to support a team for the 2012-2013 winter season.

Carly Suzanne will be the head coach for the team. Carly grew up in Mattapoisett and swam for Bishop Stang High School. Most recently, Carly has been an Assistant Swim Coach at UMASS Dartmouth.

“We are so excited to have not only an experienced coach but someone who comes from this community to lead us in our first season,” said Chrissi Feldkamp-Gelson, parent and FORS Secretary.      The Bulldog Swim Team’s home pool will be UMASS Dartmouth.

“It is an incredibly nice facility already set up for competitive swimming so the team will be starting out in a great environment,” said Kristin Johnson, parent and FORS President.

With over 33 ORR High School students already expressing interest in joining the team, it is sure to be an exciting season. For more information on how you can assist FORS, please email orrbulldogswimming@gmail.com.

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