Climate Resiliency Dominates Master Plan Discussion

The conversation during the Marion Planning Board meeting on March 20 centered on two elements of the draft Master Plan, facilitated by Ken Buckland, the former town planner and consultant for the town. Whether the board was discussing climate resiliency or open space – the two Master Plan elements under review that evening – the […] Read more »

BOS Says ORR School Comm Played ‘Emotions Card’

Having received calls of concern over the Old Rochester Regional FY18 budget, Marion Board of Selectmen Chairman Jody Dickerson on March 21 said it was time the selectmen went ahead and gave the public “the correct information.” “The School Committee has done a great job with their propaganda machine,” Dickerson said. “They’re entitled to their […] Read more »

School Choice on Track to Save Programs

After an over three-hour-long meeting with almost 200 parents, students, and educators (past and present) in attendance, the Old Rochester Regional School Committee voted to accept the less preferable fiscal year 2018 school budget – the one town administrators and officials forced upon the school district, saying the towns could not afford any more. With […] Read more »

Towns Blame Contract Costs for ORR Budget Woes

An exasperated Marion Finance Director Judy Mooney set the tone of the March 9 meeting of the ORR School Committee and Tri-Town town officials when she dug her heels in the sand, drew a line, and told the school committee it brought the school district’s financial problems on itself through poor contract negotiations with teachers […] Read more »

Beach Nourishment Planned for Goodspeed Island

On the eve of what many broadcasters were calling “snowmageddon,” the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission met for their March 13 hearings to consider applications for beach nourishment along Goodspeed Island’s coastal barrier. Representing two clients, Dave Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates presented the plans to fix erosion problems on two abutting properties. Fred Schernecker […] Read more »

Bike Path Easement Resolutions Pending

Mattapoisett’s Bike Path Committee has spend over two decades working through requirements set by state and federal agencies, local bylaws, wetland concerns, easements and, of course, funding – a true labyrinth if ever there was. Now in March of 2017, all that hard work and persistence is very close to making the next phase of […] Read more »

ZBA Unsure of Proceeding with Conversion Request

Town counsel for the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals on March 9 was unable to give sound legal advice on how to handle an applicant’s request to deny the special permit request to convert to a two-family, with a subsequent request to approve a kitchen to be built in an addition built to be inhabited […] Read more »

Master Plan Calls for Open Space Collaboration

Marion’s Master Plan sub-committee for open space collaboration is closing in on its mission and agenda of activities that founding members hope to accomplish by uniting the nine groups in town that hold and manage open space – even though the only elected committee, the Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission, has not been as enthusiastic […] Read more »

Is Snows Pond Affected By Dewatering?

It was standing room only at the Rochester Council on Aging when the March 7 meeting of the Rochester Conservation Commission got underway. Drawing people out on a dark and dismal late winter’s night was the fate of Snows Pond that many believe is suffering a negative impact from construction activities at the adjacent property […] Read more »

School Choice Reinstated to Help Build Budget

Government officials from the Tri-Towns have pledged to support an Old Rochester Regional school district level-funded budget increase of $320,000 maximum for FY18. This amount, however, is not nearly enough to cover the ORR budget subcommittee’s level-funded budget increase of $704,516, let alone the budget that the subcommittee feels the school needs – $18,475,627 or […] Read more »