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1102 viewsDuring a trip last October to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Rene' Potkay of Fairhaven, Shawn Moniz of Fairhaven, and Mark and Melissa Manzone of Rochester took along a copy of The Wanderer with which they posed here near the scenic beachfront. 12/23/04 edtion
San Miguel Island1099 viewsGloria Vincent (right) and Paulette Ribar (left) while touring the island of San Miguel Island, Azores in September and stopping at the scenic area “Parque Natural da Ribeira des Caldeiros” on the way to Nordeste.
Robert B. Parker in Mattapoisett1090 viewsNoted mystery author Robert B. Parker, best known for creating the long-running Spenser detective series, went back to school Center School in Mattapoisett, that is for a discussion and book signing to benefit the Mattapoisett Public Library on Friday, July 8. Mr. Parker recounted his years growing up in Mattapoisett and also fielded questions about his many published works. (Photo by Margie A. Souza).
Spring by the Shore1079 viewsSeven-year-old Nicole Winkler recently took advantage of the beautiful spring weather by searching for seashells along the Reservoir Beach area of Mattapoisett. Nicole was in town visiting her grandmother, Delores Winkler, for Easter weekend. (Photo by and courtesy of Kathy Winkler).
Wandering '57 Chevy1069 viewsOn Wednesday, August 23, 2005, Ronald and Debbie Medeiros of New Bedford (pictured through windshield) celebrated their 20th anniversary by renewing their wedding vows at Neds Point in Mattapoisett. The couple was taken to the ceremony in this classic 57 Chevy, which just so happens to be called The Wanderer and is owned by Jacqueline Sylvia, also of New Bedford. (Photo by and courtesy of Anita Silva).
Marion to Mexico1058 viewsMichael Whelihan and Suzanne Gokavi, both of Marion, pose in front of a statue with a copy of The Wanderer in Costa Maya, Mexico. They were part of a group of local families who went on a recent cruise and got stuck there while their ship underwent repair.
Mattapoisett Lions Club 1052 viewsMattapoisett Lions Club President Dom Bamberger, left, presents a check to Mike Lamoureux from the American Legion, right. The Mattapoisett Lions Club has been raising money and serving the community since 1953. Photo courtesy of Helene Rose.
Center School, Mattapoisett1048 viewsCenter School, Mattapoisett
"Play Ball" ... Opening Day in Rochester1048 viewsBall players representing several of the teams which comprise Rochester Youth Baseball (RYB) were on hand to participate in this seasons Opening Day Parade in Rochester center. Despite inclement weather, the event drew a sizeable crowd and the teams joined in an orderly procession from the town green to the Dexter Lane baseball field last weekend. (Photo by Nancy MacKenzie).
Look Who's 70 ...1046 viewsWho just turned 70 years young, you ask? We have it from reliable sources that none other than Rochester Town Administrator and longtime Mattapoisett resident James Huntoon (seen here keeping busy at work) commemorated the big 7-0 milestone on Wednesday, August 31. And we didnt think Mr. Huntoon looked a day over 69! The Wanderer would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr. Huntoon a very Happy 70th Birthday and many more! (Photo by Kenneth J. Souza).
1035 viewsFormer Mattapoisett native and current Los Angeles resident Toya Doran Gabeler recently took a trip to Hong Kong and posed with a copy of The Wanderer here in Aberdeen Harbor, a unique community of rag-tag looking boats where families reside full-time on the water. 12/23/04 edtion
ORR Holiday Concert1032 viewsORR student Justin Smilan sang vocals for the ORR jazz band's rendition of "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin during the ORR holiday concert on December 13. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
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