Officials Discuss Multiple Projects

The Rochester Conservation Commission is doing its part to make sure some of the town’s free space is easily accessible, with several projects either under way or scheduled in the near future.

At their meeting Tuesday evening, they discussed projects at Leonard’s Pond and Doggett Brook, with tree clearing already done at the former to the old parking lot area that had since grown over. At Doggett Brook, trail clearing has already taken place, and there are plans in the near future to construct a fence near an abutting neighbor’s property.

As for Leonard’s Pond, Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon said that Highway Surveyor Jeff Eldridge had cleared some small trees and put in reprocessed asphalt down on the lot. Farinon also said that since the work was done, she has seen cars parked in the lot, a sign that people are utilizing the land there.

“There are people out there every time that I’ve gone by,” she said.

The Commission also approved a filing from the Rochester Land Trust for their property at Leonard’s Pond, which will allow them to do preventative pruning along the trail there. They also hope to get a kiosk installed at the site in the near future.

At Doggett Brook, the Commission discussed a proposed 220-foot fence for the demarcation of the property line upon the abutter’s parcel.

“It’s not a barrier,” Chairperson Rosemary Smith said. “We’re not trying to keep people out with this. It’s not going to be blocking any existing trail.”

The Commission decided that two cables along five posts dug into the ground would be suitable, and will look into the optimal material for the cables as far as durability and price. They also thanked Eldridge for his work on the project.

“The Rochester Conservation Commission is very grateful work Jeff Eldridge did on the property,” Farinon said.

The Commission also announced an open forum for a potential Community Preservation Act on November 13 at the Rochester Council on Aging in the early evening.

By Nick Walecka


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