Mattapoisett Town Warrant: At a Glance

At a special meeting on Friday, November 2, the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen signed the Warrant for the Special Town Meeting to be held on November 19 at ORR.

 Town Administrator Michael Gagne read aloud each of the twelve articles, all of which were approved by Chairman Jordan Collyer and Clerk Paul Silva.  Board of Selectmen Vice Chairman Tyler Macallister was not present at the meeting.

Many of the articles in the Warrant are for “housekeeping” topics, such as the increase in the late fee for dog licensing (Article 4) and road paving on Mattapoisett Neck Road (Article 5).

There are two articles dealing with the purchase and acquisition of lands on Chapel Road and Acushnet Road, respectively.  The land on Chapel Road (Article 10) would require the acquisition of $125,000 from the Mattapoisett Community Preservation Fund to purchase land that the Town would then allow to be used by a non-profit, charitable corporation or foundation, decided by the Board of Selectmen.

The land on Acushnet Road (Article 11), for which $155,000 would be appropriated via Water Retained Earnings, would be held in the care and management of the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners.  The Warrant lists a structure on the property is to be razed.

There are two Home Rule Petitions on the Warrant.

If passed, Article Two would provide that the Town of Mattapoisett shall contribute 50% of the cost of the premium for group health insurance provided by the town.  The article would apply to town employees hired after June 30, 2010.

In addition, the article would allow for collective bargaining between the Town of Mattapoisett and any unions that may require the town to contribute 50% of the premium cost.

Article Three, the second Home Rule Petition, seeks authorization to allow the Board of Selectmen to enjoin the General Court to allow the Town of Mattapoisett to directly appoint a full-time Harbormaster.  Passage of the article, and approval from the state, would allow the Board of Selectmen to field candidates for the position, hold public hearings regarding their progress and the candidates, and draw up employment contracts for the new individual.  The new Harbormaster would also be subject to fringe benefits and all conditions of employment.

 Horace Field, who currently serves as Harbormaster, would retain his position in full until such a time a new person is appointed to the job.

If approved, Article Eight would accept the Tinkham Forest trail system, a series of passages over land owned by the Bay Club and Village 6, which allow access to the town-owned forest. The Board of Selectmen would be granted authority to discontinue use and control of previously used public ways.  These roads include Sippican Trail, Solomon Road, and Pine Island Way.

Copies of the Town Warrant will be available on Monday at the Town Hall and on the town website,

By Eric Tripoli

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