Final Stretch for ORR Seniors

With the students of Old Rochester Regional High School returning to the classroom on Monday, April 23 after a week’s respite, the senior class has now entered its final stretch. Classes for seniors are scheduled to end on Friday, May 18, which leaves the graduating students with only one month left as the top Bulldogs in the hallways.

Senior final exams are scheduled for the week of Monday, May 22, and the students will not return to the school building (except for official business) until the early June festivities of prom, awards night and graduation. The remaining weeks in the school calendar will see the junior class step into the shoes of the departed seniors – a subtle but anticipated turnover that occurs every year as soon as the last senior is out of the building.

As the week of senior final exams approaches, students who are eligible to receive senior privileges should be aware that they are exempt from the finals for any class in which they are receiving the grade of at least an A-. Seniors who are taking Advanced Placement exams are also exempt from the finals for the corresponding classes. When the official schedule for the senior exams is released, seniors should only be on the high school campus when they are required to be present for a final exam. Otherwise, they may remain at home.

Seniors should also note that the guidance department has asked for notification of college acceptances and planned enrollment.  Once a senior has decided which college he or she plans to attend, he or she must log in to the school’s Naviance page and select that college from the list under “College that I’m Attending.” Students may find this link by clicking “Colleges I’m applying to” in Naviance. Every graduating senior must do this so that the guidance department may have complete records.

The AFS Club at Old Rochester Regional High School recently held a prom raffle for a fundraiser. Students buying tickets were eligible to receive one of the following prizes: a limousine for ten, a tux rental and flowers, a cosmetics basket, and a free prom ticket. The winners were, respectively, Max Risch, Nick Cristaldi, Katie Ryer and Laura Mazucca. Congratulations to all of these seniors!

The Advanced Placement exams are looming on the horizon for many students, who have begun their last efforts to study and prepare. The first Advanced Placement exam is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8 and the last is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16.

Students who are planning to take any of the Advanced Placement exams should be checking their bulletins (handed out at the time of paying the exam deposits) to determine the time and date for their exams. Students will learn the location of the exams when the dates are closer. Anyone taking afternoon exams need to speak with the teachers whom they will have on the exam dates, since many students will have to receive permission to eat at a different lunch than they normally would.

By Anne Smith

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