Rochester a Sunny Spot for Solar


Another solar energy production facility is on track now for Rochester, making its first appearance before the Rochester Conservation Commission on July 7 for approval of the wetlands line. A private solar farm, property owners Lynn and Gerald Poineau of 410 Neck Road propose the installation of two 44-foot by 12-foot ground mounted solar arrays […] Read more »

Coastal Zone Management Counsels Board


Charged with helping the town find a way to improve its harbor plan, David Janik, South Coast regional coordinator for the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Office (CZM), a branch of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, met with the Mattapoisett Marine Advisory Board on June 25. The MAB over the years has aided […] Read more »

Selectmen Frown on Vacation Carry-overs


It is the end of fiscal year 2015, time for town employee requests to carry over unused vacation time into the next fiscal year – an annual custom that has Marion Board of Selectmen Chairman Stephen Cushing openly expressing his distaste for the tradition. “I think everybody knows what my opinion on the carry-over of […] Read more »

Bird Island Restoration Moves Forward


The Commonwealth’s plan to restore the tern habitat of Bird Island in Marion was given the green light by the Marion Conservation Commission on June 24. Bird Island, a two-acre island just south of Butlers Point in Sippican Harbor, is the nesting habitat for about 53 percent of the endangered Roseate Tern population and about […] Read more »

Condo Developer Compromises with Neighbors


Some residents weren’t happy June 25 when the motion to continue the hearing for the First Congregational Church’s appeal of the building permit issued to the developer of the abutting proposed condominium development failed. Some residents sighed loudly in disapproval and made insulting remarks about Marion Zoning Board of Appeals member Bob Alves because he […] Read more »

Selectmen Pass Gas Tanks


A long time has gone by since Rochester has had a gas station, commented Rochester Board of Selectmen member and Town Clerk Naida Parker on June 22. So long, in fact, that she could not accurately state how long it would take for Colbea Enterprises to receive the license from the Town to install two […] Read more »

Acushnet Road Repair Inching Again


Ken Motta, senior project manager of Field Engineering, came before the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission on June 22 seeking an Order of Conditions for the massive culvert and road repair project that residents have been waiting for – often angrily. But on this night, it was all systems go for this long anticipated work. Motta provided […] Read more »

When Is A Farm Really A Farm?


With Mattapoisett now designated as a “Right to Farm” community, boards and commissions may see more property owners stepping forward to assert their right to use their land as a farm. And if so, members of such boards may have to take a quick course in agricultural zoning. That was the case on June 18 […] Read more »

Feasibility Study Still To Design New Town House


Roughly 60 Marion residents gathered in the town’s Music Hall on Tuesday, June 23 during the midst of a summer thunderstorm to view the plans for the Town House restoration project. By the end of the presentation, it was clear that while residents hungered for cost estimates, the feasibility study is just moving into the […] Read more »

Solar Farm Proposed for Center of Rochester


The historic center of Rochester may soon be home to a large-scale solar energy facility.  The 10-acre commercial solar farm would be built upon the old Gibbs dairy farm site, between New Bedford Road and Dexter Lane, right in the center of town. The solar facility would abut several residential properties as well as the […] Read more »