ORR Senior Class Awards

The following seniors received awards from the Old Rochester Regional High School:

Classical and Modern Languages Department Awards

French Department Award: John Hewitt

Spanish Department Award: Kaitlyn Sethares

Latin Department Award: Brianna Perry

English Language Arts Department Award: John Hewitt

History and Social Science Department Award: Emily Audet

Mathematics Department Award: KaitlynSethares

Physical Education Department Awards: Michaela Bouvette and Paul Graves

Science, Technology & Engineering Department Award: Nicholas Iacovelli

Unified Arts

Department Award /Art: Mia Traenkle

Department Award /Chorus: Justin Smilan

Department Award/Band: Keren Satkin

Family Consumer Science Awards: Kylie Fitzgerald and Evelyn Murdock

Joan Walsh Book Award: Emily Audet

Unsung Hero Student Council Award: Samantha Barrett

The Charles E. Winterhalter Memorial Scholarship: Brianna Perry

Marion Firefighters Association Award: Emily Hyde and Mckenzie Despres

Assistant Principal’s Award: Kella Mendes

Superintendent’s Award: Justin Smilan

Principal’s Award: Samantha Barrett and Samantha Allaire

Principal’s Leadership Award: Kelly Merlo

Mass Association Secondary School Principals: Douglas Blais

Scholar Athlete Award: Kaitlyn Sethares

National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Students: John Hewitt, Rebecca Koerner, Kaitlyn Sethares, Justin Smilan & Leah Thomas

TOP 10

- Leah Rosselle Thomas

- Kaitlyn Elise Sethares

- John William Hewitt

- Michael James Wyman

- Jessica Ann Belliveau

- Justin Mackenzie Smilan

- Brianna Wynter Perry

- Ruhi Prasad Raje

- Emily Grace Audet

- Nicolas Rebello Iacovelli

- Renae Elizabeth Reints

Athletic Department Awards

Joao Rodrigues Athletic Award: Paige Santos

Elliott Macomber Award: Samantha Barrett

Lester Teixeira Athletic Award: Christopher Carando

Andrew J. Santos Award:Robert Magee

Melissa Duarte Memorial Awards:

Girls’ soccer: Emily Beaulieu

Girls’ Basketball: Isabelle Riley

Football: Jesse Noonan

Softball: Samantha Allaire

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