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Summer Reading Program47 viewsMadelyn McCarthy, who is not yet old enough to read, thumbs through a picture book in the kids' section of Plumb Library during the party celebrating the success of the "Dream Big: Read" summer reading program on Saturday, September 15, 2012. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Summer Reading Program47 viewsAva DeMaggio (the monkey who is using a shark as a surf board) and Sarah Sollauer (the hand-standing-surfing monkey) pose for a photo at Plumb Library during the party to celebrate the success of "Dream Big: Read," a new summer reading program designed to encourage students and their families to read all summer long. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Summer Reading Program54 viewsGrady Daniels looks over his options at Plumb Library on September 15, 2012. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Summer Reading Program31 viewsSeveral Rochester youths who participated in the "Dream Big: Read" summer reading program peruse boxes of books at Plumb Library on Saturday, September 15, 2012.
Summer Reading Program30 viewsCatherine Wheeler (left) paints Grace McCarthy's face like a cat during the party at Plumb Library, which celebrated the success of its summer reading program, which saw a doubling in the number of participants and hours read. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Summer Reading Program30 viewsParticipants in the summer reading program were encouraged to sign a card and leave a brief note describing one of their favorite parts of what they experienced during the "Dream Big: Read" program. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Summer Reading Program35 viewsFor each hour participants read, they placed a button in this jar. At the end of the "Dream Big: Read" summer reading program, students and their families had spent 7,106 hours reading. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Summer Reading Program33 viewsPlumb Library had a party on Saturday, September 15, 2012, to celebrate the success of its summer reading program, "Dream Big: Read." They did a different style of program this year which was open to students and their families, as well as their teachers. Students chose their own books and logged their hours a website. The program nearly doubled its participation from last year and doubled the amount of reading done by students. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Summer Reading Program81 viewsKids who participated in the Plumb Library summer reading program were invited to draw a favorite scene inspired by a book they read. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Foster Homes40 views For the last decade, the Shaw family of Rochester has opened their home to 20 foster kids. While some children are placed in their home for a few months and others for a few years, they welcome every child who needs a safe, nurturing place to live. (from left) Megan, Amy, Mark Shaw. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Rochester Wrestling43 viewsFormer wrestling super star Ox Baker was on hand to sign autographs and meet fans during the Rochester Country Fair's wrestling contest on Friday, August 17, 2012. The show featured local and regional performers in a variety of formats, from singles fights to tag-team. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
Rochester Wrestling49 viewsOn Friday, August 17, 2012, the Rochester Country Fair played host to a wrestling match that featured many area performers. While the hits may be fake, the falls are quite real. Photo by Eric Tripoli.
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