MPD National Drug Take Back Day

The Mattapoisett Police Department will be participating in a prescription drug disposal day. This event is part of a nationwide initiative by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, (DEA). It will be held Saturday, April 26 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The purpose of such programs is to allow for safe, legal, and environmentally-friendly disposal of extra drugs that patients have not used.

This program serves two purposes. First, this program reduces the risk of prescription drugs being consumed inappropriately – either by accident or through illegal sale. Prescription medication abuse is becoming far more prevalent than common street drugs. Widespread anecdotal and survey evidence indicates that a huge portion of illegal prescription drug use occurs when people raid friends’ and relatives’ medicine cabinets. Second, it reduces the risk of prescription drugs entering the water, potentially harming aquatic life or getting into a human water supply. If the household waste is incinerated, the drugs are far less likely to pose an environmental problem than if they go into the waste water stream.

This program is being provided as a continuing proactive effort by the Mattapoisett Police Department to prevent drug abuse before it happens in or community. We encourage everyone to collect expired or useless prescription medications and bring them to the Mattapoisett Police Station at 64 County Road on Saturday, April 26.

This program is not designed for Doctor’s offices or other commercial entities to dispose of their unwanted drugs. Its purpose is to provide a venue for households and private parties to dispose of unwanted medications. For further information, please contact Captain Anthony M. Days of the Mattapoisett Police Department at 508-758-4141.

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