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Historic Fire117 viewsThe Dexters are trying to salvage the granite from the original foundation of the 1690 house. Bricks from a chimney are scattered at the old foundation. Susan Dexter used a metal detector to find artifacts from the site, and turned up an Indian-head penny and a couple heavily rusted items.
Historic Fire109 viewsThe insulation, seen here spilling out into an upstairs room, helped limit the amount of damage the house’s roof sustained. The exposed lathe and roof revealed hand-hewn beams that Mr. Dexter hopes to keep exposed in the house’s renovation.
Historic Fire99 viewsThe hole that was created in the roof from the fire would’ve been a lot worse if it hadn’t been for the Marion ladder truck and a quick-responding fire department.
Historic Fire110 viewsSoot and insulation is smeared on every surface of the house, especially the sections closest to the fire. The Dexters are relying on the generous offers from friends and community members to clean up the house before progressing with the house move.
Historic Fire98 viewsA piano was among the items in the house at the time of the fire. The Dexters have not yet determined if the heat from the fire has damaged the piano beyond repair.
Historic Fire97 viewsTom Dexter surveys the column where the fire was set on ground-level.
Historic Fire106 viewsThe wide pine floorboards were heavily damaged in the fire. Since floorboards like this are difficult to recreate, the Dexters will likely have to use salvaged materials to replace the floors in the fire-damaged house.
Historic Fire97 viewsA view of the Weweantic River emptying into Buzzard’s Bay is a beautiful contrast to the burnt, raw edges of the damaged section on the house.
Historic Fire106 viewsWicker furniture and other antique items of varying monetary and intrinsic value, were heavily damaged or destroyed by smoke in the fire.
Historic Fire99 viewsTom Dexter uses a ladder to enter his 1690. Since the house is parked on temporary stilts, a ladder is the currently only way to enter the house.
Historic Fire90 viewsVintage wallpaper depicting Victorian scenes lines an alcove in the upstairs of the house. The wallpaper is badly damaged by soot and will probably have to be removed.
Historic Fire100 viewsThe origin of the fire was in the temporary wooden columns that the house was “parked” on. According to the state fire marshal, the fire was intentionally set, and is currently under investigation.
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