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Small Works on the Wall47 viewsCome see the collections of local artists with smaller-scale artwork (and smaller-scale price tags) during the Marion Art Center’s holiday show, “Small Works on the Wall.” A collection of four smaller acrylics done by Christy Gunnels greets you when you first enter, including this one titled “American Crow #5.” Artwork by Christy Gunnel, photo by Jean Perry
2018 Groundhog Cover Contest47 views2018 Groundhog Cover Contest entry by Paul Kippenberger
Enraptured by Raptors 45 viewsThis tiny Eastern screech owl captured the hearts and attention of a sizeable audience – not with its sharp talons, but with its big yellow eyes, tiny ear tufts, and sweet, spooky song. The Marion Natural History Museum hosted a Birds of Prey night, with guests learning about raptors and even getting to meet a few of them from the Blue Hills Trailside Museum. Photo by Jean Perry
Closing in on Spring 43 viewsWe spotted our first spring flowers last week on the same roadside knoll in Rochester that year after year seems to be one of the first stops for spring in the Tri-Town. Photo by Jean Perry
Hauntings38 views: According to our Halloween Special Report, it seems Rochester is just as spooky as it is beautiful. I guess that makes it ‘bootiful!’ Of course, it’s all in good fun, but imagine if they really were to prove that all of Rochester was haunted – maybe you already believe that. Got a little Tri-Town ghost story of your own? Share it with us at Photos taken at Center Cemetery by Jean Perry
2017 Halloween Cover Contest Entry37 views2017 Halloween Cover Contest Entry by Paul Kippenberger
2017 Halloween Cover Contest Entry33 views2017 Halloween Cover Contest Entry by Emma MccLeod
Ice, Ice, Baby30 viewsBuzzards Bay was frozen over on Sunday afternoon after many days of brutal cold and then sub-zero temperatures Sunday morning. The frozen scene from Mattapoisett Wharf shows a desolate, arctic landscape marked with random patterns and designs on the icy surface of Buzzards Bay. Photo by Scott Anderson
2018 Groundhog Cover Contest30 views2018 Groundhog Cover Contest entry by James Kippenberger
Stone Cold Spooky 27 viewsMattapoisett resident Warren Parsons says this pre-colonial stone head his grandmother found on the old family farm in Dartmouth back in the ‘50s is haunted or maybe even cursed. Should we take Parsons’ word for granite? The stone head seemed gneiss to us. (See what we did there?) Photo by Jean Perry

Marooned in Marion 27 viewsThe March 2 storm left a trail of destruction throughout the Tri-Town. This severed telephone pole surrounded by wires and downed trees remained an obstacle on Delano Road for over 24 hours, according to Marion Police Chief John Garcia. The road was shut down, and for some time there was no access to the east side of town, Garcia told The Wanderer on Saturday. Photo by Jean Perry
2017 Halloween Cover Contest Entry22 views2017 Halloween Cover Contest Entry by Paddy Carrier
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