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Bermuda Bound241 viewsCrew members aboard the Marion-based SEAFLOWER during the 2001 Marion-Bermuda Race include Captain/Owner Ron Chevrier, Charlie Brown, Ray Cullum, Mike Davis, Bob Kostyle and David Risch. The crew reunited in 2007 to once again make the trek from Marion to Bermuda. (Photo courtesy of Ron Chevrier).
Mattapoisett Major251 viewsMajor Mark J. Tenerowicz, USAR, MC, of Mattapoisett poses with a copy of The Wanderer at the front gate of the the 399th Combat Support Hospital in Al Asad, Iraq where he serves as a Major in the the US Army Reserve Medical Corps. (06/07/07 issue)
Tombstone Travelers231 viewsMary Redman, touring Tombstone, during a visit to see her son, Mark Redman, in Tucson, AZ. (Photo by Bill Redman). (06/0707 issue)
Passport to Portugal221 viewsMembers of the Mattapoisett Touring Group pose in front of the 16th century Jeronimo’s Monastery with a copy of The Wanderer in Lisbon, Portugal during a recent trip. (Photo courtesy of Kay Levine). (06/07/07 issue)
Beach Bound211 viewsRed Sox fans Ross and Brady Garcia pose with a copy of The Wanderer during a recent trip to Myrtle Beach with their family. (06/07/07 issue)
Toya Gabeler-Vietnam.jpg
Touring Thailand307 viewsToya D. Gabeler poses at Xieng Khuan (Buddha Park) in Vientiane, Laos with a copy of The Wanderer during a recent trip to both Thailand and Laos. (05/03/07 issue)
Out of Egypt223 viewsAudrey Andrews poses with a copy of The Wanderer during a recent trip to Cairo, Egypt. One of the country’s historic pyramids can be clearly seen in the background. (05/03/07 issue)
Gordon Family-Mexico2.jpg
Once Upon A Time in Mexico255 viewsOn a recent vacation to Riviera Maya in Mexico, Alex Gordon and his family along with John and Cathy Coucci and their family posed with a copy of The Wanderer. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Gonsalves.) (05/03/07 issue)
Charlotte Field.jpg
Mexican Standoff251 viewsLibby Field and her daughter, Charlotte, pose in Tulum, Mexico during an autumn break in October with a copy of The Wanderer which featured Libby’s father, Horace Field, Mattapoisett’s Assistant Harbormaster, and his dog Bonnie on the front cover. (05/03/07 issue)
Go, Notre Dame!353 viewsAnthony and Emily Chasse of Harbor Beach, Mattapoisett pose with The Wanderer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France during a holiday trip. (Photo courtesy of John Theriault). (03/22/07 issue)
Daniel Bell.jpg
Bell in the Bahamas254 viewsDaniel Bell of Mattapoisett poses with a copy of The Wanderer at the entrance to Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island, one of the outer islands in the Bahamas. (03/22/07 issue)
Mattapoisett to Montego274 viewsGeorge and Cheryl Randall of Mattapoisett pose with a copy of The Wanderer in front of the water wheel at Montego Bay in Jamaica during a recent trip. (03/22/07 issue)
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