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2011 Halloween Cover Contest Winner185 viewsThe winner of our 2011 Halloween Cover Contest by Emma Wyman00000
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Scary Fun158 viewsThe McCullough family made this scarecrow, which won "Most Classic", at the October 15, 2011 Mattapoisett Free Public Library scarecrow event. For those who missed the Mattapoisett event, the Rochester library is accepting submissions for their scarecrow contest and will display them for the next two weekends. Also, the Elizabeth Taber Library in Marion will display its special scarecrow on October 27 at 3:00 pm. Photo by Felix Perez. October 20, 2011 edition00000
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Record Breaker183 viewsThe Marion to Bermuda Yacht Race saw a new broken record on Monday, June 20, at 11:30 am EST, when the first boat Lilla crossed the finish line in Bermuda. Lilla’s run was the shortest ever for the race, coming in at just under 69 hours. Included in the crew of the winning Lilla were Mattapoisett residents and boat owners Simon and Nancy De Pietro. Photo by Fran Grenon. June 23, 2011 edition00000
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Donald Jason212 viewsThis painting, entitled “Grand Banks Fisherman”, was one of many original paintings by Mattapoisett resident Donald C. Jason. Many of his paintings were featured on the covers of his weekly Presto Press, this “Fisherman” was featured on the cover of the May 27, 1992 edition, one of the last weeks the Presto Press was published. Mr. Jason, described by family members as an artist and entrepreneur, died on November 22, 2010.00000
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Veteran's Day195 viewsState MIA Committee Chairman Roland Gendron poses with the POW MIA Flag during a Veterans Day event at Sippican Healthcare Center on November 3. Photo by Laura Pedulli. November 11, 2010 edition00000
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2010 Groundhog Cover Contest Entry147 viewsOne of the many entries in the 2010 Groundhog Cover Contest00000
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Cover Contest Entry169 viewsOne of the many entries in the 2009 Halloween Cover Contest00000
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Cover Contest Entry132 viewsOne of the many entries in the 2009 Halloween Cover Contest00000
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Happy Groundhog Day238 views2009 Groundhog Cover Contest Entry00000
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Happy Groundhog Day195 views2009 Groundhog Cover Contest Entry00000
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Happy Groundhog Day140 views2009 Groundhog Cover Contest Entry00000
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2008 Halloween Cover Contest Entry156 views2008 Halloween Cover Contest Entry00000
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