Cell Tower Continued Indefinitely

Industrial Wireless requested an indefinite continuance of their plan to build a cell tower off the end of Jane Lane in Mattapoisett.

“That’s what Town Council said they were going to have to do,” said Chairman Thomas Tucker.

Construction of the tower would require a special permit, which would normally fall under the jurisdiction of the Planning Board. But the tower’s proposed location is in a residential area, which, according to Town Council, means the permit must be granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Board voted in favor of the continuance.

The Planning Board then heard from Brad Saunders of DNE Engineering on behalf of the Bay Club.

“We submitted an application for four lots such that abutting property owners were going to share in dividing up [an abutting parcel],” he said.

Saunders said that since the last meeting, some of the abutters made a few changes to adjust the total amount of square footage allotted to them. As a result, there will be more open space created by the plan.

After very little discussion, the Planning Board voted in favor of the plan.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board will be on Monday, October 15 at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

By Eric Tripoli

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  1. Tim Smith says:

    Looks like Mattapoisett Village to Hammond Hill will forever be without cell coverage.

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