Selectmen to Discuss Budgets With ORR


During his report to the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen on June 10, Town Administrator Michael Gagne discussed the upcoming Tri-Town Selectmen’s Meeting scheduled for June 19 at 7:00 pm in ORRHS. Gagne said that he recently had conversations with Superintendent Doug White regarding the prudent use of excess and deficiency funds rather than for operating […] Read more »

Board Debates Its Own Authority


Discussion over revisions to the town subdivision rules and regulations took a turn toward the hypothetical when Rochester Planning Board member Ben Bailey questioned the board’s right to dictate precisely where someone could build a house on his/her property. The speculative scenario had to do particularly with any landowner who would want to build a […] Read more »

Yes to Additional Teacher, Yes to PARCC


Mattapoisett School Committee members are celebrating the approval of an additional second grade teacher at Center School after receiving the go-ahead from the Town to hire a new teacher and pay for the health insurance with extra funds left over from the school fiscal 2014 budget. The position will be for one year only, in […] Read more »

Reappointed After a Day of Retirement


William Chamberlain of the Rochester Police Department may have retired, but he is not going anywhere any time soon.             Chamberlain was first on the agenda for the June 2 Rochester Board of Selectmen meeting, with Chief Paul Magee stating that, although Chamberlain retired from the police department just one day ago, he was now […] Read more »

“Grandfathering” Folklore and Fees


After months of review and debate, the Mattapoisett Marine Advisory Board is still plugging away at trying to find a happy medium on the issue of ‘grandfathered’ moorings. At the May 29 meeting, a draft document of the “Wharf, Mooring and Anchorage” rules and regulations was reviewed with specific concentration on this issue of grandfathered […] Read more »

Who Owns Drainage Plans & Problems?


Late into the evening’s agenda, the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission discussed the growing issue of storm water drainage problems. To the surprise of the ConCom members, the Planning Board during their last meeting had said it was the responsibility of ConCom to handle storm water drainage problems. However, Chairman Peter Newton and member Bob Rogers disagreed. […] Read more »

Great Hill Water Tower To Be Replaced


A presentation by Jon Gregory, an engineer from Tata & Howard in Lakeville, on the replacement of the existing water tower, located in East Marion, engaged the Planning Board for over an hour at Monday’s meeting held at the Marion Town House. The $1.5 million cost of replacing the tank, with associated expenses, was approved […] Read more »

Light Agenda for ConCom


Rochester’s Conservation Commission handled a light agenda as twilight descended on Town Hall on June 3. In attendance were Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon, Chairman Rosemary Smith, and members John Teal, Christopher York and Laurene Gerrior. A notice of intent filed by Don Stimer of 14 Bishop Road, which had been continued from the previous meeting, […] Read more »

Two Pier Reconstructions Discussed


With a full agenda, the Marion Conservation Commission got to work at Wednesday’s meeting to discuss a Notice of Intent by John P. and Mallory Y. Waterman of Water Street (at the eastern end of South Street) to reconstruct the wooden pier and repair or reconstruct the stone seawall. David Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider […] Read more »

Fire Engine Purchase To Be Studied


The Marion Board of Selectmen continued the discussion on June 3 over the continuing debate surrounding the Fire Department’s request for a new fire engine, which failed at the May Annual Town Meeting. Controversy has swirled around the issue, with the Finance Committee questioning the merits of the purchase. The Board of Selectmen decided to […] Read more »